Will run for pizza

You know what I would be so good at?  Working from home.  Mmmhm.  I mean, I totally mean “sitting in the sun working on fun things” but I would consider it working from home.  Anyone want to pay me to do that?  No? weird.

I got home from my big girl job and sat outside with the pups to work on some things for my dream job

I bet it’s just like working from home clearly i jest

sun, coffee, work, perfect

So tell me…. How is your running streak going?!  GREAT  I bet 😉

Mine too! Today I accomplished 7 miles and I didn’t realize it.  It was my first longer run in a while but I broke it up. I ran 3.5 miles TO crossfit and 3.5 miles home.  I knew todays WOD wasn’t a killer  (jbone went before me) so I figured I would challenge myself.  Dude… I am tiiiiired now!

The weather was PERFECT for a run.  It is uphill to the gym and downhill home so it was great.  I am super dehydrated though especially since yesterdays workout made me sweat like neeeever before.   I got home and immediately downed a few glasses of water while taking awesome pictures of myself.  youre welcome.

Since I ate so good all day and worked out really hard….. I figured I would spoil it by treating myself to a deeelicious dinner with Jbone

and NO i didn’t eat the whole pizza only half

Better order a DIET soda.  such an oxymoron

you jealous?

J had to work late tonight so after dinner he scooted back to his office and I am home hanging with my favorite doggies. Tomorrow is friday and that means weekend and that means more I LOVE SUMMER posts coming!

oh, and if you follow me as I twat some things, you already know I have a surrrrrprise for you 🙂  you might want to tell your friends to start stalking gmruns too #shamelessplugrightthere

What is your favorite “not so good for you” treat after a tough workout?



Fresh Start

I don’t know what it is about May, but I think it is my least favorite month of the year.  Since I was, I think 23,  May has had a horrible track record.  Whether it be family, personal or health stuff, May and I haven’t gotten along.  Despite that one day that was good, this May was no different.

I had my lowest running month this year….basically half of what I had been running.

that’s sad-looking.

I had a bout of over training, I had some health issues and my training in general was lacking.

Well, luckily for me tomorrow is June and I couldn’t be any happier.  For me it feels like a fresh start.  I have had adequate rest and whether I liked it or not, it was good for me.

June is not only a new start for me training wise but also June REALLY feels like summer and we all know how much i have been obsessing over summer.  I can’t wait for the beach trips, pool time and hot, sweaty streaking runs and a month full of cross fit-butt-kicking!

hey May… You suck and I am glad to see my dear friend June 🙂


Back and Streaking, still

I’mmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaack 😀

but more on that in a second…

Yesterday was awesome.  I was all geeked out on anchors

and got to spend time with two of my favorite dudes

Obviously Lola and Jake love M as much as I do doesnt hurt that homeboy had cheese puffs.

Guess what ELSE I did yesterday?! Ran AND went to cross fit.  Glorious, glorious cross fit.  Serioulsy.  I freaking love it.  Yesterdays WOD (Workout Of the Day) looked like this:

15 box jumps

20 ring pushups

10 snatch

20 as many reps as possible

I made it through 7 full rounds and I KILLED the box jumps.  I don’t know if it was the fresh legs or what but I went 15 straight every round.  I don’t think I have sweat that much EVER though.  I LOVED it. #crossfitboner for SURE.

I am feeling pretty much 100% and I am PUMPED to be back 🙂  No more tiredness/overtraining or health issues stopping me.

Remember the other day when I challenged her to this? Well,  it is a running streak.  Runners World is challenging runners to a running streak where you run at least a mile every day from Memorial day to July 4th.   I did my own streak last August that lasted about 26 days and I had so much fun challenging myself.  I saw the current RW challenge and couldn’t pass it up.  Also lucky for me I have my most favorite SIL to help keep me motivated since she is doing it too!

Most favorite and prettiest SIL

Are you up for the challenge?



Runs, Concerts and Streaking

Doesn’t it feel so good knowing it is only a 4 day week?  You’re brain thinks monday but… NOPE.  allllready tuesday 🙂

I had a fab rest of my weekend.  What about you?

Now, I know I said I can’t workout blahblahblah…yea yea yea… Well this happened….

I had the chance to run a 5K with my SIL so I took it.  We went at a comfortable pace and I didn’t strain myself too much.  AND I felt great afterwards!  I am glad that I was able to get out there and move my legs, but more importantly felt totally fine afterwards!  It didn’t hurt that I go to run with my bff andddd I think we have a new runner in the family!

After an impromptu 5K it was time to go home and get ready to see my boyfriend in concert.  Some of you might know him, his name is Dave Matthews 😛

I met up with a few friends to tailgate first then it was time to go watch the show

It was such a good time.  There was good friends, good beers and I even had a soft pretzel! I love concerts.

I am seriously in love with summer this year.  I don’t know what my deal is but this weekend alone was awesome and is making me so excited for the rest of the summer!

What is another thing I am contemplating doing that will help make me love summer even MORE?  THIS.   And I am trying to convince her to do it to.

Any takers on participating with me!?

I hope you had an equally awesome weekend.


Cars and Hoses

Ok.  I decided to be smart surprisingly  and not run or cross fit again today.  I am starting to twitch from not doing anything I think.  So instead of being an idiot and ignoring what my doctor suggested, I did some less strenuous but still calorie burning things today.  A killer 3 mile power walk with 2 Chihuahuas that hated their life the entire time  followed by mowing the lawn…with a non-self-propelled push mower is a pretty good work out to me!

The rest of the day J and I hung out with my family.  Clearly we both like our families 🙂  Today it was all about cars and the hose!

The hose water was SO incredibly cold.  It was really hot and humid out so it was somewhat refreshing but still….

the water was SO cold we actually had a competition to see who could keep their feet in the water longer

she won.  but she cheated kept “not paying attention” and moving the hose.  whatever.

My brother and Jbone also did some car talk

I love those guys!

When it was finally time to leave I went to get my car…..

I guess that’s what brothers are for 🙂

another successful summer day in the books!

now it’s time for me to rest, I have work tomorrow

and get annoyed every holiday I volunteer

someone remind of this come July 4

Hope you had a family fun-filled day!



Sorry about my TMI session the other day…. Clearly I was having a rough day and needed to vent.  I’m still not over the whole not working out thing.  I have been going for long walks with the pups….and I again feel invincible.  I am hoping the doctor is really wrong and I will actually be ok to run a few easy miles tomorrow.

I decided to stop being a Debbie downer about my bad day and I have been loving my memorial day weekend….. First unofficial weekend of summer has been one of the best, and it’s only Saturday!

First I went to a carnival…and a beer tent.

Carnival > Beer tent

Are you wondering why?  3 words

Deep. Fried. Oreos.

Then I had a relaxing morning with 3 of my favorite creatures

That was followed by watching love blossom at a young age 😉

M + R

Finally I went to the biggest weekend in this area…. St. Ubaldo.

this is no joke

It is SO intense.  This was my second year going and the first time I really appreciated it.  I don’t really know the true history of it, but it is basically a reason for the town to hang out on the streets and enjoy themselves all the while watching grown men dressed in these *awesome* outfits racing down the streets with hundred pound statues.  It is seriously AWESOME.  People are so hardcore and it is just….awesome.  I loved it and am already planning my Ubaldo bash for next year 😉

After the parade I hung with Jbone and his family a bit and we took advantage of the warm weather.   If the past 2 days are a glimpse into what the rest of summer will be like… I can’t wait.


Serious Stuff

TGIF.  Seriously.  This week has been too long.  And I am over it.

So.  One thing I never talked about on GMR was hypothyroidism.  I have that sucker.   I found out when I was 20 and never really had it under control.  Some of the symptoms (mainly the ones that I experience) are fatigue, dry skin, sensitive to cold and weight gain.  Now… I work my butt off and eat pretty good but for me it is really easy to gain weight since I have a super slow metabolism.  That’s fun.  not.

Basically I have an underactive thyroid gland and I have to take medicine for it every day.  Except I don’t didn’t take the medicine every day and I eventually got yelled at by my doctor.

A normal thyroid level is 0.3 to 3.  Last time I had blood work mine was 13.  Not good, I know.  I am working on taking the medicine every.single.day.  so far so good.   Hearing about what can happen if I don’t take my thyroid medication (heart problems, internal bleeding) lit a fire under my booty to go and get all my doctor appointments taken care of….even the girly ones.


Yesterday I had biopsy done of my cervix.  That’s sexy and just what you wanted to hear.  I had too much abnormal tissue and they need to test it.  This is something that is fairly common but for me EARTH SHATTERING.  I know I will be ok. I know I have the big dude upstairs looking out for me.  I will get the results in a couple of weeks and have to go for follow-up appointments but I have faith that it will be ok.

Are you asking yourself “if you have faith that everything is ok, then why is this earth shattering?”

well….no exercise for 2-3 weeks.  CLEARLY the doctor doesn’t know me.  Umm.. Sorry doc…All I know how to do right these days is run and crossfit sooo…that’s not going to work for me.

OK. I am going to listen to the doctor.  I got permission to TRY the elliptical on Tuesday and see what happens from there.  I am praying to little baby jesus that the doc over estimated and I really only need to take it easy for 1-2 weeks.

I am not sure why I felt the need to share all of this.  But it’s out there now.  It is off my chest and out there. BOOM.

If you see me today and I look like I got hit by a truck… I feel like I did.  Yesterday was a tough day for me…..oh did I mention I had to have an ultrasound on TOP of everything else yesterday.  There is some pesky tissue that is too dense for my doc’s liking riiiight on my ta-ta. Don’t worry, that turned out to be nothing. phew.

As for this weekend I am going to try and eat like a super health freak as opposed to the dessert-loving-memorial-day-celebrating-person I am.  I am also hoping to get in quality hang out time with these guys

It is ALSO the first unofficial weekend of summer which helps a lot too 🙂
Thanks for letting me spill my guts and taking the time to listen read.


Comeback Plan

My poor Lola pup is getting no love……

yes sHm, they are for real divas

But don’t worry, the patient is doing well 😛

This morning I got to the gym nice and early, clearly I was thrilled…

The past 2 days I ran on the treadmill and read a magazine at the same time….it made the time and miles fly by.  Today I did an easy 4 miles.  I was feeling pretty tired before I ran but once I got moving I felt better.  Dunkin’ also helped the cause.

After I ran I treated myself to a bagel.  Yes, an entire bagel with wayyyy too much delicious cream cheese.  MMmm.

breakfast of champions

I keep saying that I am burnt out or overtraining or something of the sort.  And for some people, they may not believe that.  But the truth is, I am.

I am having a hard time listening to my body and accepting that I need a break.  Since January I have been busting my butt.  I ran my heart out and was on a consistent run/lifting schedule.  I definitely saw results from my hard work, which is awesome, but I went too hard for too long.

In this months Oxygen Magazine there was a long article about overtraining.

There were some things in the article that REALLY surprised me.

Overtraining can affect you not only physically but also psychologically.  Some signs of  overtraining are:

-Irritable, moody or cranky

-short temper

-anxiety or depression

-sleep patterns change, such as having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep

-increased fatigue

-Chronic soreness

I am experiencing a bunch of these.  The sleeplessness, depression and increased fatigue are the signs that really got me to realize I needed to take a step back and chill out for a bit.

I talked to a running coach… a real life PROFESSIONAL running coach.   He told me to keep running as often as I have been but just cut the mileage down.  He also said I can keep up with my beloved cross fit (i am trying to keep it to 3 days a week) which made me tinkle with excitement #tmi

SO… that is what I am doing.  Running a bunch during the week just shorter runs and kicking butt in cross fit.  Lets hope this plan works out.  I have a marathon to start training for soon!



Clearly I have been taking it easy lately.  I mean, other than indulging probably a little too much in my newest love, Cross Fit, I have been keeping a pretty low profile.   Yesterday I did a longerish run of 5 miles and was hoping for the same today.

I read a magazine while running today and when I flipped the last page over I also hit “STOP” on the treadmill.  I took it as a sign that I should only do 3 miles today.  Like I said….nice and easy.  Afterwards I spent some time stretching out.  My upper body is pretty sore from yesterdays CF workout.  Did I mention I love cross fit?  Seriously, it’s so much fun….

ok, where was I…..

3 Miles and stretching this morning.  I was considering going to cross fit tonight.  I knew I should take the afternoon off but I heard todays workout was awesome so I figured what the heck…….. If you follow me on twitter you know what happened instead of working out

I spent quality time with miss Lola….as the vet. WOMP WOMP.  The diva had a broken nail.  It sounds stupid but for real.  My poor pup was crying out in pain and ended up needing a bandage and some antibiotics.

tell me she isn’t the freaking cutest

I guess it wasn’t meant to be, me working out tonight.  Instead I hung at the vet and now I am on the back porch enjoying the warm weather.

I did notice while I was at the vet that I am somewhat of a hoe.  For sure.  A gym whore to be exact.

I have keytag things for SIX gyms.  6.  Seriously.  #weirdo

Jface had to work late tonight and roomie has other plans…just me and the pups tonight.  I’m already bored with my loser self.  Someone come play with me.



While I am busy trying to get my head on straight…. Here is what my weekend consisted of….

Ample amounts of fresh air and sunshine


i love you pool


my family ❤

I realize I hadn’t worked out since Thursday, but I needed the rest.   My body and mind… all of it.  I did a nice 5 miles this morning to get my legs moving.  I am hoping the rest of the week goes the same…easy miles….

Hope you had a fabulous, refreshing weekend