STOP: Before you do anything, go HERE and tell her how awesome she is. She KILLED her marathon PR this weekend. I am totally star struck by her TWENTY MINUTE PR. seriously. so awesome

Now… Happy monday ūüôā

I have to admit, I am feeling pretty sore today.  Totally worth the official time of 1:42:03 though.

Yesterday I ran St. Luke’s Half Marathon in Allentown. This was a new race for me and I would definitely do it again. ¬†Nothing about it was flat but the course had just as much downhill as it did uphill. ¬†A few miles were even on gravel which was something I never experienced in a race. ¬†The weather was perfect, although I dressed a little too warm, and I had a great time. ¬†I ended up running with Jbones neighbor for most of the race and we pushed each other a LOT. ¬†We both were shooting for 1:44:59….anything under 1:45. ¬†We hauled ass.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t mad about NOT sprinting it in at the end. ¬†The last part of the race yesterday was 3/4 a lap around a track. ¬†dude. ¬† that’s a small form of torture I think. ¬† I tried my hardest but I physically could NOT move faster than I already was. ¬†I am still pumped about my time, but 1:41 would be nice too ūüėõ

After I got home and washed my stench off I ate all of the food.  Pizza, birthday cake, strawberries and chocolate chip bars.  All. of. the. food.

Also for the first time this weekend I added Nuun into my diet.  (pronounced noon.  i had to google that one)

Nuun is ” electrolyte enhanced drink tablets” that you dissolve in 16 ounces of water. ¬†Its better than just plain old water or even Gatorade. ¬†No calories but all the benefits of an electrolyte enhanced drink.

Friday night I was cramping up a lot so I made sure to drink a few of these during the day Saturday and Sunday.

Other than adding nuun to my diet, I did take a GU at mile 8 during the race.  I hate gu.  I would rather shot blocks.  But I seriously think that it helped me.

What did I learn from this race?

I need to learn how to eat and drink before and during a race. ¬†I am going to work on nutrition for the next few races. ¬†And… I said I was tapped out…but I think I lied…..

Who can recommend a cool 1/2 to add to my schedule?




Where have I been?  I will tell you…..

Pre dinner brews with my main squeeze

Waiting hours for pizza

When it came, J told the waitress she was "like Jesus Christ." It happened

Drinking some more pumpkin brews

I went to my first crossfit gym too. ¬†more on that later…

Watching new best friends be made

Watching my bestie run

Had the best fan ever

Thumbs up is cool

Ran another half

And even though I said I was happy with my MORE time and would take it easy….


1:42:09. 7:44 pace. Who am i?!


Football weather

Have you ever gotten irrationally mad at something? ¬†Not someone… something.

Yesterday I got home and the sun was starting to peek through the clouds and it didn’t look like any rain was coming so I decided to take my run outside. ¬†The past few weeks it was a gorgeous 65 degrees and perfect running weather. ¬†I figured it would be a little on the chilly side but good enough to run in. ¬†NO. WRONG. NONONONONONONO.

I was MAD while I was running. ¬†The wind was the worst thing of my life. ¬†I couldn’t hear my music because it was SO LOUD outside. ¬†I was STRUGGLING to keep any kind of pace at all because I was running against the wind no matter what direction I went. ¬†How does that even happened. ¬†I felt like Forrest Gump when it was raining upwards.

that was me...except with wind

Needless to say I only made it 3.5 miles outside and took to the treadmill for another 1.5 miles. ¬†I didn’t last long on the treadmill because I was to cranky! ¬†Irrational, I know. ¬†Can we have the nice, 65 and sunny weather back. ¬†I’m tired of this rain and “cool temps” crap. ¬†I would be ok with this FALL WEATHER if there was at least a Giants game on tv. ¬†what the heck.

After my run I hung with Jbone for a while. ¬†He was away for work for what felt like an eternity so I was happy to have a school night sleep over. ¬†You know it’s true love when he will read with a book light so I can get some rest. ¬†He was so happy to do so too….NOT.

This morning after a WAYYY too early wake up, I hit the gym for 6 treadmill miles and I felt really good. I needed that.  My runs have been lacking so today was a nice boost.

My day isn’t over until after 6 tonight (even though it started at 3:30am). ¬†Lets hope it goes fast!

Hope you have a good, WIND FREE day ūüėõ


And then… this other time…

I keep reliving this weekend.  In my head, in emails, telling stories.  I basically feel bad for EVERYONE today because the amazing weekend I had is all I will be talking about.


I guess I should call myself out on not posting nearly enough last week! ¬†I ¬†literally didn’t have 5 minutes to write a post. ¬†I was so busy planning and prepping and stressing that I even had to call in¬†busy¬†sick Friday. ¬†Luckily I have rad coworkers and friends so they took care of things for me. ¬†Thanks for that ūüôā

I am working a bit of overtime this week so I had to get my run in early today. ¬†I’m still pretty exhausted from the exiting weekend so of course I didn’t wake up on time. ¬†I was hoping to get at least 5 miles in this morning but I only had time for4. ¬†Even better news….. the hair dryer at the gym was broken.

happy about that

As for the rest of today, it’s gray out. ¬†I’m tired. ¬†I want sleeeeep! ¬†I am hoping to find motivation somewhere to get to Body Pump tonight but a nap still sounds so much better.¬†

I am off to continue harassing my coworkers about my awesome weekend and obnoxiously laughing out loud to stories like ¬†“and then I found her wedged between the wall and my bed” that no one else will get.

see you later gaters ūüôā


Dirty Fiesta

WARNING: This post will include too much of everything… peens, fun, drinks and laughs.  Proceed with caution

Make “Thank you” Bags with all the neccessities

Gatorade. Advil. DD gift card. Peener straws. Maracas. Sombrero

10 Awesome Girls

One amazing Bride-To-Be

Drinks. Just remember its a marathon not a sprint

wieners. Sorry Ma.

Naked men.  Lots of naked men

And a girl promise that all "TOO SCANDALOUS" pictures will be for our eyes only

Limo Hijacking

Seriously. It happened. We got to hang limo-style

Best friend lovin’

Booty Shakin’

or white girl dancin'. whatever you want to call it

And memories that will for real last a lifetime

now…. if you need me I will be sleeping until tomorrow Tuesday



I need a vacation.  I need a day even. Just a day to sleep in and rest.  I am so busy and stressed lately.  At least I am having fun with it!

Thanks to Brightroom for capturing all of my…uhh… finest(?) moments from Sunday on camera! ¬†Here are a few of my faves.

why do my arms look like slabs of beef. where is the muscle?

beef arms again

I like that last picture. ¬†I don’t look the best but I think its funny. I just wish the clock was in it! ¬† Thanks again for all the support and encouragement for the race….especially her.

Even after I biked and ran yesterday I decided to go to Body Pump to lift. ¬†I have to get there crazy early to make sure I get a spot and during the time I am waiting for the class to start, I normally run a few more miles. ¬†Not yesterday! After I set up for class I sat on my butt and read a magazine! ¬†I didn’t hate it!

I’m glad I went to class yesterday. ¬†It was a new release and I really felt good lifting! ¬†I am hoping to go at least 2 times a week¬†so my arms start looking less like slabs of beef, as seen in the above photos. ¬†You¬†know¬† I rocked my new “MORE Half Marathon” shirt to class!

I am planning on a rest day today…orrrr some ellipticalling depending on how my day goes and I am getting my hair did tonight! ¬†See you after that!


Good, Bad, Ugly

Good: ¬†The bachelorette party that I am planning is this weekend and I can’t wait!

Bad: I am running around finishing some last-minute things and I feel like I am being pulled in 20 directions

Ugly: I almost ended up with an outfit that I would have felt so uncomfortable in.

Don't worry...it ALL got returned

Good: I am becoming more conscious of how bad tanning beds are for you so I have been using self tanner.

Bad: I may or may not look a little orange.

30 minute early morning bike ride

Ugly:  The orange comes off on white towels which is super cute.

Good: Crest white strips work

Bad: They effing hurt my teeth dangit

Ugly: If I stop using them I won’t get the whole “glow in the dark” teeth look that I am going for.

Good: After a 30 minute bike ride this morning, I squeezed in 4 quick miles on my lunch

Bad: I forgot clean draws for after

Ugly: I went commando and relied on the underwear liner thing in my running shorts. ¬†Lucky for the other gym goers it worked out well and no one knew I was free ballin’ it.¬†

Good: I have been feeling great since the race Sunday

Bad: I haven’t been to Body pump in almost 2 weeks because of tapering for the race and then Monday I wanted an extra day of rest

Ugly: I am crashing HARD right now and am really giving some serious consideration to skipping tonight too but the thought of never having muscle tone again keeps sticking out in the back of my head.

Guess I am going to rely on this in the meantime!

Iced coffee and protein pretzels!

What’s your “good, bad and ugly“?

Oh, and I am Fickle Fran.. Tell me.. Do I go to Body Pump tonight!?



I bet you were just like “I am really, sooo curious how gm feels today.” ¬†I’m sure you are super concerned ūüėõ

I have to say, after yesterday I thought I was going to be dying today. ¬†Other than a little bit of tenderness in my Achilles tendons, I am feeling¬†great. ¬†I am also still on cloud 9! ¬†I¬†wish i was still wearing my medal am that annoying girl at work that is all like ¬†” my weekend was awesomer than yours because I had a 7 minute PR.” ¬†Good thing I’m me, or else I would hate me.

I have to say thanks again to my family for all the encouragement and being the biggest and best fans everrrr.


We also got a lot compliments on our pants. ¬†Under Armour. ¬†They know whats up. ¬†I just searched the deepest depths of the internet and can’t find a link to them, but I swear Under Armour made them!

Since I was feeling so good today I decided to do an upper body weight workout. ¬†Today I did this workout. ¬†I also completed 2 miles on the elliptical (a little less than 20 minutes) since I didn’t have much more time. ¬†It is supposed to be GORGEOUS here this afternoon so I am hoping to squeeze in a dog walk too.

While I was elliptisizing….clearly that’s elliptical exercising…I think I made it up.. I don’t really know¬†because I’m so smart, I read in the latest issue of Fitness Magazine an article about being optimistic.

It basically says that you need to work on being optimistic just like you would work on training harder.

I think this article says so much.  For me, when I am training for a race I do a lot of visualizing.  Almost every important race I have run, at one point or another I would picture myself crossing the finish line.  Every time, I would mentally be able to see the time on the clock and see myself feeling strong and excited at the finish.

This was especially helpful for me when I was training for my marathons.  I was able to run a lot of training runs on the course so I was familiar with the parts that were hardest for me.  I would practice visualizing myself and those difficult parts, and I would play out in my head how I would handle it and I would be able to actually see myself completing whatever obstacle it was.

I feel like I am talking crazy but give it a try.  Next time you are training or prepping for a race, a hard run or even a hard workout, visualize yourself meeting your goal or expectations.  Try and be positive about what the outcome will be.  I swear, it works!

I hope you are having a good Monday. ¬†And remember, it’s not just any Monday, it’s MARATHON MONDAY! ¬†So awesome job to all the marathoners that are kicking butt in todays race!!


7 minutes









I guess it’s safe to say that training works! ¬†I don’t know when I officially started training, but I do know that the past few weeks months I have been busting my butt running. ¬† I have been dedicated to at least 1 long run, 1 speed workout and getting miles in. ¬†Even when I didn’t want to, I did. ¬†And I am so glad I did.

My half marathon PR is a 1:52 done at the MORE Half marathon last year….the same race as today.  I went into today feeling like I peaked at the wrong time.  If you asked me a month ago what I wanted to finish in, I would have said 1:48 would be great.  Today, I felt like I would be happy with a 1:50.

I had a healthy breakfast of banana, 1/2 a bagel thin and peanut butter.

I got to the start with only 10 minutes to spare.  One last potty break then it was showtime!

I started out slower. ¬†I tried to race smart and not try to kill the first few miles. ¬†I had to hold back some for about the first 6 miles. ¬†I think it was around mile 7 that I started picking it up and really feeling good. ¬†The first few miles were dragging. ¬†It felt like time was moving in slow motion and I was starting to actually get annoyed! ¬†Mile 7 came and the time flew. ¬†Before I knew it was opening my stride and running past the “Mile 12” sign.

The course was, I think, awesome. ¬†It was 2 laps in Central Park in NYC. After the first lap I was actually confused a little. ¬†I thought that last year there were 2 hills. ¬†Today, I only noticed one actual hill and one other spot that was more of a gradual incline rather than a hill. ¬†The weather was a great 60 and partly sunny. ¬†I couldn’t have wished for anything different.

Apparently my watch time and chip time were dead on‚Ķ 1:45.¬†ONE HOUR AND FOURTY FIVE FREAKIN MINUTES. ¬†I can’t even tell you how beyond stoked I am. ¬†I ran hard‚Ķbut not too hard. ¬†I’m not dead tired. ¬†I don’t feel like I got hit by a train. ¬†I feel good! ¬†and I feel like I just PR’ed by SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES.

I had the most AWESOME cheerleaders for me today. ¬†My mom, Slull, my niece and my dad were supppppper supportive. ¬†Jbone couldn’t be there since he is away for work. ¬†But the text messages, emails, comments‚Ķ ALL of it from friends and people I didn’t even know. ¬†I feel so loved, so special and beyond grateful! ¬†Thanks for allll of the support and encouragement. ¬†The rest of the night will be dedicated to doggy loving and compression sock wearing!

This just goes to show you… hard work pays off.  Set the bar high.  Work for it.  It will totally be worth it!

Now…. Maybe looking for a 1:38 in the future?  Who knows… maybe this bad boy?!