Lately Sundays mean the same thing to me.

Lots of meal prep:


This week is all about veggies.  Last week I don’t think one green, or any color, vegetable touched my lips.  This week I am working on balance in the Zone.

Girl time:


Serious BFF’s.  With matching shades.  And addictions to panera, shoes, shopping….all of it.  Love those girls so freaking hard.

Chihuahua Time:


Obviously Lola and Jake are having their own identity crisis’.  They are spending more time in Vice’s cage then on the couch.  I think it’s a sign I need to be home more.

My biggest weakness:


On Sunday I usually eat twizzlers TO MY FACE.  Seriously, it’s a horrible habit that I completely blame my mother for.  She loves twizzlers and passed that love onto me.

And last but not least time with J.  That kid is the best ❤


What’s your typical sunday like?



Weightloss- doggy style

How do you put a dog on a diet that can’t walk in the cold but also eats every.single.thing she sees?


Seriously?  Lola is overweight and I need help and suggestions on how to help a sister out!

Besides a fat dog, I have been sipping some java with my main man J


Mastering wall balls and wall climbs….


*** I started with kettle bell swings

And rockin some new gear that I am obsessing over.


My running is still there.  Nothing worth writing about but it’s there.

And remember when I was having a hard time with my dead lift?


Well, let’s just say I have made that 245 pounds my bitch and I dead lifted 255 pounds like a beast.  I mean, not really, it was hard as balls but I still did it!

A 255 pound pull has been my biggest accomplishment in the gym for me lately! What about you? What’s your biggest gym/run accomplishment lately?


ps— I am really proud of this post.  I know there is still a lot that I didn’t talk about but when I am able to, I will fill you in 😉

Dog time and Miagi

This weekend flew by!  For you too?  I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun!

Both Friday and Saturday night was spent in and relaxing.  A lot of time catching up with the dogs, who I seem to neglect all week with my busy schedule, and even some qt with J’s sister.  No complaints here!

Saturday morning I headed to the gym nice and early. MIAGI was on the schedule and I wanted to fit it in before I had to coach.  Miagi is a bitch.


I did 50 reps of everything except wall climbs.  Those were the worst. I failed at 20.  Looking back, I think if I wasn’t doing this WOD alone I would have been able to complete more.  It took me 41:31.  Definitely a long one to do alone and I don’t think I pushed myself hard enough.  I need to stop being a pansy about the weights. I did 95#deadlifts but went much too light for clean and jerk and kb movements.

For some reason I haven’t been going heavy.  I haven’t seen many gains on my big lifts and that’s my own fault.  In the WOD’s I go way too light with a lot of the lifts.  I am not saying I am not sore as hell afterwards, I am just saying that if I want to see improvements in my strength, I need to go heavier.

My mom and SIL came to this WOD and I loved having them there!  They told me they are going to try to make it to a few classes a month, I am holding them to that! *hear that slull? I am holding you to that!*

Like I said, I relaxed both nights this weekend.  My Saturday night was spent vertical watching tv and puppy cuddling.


V was jealous about the chihuahuas on the couch…so he decided to pretend he was a lap dog too.  No V…you do not fit in Lola’s bed.  loser.


Sunday I hit the road for a quick run.  The sun was out, birds were chirping and it was actually warm!  I ended up being too warm in my long sleeve and pants so I rocked a tank….In January. Makes me so ready for spring!  I ran the same 5.5 mile loop as last week and went about 10 seconds faster per mile.  I am hoping to be able to incorporate more running into my schedule.  Right now I am only getting about 15-20 miles a week.  I am hoping to up it to around 25ish.  If only the days were longer!


Quicker Recovery

Did you have the Merriest Christmas ever?! I hope so!  I sure did!  I am one spoiled girl by both my family and boyfriend’s family!  Boyfriend and I apparently think a lot alike because we unknowingly bought each other the same gift… North Face Twins!


I have been on my CrossFit kick still and even got signed up for a couple more certifications for Christmas!  I am still trying to figure out ways to help recover quicker too.  I am starting to add BCAA’s to my regimen as well as Fish Oil.  Any other suggestions?     

I also received the book It Starts With Food so I am taking that as a sign to play around with Paleo eating…hopefully I can handle being that strict!

The next few days I have off from work so I am hoping to get some things fixed around the house and of course spend quality time with the pups.


Until next time…. Hope you are enjoying the holidays!! 🙂



Everything and Nothing

Let me tell you…this “no scheduled workouts” thing is my cup of tea!  I am really enjoying a laid back schedule. I mean, it’s not super laid back because I am still making sure to get some sweat sessions in but they are only if I want to..not because I have to.  That makes allll the difference in the world!

Yesterday was the first time I got a decent run in outside.


I definitely still love running.  I wanted to go longer and was feeling super great while on this run, but my quads were screaming.  I was actually worried I would injure myself if I kept going so I did the smart thing and called it a day.

I have been throwing in some CrossFit workouts too…hence the screaming quads.  Let me tell you.. there is no workout like a CrossFit workout.  Burning lungs, screaming muscles, sweaty mustache. Oh how I missed that 😉

Since my activity level has come down a bit (Read: a few complete rest days a week) I am trying to eat a little cleaner than normal too.


And, spending some quality time with J since I am not constantly running/biking/rolling.  I am sure he is happy about this one too 😛


Christmas Vacation: Best Christmas Movie EVER

Christmas Vacation: Best Christmas Movie EVER

Only one more week to get ready for the Big Guy… I have a lot of celebrating and cookie eating left to do!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?


ps— thanks for all the advice on eating meat..or rather not eating it.  I am still not sure where I stand or what I will do.  For now, everything in moderation is what I am sticking to 

Weekend Things

Not a whole lot of sweating going on over here!  It’s so weird not having a schedule to follow. There is no core work I have to do, no runs I need to fit in.  I am having a hard time adjusting to be honest!  I am a super scheduled person and having time the option to do whatever I want almost causes anxiety!

Saturday I went for my first run post marathon.  My knees are acting up and are super swollen still.  The run felt nice to sweat and move but even though I only did an easy 30 minutes my knees still hurt by the last little bit.  I am hoping that continuing to ice and rest will help.

What have I been doing in my free time?  This weekend I had an afternoon brew with J because….well, just because I can!


I am also loving all the Christmas lights in my neighborhood.  This particular house probably has every lawn ornament known to man.  Seriously


I have also been catching up with family and friends.  Since I was so strict to my schedule while training, it’s nice to be a little more laid back and enjoy the down time.  Last night J and I went to his parents for chicken pot pie, one of my favorite dinners his mom makes!  Yum!


And finally, I thought it would be fun to share how romantic J is.  This is a card I received from him before I headed out west.  That boy and his charm 😉

photo 3 (62)

Tonight I am teaching a WOD and hopefully will find the motivation to get some weight training in myself.  But…since I am taking this month relaxed and unstructured I will try not to be too hard on myself if I decide to take a rest day for the 1232th day in a row 😛

What did you do this weekend?


Run, Sun, Ray

This is what I wish I could still be doing

We all had a fun and tiring weekend!

Saturday morning I took my time before I headed out to long run.  It was cold so I was waiting for the sun to come up a little and warm things up.   I said I was aiming for 20ish miles or 3 hours.

I was a lot short on time and a little short on the mileage.  I got a ride to the start of my run and ran home. For some reason I just can’t run by my house and keep going.  I wish I would have pushed for that extra bit but it wasn’t happening.

Later in the day I did 3 more miles…nice and easy on a flat course to help loosen my legs some.  Overall I got 22 miles in for the day.

The first 19.11 were good.  It was chilly but I ran fast and felt good. I didn’t feel like I needed to push for the pace until the last few miles so I was happy with that.  In between the runs I made sure to ice, stretch, rehydrate and refuel.

After my runs were completed J and I hopped into the car and headed straight into the sun.  Seriously.  The sun was blinding and I was getting annoyed.

We headed down to Philly to see one of J’s favorite singers.

If you never heard Ray LaMontagne you are missing out. He is pretty chill but has an awesome raspy voice and is AMAZING live.  I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I should have because I was so so sooo tired from running.  J was a trooper and drove my sleepyass all the way home too.  I got a nice 2 hours snooze on the way home. Thanks J!

Sunday we went to pick up some decorations for Christmas.  We are trying to make our house the most awesome in the neighborhood so we are searching high and low for cool decorations.  I needed a Starbucks Christmas cup to help get me into the holiday spirit

Short week for me!  Is it Wednesday yet!?

Have you ever heard of Ray LaMontagne? 

Tell me a singer/band you think I need to listen to.


Fur ball and Weather closing

This weekend was the epitome of relaxing.  Actually, I would probably call it lazy.

Friday afternoon I took the pups on a long walk.  The crisp air and crunchy leaves definitely help make my favorite time of the year THAT much better.

Saturday J and I braved our local walmart!  It was definitely a mad house with everyone prepping for Sandy.  We sucked it up because we had NO food at the house, I even waited in the deli line for almost 20 minutes.

On customer 49, we are 60. #woof

Other than food shopping and bringing in the outdoor furniture, we didn’t do any other storm prep.  I guess we are just hoping for the best!

Sunday morning I impatiently waited for the sun to come up and headed out for a run.  Just about 13 miles and I was pissed when I finished.  My average pace was 8:10 for 45 minutes then 7:55 for 55 minutes.  I wasn’t pissed about the pace, more about how it felt.

Will that pace ever not feel like it’s so hard.  I don’t expect it to ever feel easy, I am just waiting for it to not feel like I am dying the entire time.  What gives?!

Once I was done running J and I hit the road.  We drove about 2 hours to visit a special friend…

That little 6 week old fur ball is the newest addition to our family!  We have to wait 2 more weeks to bring him home but I can’t wait!

I even got to meet his cousin, G…aka Gigilo…. aka coolest name EVER

I made the trek to work at the early hour of 5am… After being there for a little over an hour I got the call that the site was shut down due to the impending weather.  Woah, that place never closes.  This shit is legit.

If you are in the path of the storm I hope you stay safe! I am going to part enjoy my day off and part try not to freak the F out


Fall Things

It’s funny…the past few weeks I have been talking about how I can’t wait to not have a long run.  This morning I woke up without an alarm- which was awesome- but I was bummed about not having any serious mileage to tackle.

Since I am still taking it easy I went for an easy 30 minute run.  3.5 sweaty miles later I got home just in time to do all the fall things with J.

First stop—Pumpkin spice latte.  The service was horrible and it took forEVER but it tasted so amazing, I forgive the barista that hated his life.

This is the first time in years I am not apple picking.  The place I normally go to is just too far, so instead we went to a local orchard that has already picked apples.  There were also pumpkins too!

We came home with a pumpkin to carve, apples for eating and apples for baking.  The eating apples are delicious.  I can seriously taste the difference between an apple from the grocery store and a farm fresh apple.

The baking apples are ginormous.

I feel like the apples sitting on the counter doesn’t do the size of them justice…so just for comparison…

as big as my head

We also got a delicious treat from the orchard.  Delicious and dangerous

Apple cider donuts.  Basically its fresh dough rolled in cinnamon sugar.  Heavenly, seriously.

After we got home we had 2 hyper dogs to entertain so we went for a long walk around our neighborhood.  This weather is amazing so I was loving every second.  I love the area I live in…

If I took that picture with a real camera rather than my phone, you would appreciate the changing colors on the mountain. sorry.

After a busy day I am beat and need to start getting ready for the work week!

Tell me- Does awesome weather make you 10x more productive than normal too?


Family and Friends

Even though I am not thrilled with the outcome of the race, I have to say I am the LUCKIEST person ever when it comes to having supportive family and friends.

After the race I had 3 bouquets of flowers and balloons waiting for me.  J orchestrated that everyone come back to our house after for a pizza/cupcake/lazy man perogie party.   A couple of friends and their kids, my family, J’s family… we all hung out after the race.  I tried hard to not be a party pooper but I was tired and disappointed.

drowning my sorrows in Nuun, cupcakes and beer

I felt so loved by all the support I had.  From the weeks of training to race day, I am seriously SO lucky.

On the course the girls not only got dressed up in awesome outfits but even had amazing signs for me.

next time, ok? i suck

J was seriously the best.  I couldn’t have done with without him.  I mean, homeboy even helped me take my sneakers off when I got home, and I am not the only one that noticed how great he is.

I am not even close to being over this race.  I am still Bitter and BQless   but I do have a grateful heart.

and I have a fire lit under my ass to kill that minute and thirty-five seconds next time…