Personal Goals

Lately my saturday mornings consist of coaching then putting myself through tough workouts of my own.  My favorite part is the coaching though



I get to write WODs and then coach them.  Athletes of EVERY ability have been dropping by my box and it’s so awesome.  So many different skill levels but the one thing every person has in common is a desire to do better, desire to push themselves just a little harder, a desire to be the best they can be…. and THAT is what I love the most.

Along with coaching and help people reach their goals, I also have a few of my own. Now that I am not training for any races I do have a few things I have my sights set on.

Perfecting the one hand handstand


Not perfect…but getting there


Eating  Clean

zonedietI am trying the zone diet for a month.  I am allowing myself relaxed weekends where I don’t weigh and measure but during the week I am eating strictly 11 blocks.  There is a lot of science and math behind it actually.  Meal prepping on Sunday is a must but I am hoping it will help my performance in the gym.  Any questions on the zone PLEASE email me! I would love to help!

Icing and mobility


Lately any kind of jumping (think double unders and box jumps) kill me.  Well,  really they just kill my calves.  I think I have some tendon issues but icing and rolling is something I am being adamant about.  I am trying to be better with my overall mobility.  With how much I workout I have come to the realization that if I don’t take care of myself and do the necessary stretching and icing, I won’t be able to go at this pace forever.


I also have a big dead lift that I am chasing.  Not trying to jinx myself so I am not going to say what I am shooting for…big think big.


What are your goals these days?  TELL ME!



Recovery, Food and Relaxing

Well, what are your thoughts on 13.2?


My thoughts are that it was a sprint, it sucked and my calves are still killing me from the box jumps.  Not sure my deal lately, but any kind of jumping absolutely annihilates my calves.  It’s at a point of beyond sore and it’s painful.  I have been rocking compression socks but about 48 hours later and I am still in pain. What the F!

The rest of this weekend was spent in recovery mode.  Protein, glutamine and fish oil followed by some (not pictured) BCAA’s…what else am I missing from my recovery regimen?


I am not necessarily eating strict paleo, but I am trying to avoid grains and just eat clean.  I am also still rockin my 24 day challenge and feelin’ good!

meal planning

meal planning

homemade chicken cheese steaks minus the bun, extra fries ;)

homemade chicken cheese steaks minus the bun, extra fries 😉

Sunday came and I had a relaxing morning with the news, coffee and two very cute dogs!

sundayam1 sundaydogs

Then…something comepletely crazy happened sunday evening.  I wanted steak for dinner.  I know, who am I!? 

J and I went to the food store, got some steak and cooked it up!  With sautéed peppers and onions it was just what I wanted!


I am guessing I had been missing something in m diet for me to crave steak like that. I haven’t had red meat like that in a looooong time and I have never purchased and cooked a steak myself either!  Nuts!

Am I missing any key recovery supplements?  My calves and I will thank you for any additional suggestions!

How did you do on 13.2?

I wanted at least 7 rounds but got 8 plus 5 reps so I am happy with that!


Going HAM

I have so many posts I want to write up.  I want to write about how I wake up so early every day. I want to write about starting CrossFit.  I want to write a letter to my 12-year-old self.  I have all of these ideas and projects I want to work on… but right now I just don’t have time.  And I am not complaining either!  I am busy but busy doing what I love.  I am working out, I am coaching, I am personal training… I have a busy schedule and it’s working for me so far!  I am not sure if it’s possible but I even feel more energized than ever!

So…. I do have some posts coming that will hopefully be worth the read but until I find to sit and write, in my head they will stay.

In the meantime I wanted to share with you two things.  One— the most amazing family that I wish I was with right now.


And 2—  I went all HAM yesterday on Chealsea

I received my CrossFit badge of honor and ripped my hand for the first time ever!


It’s pretty sick that I am proud of this but I am.  I did the WOD with all kipping pull ups.  At least until I saw my hand.  I didn’t notice it and it didn’t hurt at all.  BUT, as soon as I saw that it ripped I think it hurt and after 18 rounds of kipping pull ups I dropped to a band.  It was definitely too easy with the band and I know I could have finished the WOD rx’ed but I was nervous about hurting myself more. #pansy #wimp

Now I am cautiously doing everything I can to make that bad boy heal quicker.

Any tips or suggestions for that paw of mine? 

I think being proud of my ripped hand is nuts but awesome…what are your thoughts on CrossFit wounds like that?


That time I looked badass

Something I have been trying hard to avoid happened.  Something that every runner dreads….

Yes that is ice

and yes that is my knee

I have been pretty consistently keeping up with my training and taking all the precautions to avoid getting injured.  Well, the past few days my knee just isn’t having it.  It’s more painful to bend my knee than run so I am keeping my running as is and just making sure to ice ice ICE.  Since google is my doctor of choice I decided I most likely have runners knee.  I blame the fact that I haven’t been lifting my legs at all and because of that my quads aren’t as strong as they should be.  Just goes to show how important strength training is….

This morning’s workout left me dead. *I should mention that my knee is totally fine when I run, it’s more when I try to bike or go down stairs or bend my leg that it hurts*

How to decipher my notes: Incline @ Pace / Time next repeat starts
This one was at a smaller incline than I have been doing but faster.  I have to say, I could have done more.  Guess that means I am finally getting faster?
Even though I finished the run feeling like I could do more, a few hours later I was beyond tired and feeling super dehydrated!

Nuun all day errrday

Last night I had a ton of fun teaching another WOD.  This one was a little more focused on weights.  One of my favorite things about CrossFit is throwing big weights around, so I was a happy girl!

One of the trainers even took pictures of my coaching in action and I stole it off of their facebook page.  I swear I am just acting in the picture!  He told me to look mean and badass so, that’s what I did 😉

still debating whether that’s back fat or a muscle. fatty

So far I am loving coaching! I am definitely new to it and it’s so different from the other group fitness classes I have taught in the past.  I am teaching again tomorrow night and I am excited for this one, it’s a fun WOD 😉


The worst yet

I don’t even know where to start.  This weekend was awesome and horrible and inspiring and draining all in one!  I had my CrossFit certification (which was amazing) but more on that later.  Let’s rewind to Thursday evening….

It started with taking advantage of the fall like temps that I love.

I had the perfect night-before-a-long-run.  Hydrated, fueled, rested.  The whole shebang.

Forward to Friday morning.

My run was awful.  I’m tired of shitty ass runs.  I push hard. I push harder. I get slower and slower. Something’s gotta give.  Mentally, physically. All of it.  At mile 11 I was defeated. Well, at mile 3 it was already game-on and I was working hard to keep 8:50 pace.  I am not knocking that pace at all, but that’s not where I should be. I should be more than comfortable there and working for 8’s.

Worst run of my life.  There was walking. a lot of it.  There were tears. A lot of them too.

The one run I didn’t have my phone, of course.  If I had a way to, I would have called for a ride.

4 days later I still get upset thinking about it.  It was a train wreck and then some.  I have been avoiding posting because I just don’t know what to say.

I need to look at my training.  overtraining in particular. I need to look at nutrition.  Not enough of something, but what?

6 weeks. That’s all I have left.  Only 6 weeks.  I have a lot of reevaluating to do. And tweaking. and getting my head on straight.  This weekend was killer on me mentally and physically.  Something’s gotta give.



Not a whole lot going on over here!  I have been a bad blogger and have been forgetting to snap photos..of pretty much everything!

The past couple of days I was able to enjoy a MUCH needed massage and dinner with a friend.  The massage was great but unfortunately I am still painfully sore…more on that in a minute. I have also been studying my butt off for this weekend!

Dinner with this guy was good.  I was good and didn’t order a burger like I wanted.  I got a mixed greens salad with grilled chicken.  Good choice GM.  For some reason the salad was bangin’ and just what I wanted.  Win.

Now, in my last post I talked about how I did a bunch of pull ups but was still disappointed.  I wanted to clarify, I was disappointed that I didn’t do the entire workout like I planned.  I am stoked I did that many pull ups but it wasn’t the goal I set out to accomplish.

Because of all the pull ups and the 100 snatches from last week I am so.painfully.sore.  Like.  Ouch, don’t look at my back and shoulders because even looking at them hurts.  For real.
DOMS.  Ever heard of it?  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.  Aka a bitch. 

DOMS is basically muscle pain and stiffness that appears typically 24 to 72 hours after working the muscle.  It is essentially little tears in the muscle and that is what causes the pain.  I know that this is what the heck is going on with me right now.  The past couple of workouts I did all focused on my upper body and especially my back.  The repeated exertion of the same muscles is what ultimately caused my supersoreness  (that’s the technical term).  Also the high intensity of the workouts played part in my DOMS.

I did a bunch of online searching to try and figure out what I can do to speed up my soreness recovery.

Rest.  Resting the sore areas is going to be my biggest help.  That means no CrossFit tonight. I am going to be smart about this so I don’t injure myself

Anti-inflammatory’s.  I am gonna be poppin’ ibuprofen like a winner today

Active rest.  I did swim yesterday but I don’t think that helped. at all.  Today I have an easy 30 minute run planned so hopefully that helps.

Luckily for my marathon training, my legs feel great!  Actually, this has been a seriously low mileage week so far and I am itching to get out and run hard, run long, just run.  Tonight I don’t get to run hard or long, but I at least get to run!

Off to keep studying and resting. Wish me luck!

Anyone have anything fun going on?  TELL ME!


Comeback Plan

My poor Lola pup is getting no love……

yes sHm, they are for real divas

But don’t worry, the patient is doing well 😛

This morning I got to the gym nice and early, clearly I was thrilled…

The past 2 days I ran on the treadmill and read a magazine at the same time….it made the time and miles fly by.  Today I did an easy 4 miles.  I was feeling pretty tired before I ran but once I got moving I felt better.  Dunkin’ also helped the cause.

After I ran I treated myself to a bagel.  Yes, an entire bagel with wayyyy too much delicious cream cheese.  MMmm.

breakfast of champions

I keep saying that I am burnt out or overtraining or something of the sort.  And for some people, they may not believe that.  But the truth is, I am.

I am having a hard time listening to my body and accepting that I need a break.  Since January I have been busting my butt.  I ran my heart out and was on a consistent run/lifting schedule.  I definitely saw results from my hard work, which is awesome, but I went too hard for too long.

In this months Oxygen Magazine there was a long article about overtraining.

There were some things in the article that REALLY surprised me.

Overtraining can affect you not only physically but also psychologically.  Some signs of  overtraining are:

-Irritable, moody or cranky

-short temper

-anxiety or depression

-sleep patterns change, such as having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep

-increased fatigue

-Chronic soreness

I am experiencing a bunch of these.  The sleeplessness, depression and increased fatigue are the signs that really got me to realize I needed to take a step back and chill out for a bit.

I talked to a running coach… a real life PROFESSIONAL running coach.   He told me to keep running as often as I have been but just cut the mileage down.  He also said I can keep up with my beloved cross fit (i am trying to keep it to 3 days a week) which made me tinkle with excitement #tmi

SO… that is what I am doing.  Running a bunch during the week just shorter runs and kicking butt in cross fit.  Lets hope this plan works out.  I have a marathon to start training for soon!



Yesterday was a non stop day!  I barely had time to shower   hang with the pups let alone post!  oops!

Yesterdays weather was AMAZING!  I mean, I ran in shorts and a tank top.  Yes, tank top in March.  Dannnnng!  It was so beautiful.  Luckily I had my schweet new shades to block the sun.

Momma bear complained these hurt her so I traded a pair of ray bans for these.  I think I win 😉

Every time I bent down yesterday I noticed my knee felt a little strange.  Almost like there was something pulling at the tendons or…something, I don’t know!  I decided to stick to an easier run.  It was so amazing outside that I wanted to go further than the 5 miles I did but I tried to play it smart for my knee.

Let me first say that both of my knees usually hold some fluid and are generally puffy.  BUT, after my run yesterday the knee that was bothering me during the day was super swollen!

Showin' some wrinkles skin 😉

I decided to be smart about it, so I iced with frozen veggies while hanging outside with the dogs a bit longer.

After icing, I met a good friend for dinner at this place.  He is vegan so we decided this was the perfect choice.  I suck and have no pictures but I ordered a “chicken” cheese steak.  Now, everything is 100% vegan so it wasn’t really chicken.  The truth?  I didn’t love it.  I don’t know.  Something about fake meat.  Just not my thang!

I have another busy day in the works!  Hopefully the rain holds off until I get home and can do speedwork.  I might even be hardcore like her and take it to the track!

Have a fab day!