Real Life

I still don’t feel like this is real life.



With the weather being AMAZING lately I find myself feeling luckier and more grateful than ever.

I have been getting to spend time with the best little girl, and apparently future rower.



I have been helping athletes at the gym start to change their lives too.  seriously.  I have an athlete that just texted me this morning and told me she lost 10 inches in 10 days.  I am so SO proud of how hard some people have been working.  Not only in the gym but also in cleaning up their eating and taking care of themselves in general. I feel so inspired every day to see people who just a month ago started thinking they couldn’t lift any weights or do half the stuff I ask of them,  and then out of no where they are dead lifting 200 pounds and working their butts off and feeling great about what they are doing.  seriously. is this real life?


Saturdays have also become my favorite day of the week. I get to coach usually a REALLY fun WOD then I get to beat myself up with some awesome friends.




As for Sundays, they are still my day to relax and enjoy some time at home.  But to be honest….I don’t mind my home away from home 🙂




ps- Today is May 5th.  a day I will never ever everrrrr forget.  and go wish her a happy anniversary!


What life is like now

I am a runner.  I am a CrossFitter.  I do all those things.  Sometimes I do one more than the other but running is my roots.

And qualifying for Boston was one of my proudest moments ever.  EVER.   I will  run Boston next year and I am honored to do so.



Where have I been?  Some would say living the dream and um… Yep that’s about right.

I wake up every day and get to do what I love.   I get to play outside and I get to hang out with a great friend all the while hoping to make a difference in a few people’s lives.  I get to wear sweats or shorts or whatever the hell I feel like wearing.  I get to work out 2 times a day. I get to use my brain to program workouts and help people solve problems with exercise and stretching and weight loss.  yea, I’m SUPER lucky.


I get to be proud of not only a business but a lifestyle that I live.


I am even experimenting with my nutrition more than ever.  The Zone diet should make me super strong and buff…. at least that’s what I tell myself when I am weighing my food and meal prepping!



I am going to try to post more.  I think my life has calmed down a little and I should be able to be around more often!  Hope you stick around even though I’ve been SUPER MIA!



Having a blog is weird.  Reading blogs is weird.  All of it, the whole community.  I think for the most part I am pretty honest and open.  I talk about my highs and my lows.  I wrote about failing to meet a goal at Steamtown last year, I wrote about having bad days and days when I ate too much but I also wrote about the good, like qualifying for Boston or having an awesome workout.

In general I love my life, I feel really happy most of the time, I am healthy, I have great friends, family and boyfriend.. I really feel super blessed.  But…there are those days and even those people, as horrible as it sounds, that make me feel like I don’t have it all or all together.

You know those days, when your nails are too short with your ugly, chipped nail polish.  Or your handwriting is so bad you vow to never hand write a note again?  What about when it feels like the only pants you could possibly ever fit your love-handles in are stretchy pants? But.  There is that one person who has the perfect life, has the perfect hair, nails, body AND handwriting.

It can be hard to not get wrapped up comparing yourself to others.  especially in the blog world when we, as bloggers, have the freedom to pick and choose what we want to share.


I know there are a few blogs that I read that make me feel like I should focus less of my efforts on CrossFit and a ton more running lately.  Or the blogs that make me feel like a complete loser for not being able to make the perfect souffle let alone know what a souffle even is.  But really.  It’s not those blogs faults.  It’s my own.

I sometimes have to take a step back and remember I am me. I am good enough.

Just as you are you and YOU are good enough.


I will never not have half chewed fingers.  Or really pretty handwriting.  And I can pretty much guarantee that, considering my past cooking experience, I will probably never know what a souffle is or how to make one.

And with all that….all that said. I am ok with it.


I think it’s totally ok and normal to have those moments where you feel inadequate. After all, aren’t we human.

But….if you don’t let those fears and inadequacies consume you, I promise I won’t either.  I might try to work on my cursive a little more but I won’t stop myself from lifting heavy weights because I want to run.  I know that right now, at this point in my life, lifting heavy is what works for me.  Last year, running a lot worked for me.

I know that right now in my life, my friends famous “chicken surprise” dish will probably be a staple in my house for all of ever.

I know this is probably a weird post.  But I had a weird day and struggled with some stuff.  Hopefully getting this out there will help me wake up tomorrow with a clean slate and a fresh attitude 🙂


Picture Post

Hey guys!  Sorry for the lack of posting.  Big things happening for this chick. Details to come but in the meantime….

I have been enjoying time with my doofy pups



I have been WODing and downing coffee like a champ


And I have been training one awesome chick at the gym.  She pushes herself really hard, knows what her goals are and is going after them.  All while doing that she still thought of her hardass trainer and got me a treat.  Seriously, she rocks


I will be back with big big news…keep an eye out 😉

tell me…..whats new?!



I have been feeling pretty down on myself lately. But that is another post for another time. Instead, lets talk about running! #shocker

Today I had a 45 min run planned with 10 x 30second intervals at 5K pace followed by 1:30 easy effort. There was a warm up and cool down in there too. Yes, it rained. Yes, it took me 15 minutes to talk myself out the door but I am so glad I did.

A well-known local runner near where I grew up always said “Wet soles cleanse the soul.” Maybe it wasn’t his original statement, maybe it was. Whatever, I love it and think it’s so true.

Todays run was chilly! I rocked my ear warmers, gloves and thick socks for todays run.

post-run stretch + funky socks

Before I stretched and rolled like a good little runner I also rode my bike ( on my trainer) for 30 minutes. It was a good way to help shake out my legs and get some more cardio in. Cross training is what’s up.

Tonight I went to my local book store in search of a few books on sports psychology. I need to up my mental game. Really I went there looking for a book that said “Do this to be a fast as hell runner” but oddly enough found no such book. I did find a book with different quotes about running. Loved them all!

I also picked up a book that was titled “Boston Marathon: How to Qualify!” I mean, there is an exclamation point in the title, how can it NOT be the perfect book.

I looked through a few of the chapters but there was also a page on the top qualifying marathons in the country.

Steamtown is actually ranked pretty high. wah, I hope that doesn’t mean I have no chance at ever getting in….

I am off to scare away the rest of the trick or treaters rest up for tomorrow’s run. It’s the return of the hill tempo repeats. EIGHTOFTHEMHOLYHELLIALREADYHAVEANXIETYABOUTIT


Suck it up and run

I have been a debbie downer.  Big time.

That’s NO attitude for a girl who is about to PR and get a BQ time, right?  (see the positive attitude I have?!)

Ok… I am at least TRYING to change my attitude.

I got an email from my coach after I complained about the weather, my cold, and anything else I could think of.  His advice?

“Suck it up and run. Keep focused on the task at hand and none of that other stuff will matter”


I did a little pinterest searching and found a few pins I plan on staring at over the next 36 hours

I want a killer time.  It is super important to me.  I have worked my ass off.  I want to leave everything I have out there.  I want to finish knowing I used all I got.  I believe I can do this.

I am also working on finding a Mantra.  Something I can repeat to myself when I hit a hard spot, whether it be mentally or even a hill.

Mantra suggestions?! GO.