Monday Accomplishments

This morning I did a bit of spring cleaning.  Not the kind that makes my hands dirty and my armpits sweaty though. It was a cleaning of blogs.

I have like 4million in my Google reader right now but since I don’t have time to sit and read them like I used to, it just constantly says “567 Blogs Unread.”  That drives me nuts so today I went through and “unfollowed” a bunch of blogs that I started reading to kill time at my old job.  Ha.

Along with cleaning up my blogs I also took the plunge and transferred everything to Blog Lovin.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 6.59.43 AM


The change over was super super easy too.  I was able to connect my Reader account with Blog lovin and the blogs changed over instantly.  Since I haven’t had time to really play around with it I can’t give you my full opinion of it.  But I am hoping I will be able to fully navigate Blog Lovin before Google Reader stops working sometime this summer!

Along with changing over my blogs, I had a pretty-proud-of-myself PR at the gym today.


That felt like all the weight.  allllll of it ever.  It was 315 pounds.  boom

What’s your big Monday Accomplishment?




1 year and Blogger love

It just dawned on me that this bad boy of a blog I have here is over a year old!  Holy macaroni!  I can’t believe I have been steadily doing this for a year.  When I first started writing in this blog space I thought it would be a fun hobby…for a little while.  Never did I think that I would still, although rarely nowadays, be typing in my little space on the internet.

Thanks to the 3 people that are regular readers ( mom, slull and gg ) I figure I will keep at it.  Why not, right?

A while back I wrote up a post and linked to a few of my favorite posts.  I oh so cleverly named it Favorites.   I love being able to look back and see how much my life has changed in just a year… new house, new hobbies, new goals.  I tell ya, this blog thing isn’t a bad idea after all!

I decided to start gmruns after being inspired by so many healthy living or running blogs that I follow.  Sure the list of ones I religiously read may have changed, there are a few new ones and old ones that are definitely worth your time!



Sure she may be my sister-in-law and my real life BFF but even if I didn’t know her, this would still be my favorite blog.  She is funny, witty and her posts, although they may be few and far between at times, they always benefit me somehow.  Helloooo chicken parm! Plus, her adorable daughter should be enough of a reason to follow.



Again, another real life friend here but I swear I would read this blog too.  She is basically super mom with her two mini-me’s.  Always creating something fun, cooking something delicious or hosting a fabulous night in…visit her if you want tips on how to be an awesome mom…and not to mention a kick ass runner too!

Running Bun


I have never met this one IRL but let me tell you…it’s going to happen.  If you are from the NY area and want to know about the latest and greatest fitness class to take, visit her page for an awesome review. She also has some amazing hair, cute dogs..oh, and is shooting to (and WILL) qualify for Boston this marathon season!



This girl.  The original blog that gave me a glimpse of hope that maayyyybe I could actually qualify for Boston.  From shooting for a sub-4 marathon to missing it by 2 minutes…this chick rocks.  She ended 2012 with a craptastic injury but 2013 is going to be here year.  I suggest you follow along for some inspiration with the occasional freakout-number-crunching-holycowlookatthattraininglog-posts.

I am always looking for new reads so if you know of any other blogs you think I need in my life, please share!


Puppies, a Ramble and a Princess

Great Morning to you! 🙂

How was your weekend!? Awesome I hope!

Pretty much all of my Saturday was dedicated to this guy

Meet Vice!

Saturday J and I drove about 2 hours to pick up our newest member of the family!  Once we had this little furball home we headed straight to the park..aka neutral grounds, to introduce him to Jake.  How did it go?

Jake hates him and wants to send him back.  I have faith that after a few long and really annoying days things will get better.  Lola doesn’t mind him though so we are 1 for 2.  Oh, and I pretty much love the shit out of him so he stays.  I win.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early. I had a LR + Race combo.  I needed to run 45 minutes prior to competing in a local 10K.  I drove about an hour to where the 10K was and met up with my SIL and dad to get the 45 minute run over with.

That picture is stolen from sHm but I love it!  I also LOVE when they bike with me while I run.  It makes the time go so fast.  Thanks guys 🙂

After I finished a little over 5 miles it was time to line up at the start of the River Ramble 5K and 10K.  I was definitely nervous starting this race because I wanted to race it.  I mean, last 10K I did was on gravel, in the rain and I didn’t love it.  I wanted to try to beat my time of 47:35….

I ran my face off.  I definitely pushed it but it was worth it!

I ended up coming in 4th female and 2nd in my age group.  I also cut 1:10 off my time and on a hilly course AND after I already ran 5 miles.  I will take it 🙂

I never really race races so it’s exciting for me to see what I can do and how I compare to others.

HUGE HUGE HUGE shoutout to my girl B who ran her first 10K, longest run ever AND kicked HUGE ASS doing so.  What an awesomely awesome day for her yesterday! So pumped for her!

clearly it was sunny

After the race I headed for breakfast with my 3 favorite girls!  Bacon, egg and cheese on bagels please!

I also had the pleasure of dining with the fabulous princess Ryann.

As for the rest of my Sunday, there was enough excitement in the first 5 hours to last me a week so I got home and died on the couch. I was so tired…and still am!  BUT, it was most certainly worth it!

Tell me, did you kick ass this weekend like B?  How about bring home a new furry family member?  Or dine with a real life Princess?


Ugly Pictures

I am convinced that I am the cutest and most photogenic person on earth. I am sure you will be too once you see the doozies I have for you…

Yesterdays run was tempo repeats.  Three 12 minute repeats averaging a 7:20-7:40 pace. Overall goal was to negative split.  Between the warm up, cool down and each repeat it was almost a 70 minute run.

cutest photogenic picture #1

pink headband with matching pink jacket. not planned I swear

by the end of the run, the color of my face matched the headband and jacket.

 That was definitely not an easy run but I didn’t want to die when it was over. I also made sure to negative spit – 7:34, 7:27, 7:15

I think next time I will try to not go as slow on the first one, too much steam left at the end.

This morning I was up at an ungodly hour to squeeze in some cardio and strength before work. Cute picture #2

I am so cute

I don’t workout with my glasses on but it takes me the entire 40 minute ride to the gym to wake up. I literally roll out of bed, put gym clothes on, let dogs out and leave.  I should probably note that I am lucky and have a gym at work so once I am done with my workout I just walk up 4 flights of stairs and then I am at work.

This morning was the elliptical for 30 minutes.  Thank goodness for my new favorite song and the new Runners World…those are the only two things that got me through this morning!

I also completed a workout from the Hotmess herself.

The only change was I added push ups instead of planks.  After I completed that I also did about 8 minutes of additional core work.  Sweat fest this morning for sure.  Thanks samHotmess for an ass kicking!

You are welcome for the beautiful pictures of my face.

Good luck to undecided2 and TeamRichmond this weekend!  There is so much running stuff going on this weekend I am already geeking out over it!


Not rocking the runs

Good morning!!

Quiet Saturday around these parts.  Yesterday was a long but successful day!  But first…let me update you on that hill workout I did…

This was the workout…

10 minute warm up
2 x 30second @5K pace with 1:30 easy jog
8 x 3:30 @ 7:00-7:15 at 5% incline with 3:30 walk/jog at 1% incline
10 minute cool down

That pace alone, for 3:30 isn’t too bad. BUT…throw in a 5% incline and it’s basically a death wish.  I did it.  Every.Single.One.  I completed the 7 mile workout with each repeat at 7:08 pace and a 5% incline.  I left the workout feeling defeated. It was really hard. REALLY hard.  I even had a stranger at the gym ask if I was ok. Oh, sorry sir…was my gasping for air too loud?

I emailed my coach about it telling him I did the workout but it was hard and I was upset with how hard it was.  He told me he looked at my training and I did this EXACT workout 3 weeks before Steamtown except last time I did each repeat at 7:13 pace and now it was 7:08. I guess I should be happy with that, right?

Yesterday was a long but awesome day.  I ran around to the food store and home and then back to the food store one more time. I cooked and cleaned and didn’t take many pictures but trust me, it was a good day.  I made meatballs, lasagna and two 2-tiered cakes! Why two? Oh, because the first time I burnt the shit out of it.  Martha Stewart in training here.

Final product…it even tasted good too!

Regardless, I still think I did an OK job.  Even my brother, who is a tough critic, approved of the lasagna and that was my goal!

My whole family came to celebrate Sam and it was really nice to hang….even though they were an hour late and I might have been pissy about it 😉

That picture is very fitting since she is the owner of my favorite blog.  GO AND READ IT!

Today I was really looking forward to my first rest day in 2 weeks…WRONG.  I had a 40 minute tempo run to do and then some core work. That’s why my coach is in charge..he knows what he is doing!

15 min warm up
20 min 7:20-7:40 pace
5 min cool down

I am ok with that.  Again, not a run where I felt like I rocked it…. I haven’t had really any of those lately. But I did it nonetheless. My pace was in the middle of the goal range and I usually like to have it at the faster end but I just didn’t have it in me today.  After I ran I did the plank workout from this girl. I definitely felt those muscles working! Try it!

Tomorrow is the longest run I have had in a while.  I really could use a “holy shit i love running and i am so good at it you should just start calling me Kara Goucher” run, so lets hope tomorrow is the day…


Around the Internet

There has been a lot of interesting things I read on the internet this past week.  If you are anything like me and you’re always looking for something that catches your attention thats not pinterest or twitter you will hopefully appreciate these!

Shut up and run  made a post about the 20 things no one tells you about running.  LOVED this.  Go check it out if you have a chance.  My favorite?

19.  Running performance is as much, if not more, about mental strength as your physical strength.

Hungry Runner Girl posted this from a blog she reads.

My Favorite?

1. Thou shall not compare thyself to other runners.  A mile is a mile.

Another interesting article I found from this girl I am also a fan of. 

10 things winners do differently.  There isn’t one point that I love more than another, I just love them all.

Hopefully you take the time to check these out! They are pretty good reads!


A WOD and haterade

Happy Saturday 🙂

I got a solid 10 hours of sleep last night.  SO nice! I woke up and the heat was on in the house, my face wasn’t even cold!  Usually I am nice and warm under the blankets but my face is SO cold.  Not today! I think it’s a sign that today is going to be a good one!  This is really my thermostat.  The bottom is the temperature in the house, the top it what I set it to.  Yes, that’s a warm 60!

SO…if you follow me on twitter you might already know.  BUt I need advice.  I might have a coaching job lined up for a couple of nights a week.  I am hoping to FINALLY put my CrossFit Certification to use.  The only thing is I have been focused on running that I haven’t even done a WOD in a while.

The owners of the gym aren’t certified yet but they are both retired professional olympic weightlifters so they know what they are doing.  They asked me to go put them through a WOD one day next week.  I said yes but I am freaking out.  I need advice PLEASE!

I want something that doesn’t involve too many technical moves (no snatching) but also something that will kick their ass.

This is what I came up with

5 Rounds

20ft walking lunge with a 15 pound plate overhead
15 box jumps
10 hand release push ups
5 wall climbs

What do you think? J helped me and he think it’s good but I am still nervous!  Like I said, I have been out of the CrossFit loop for a few weeks so I am nervous.

Today I plan on heading to the gym to see what their equipment set up is and what I have to work with.  Since I am still trying to be super easy on my legs I don’t want to do the whole workout….maybe I will just go through one round and see?

In other news….someone has been drinking WAY TOO much of the haterade.  Seriously.  In lieu of the haterade drinking, one of my best friends sent me this.  and I love it.

Inline image 1

WOD Suggestions please!!

Time, pace, goals. Enough is enough

Not that long ago someone asked me why I run.  Simple enough, right?

no.  I had a hard time answering that.  If you would have asked me 6 months ago I think I could have answered with ease.   What’s the difference between 6 months ago and now? A whole hell of a lot.

Rewind to when I was training for a couple 1/2 marathons.  I made sure to long run once a week but I was religious about lifting (body pump) 3 times a week, yoga once a week and running any distance/time/pace 4 more days a week.  I had a schedule…but not really.  I went by how I felt.  Ironically enough I was running 40+ miles a week.  I was happy, I was fit and I was always sweaty.

If you asked me why I loved to run I would tell you simply “It makes me feel good.”  It still does, don’t get me wrong.  With taking this week easy one thing I noticed is I love to sweat.  The sweatier the better.  Other than sweating I love the sense of accomplishment, I love being outdoors, I love that runners high…All of it.  That’s the same 6 months ago as it is now but there is something different about my current love of running.

I am quickly approaching the point where I am getting nuts about running and not in a good way.  

My coach said something to me today that kind of knocked me off my feet.

“My point is that there’s a fine line between letting a goal motivate you to achieve great things (good), and a goal dominating you (bad).”

Goals, times, numbers, paces…. all of that is in the forefront of my brain rather that what is important, and how I love to run.

Every time I go out for a run I am crunching numbers, I am calculating and scheming and typically staring at the pace on my watch.  Sure, I am just coming off a pretty serious training cycle but is it possible to train hard and still not get wrapped up in the numbers of it all?  I am being completely, 100% dominated by what my goal is.

Next weekend is the Runners World Half Marathon in Bethlehem.  I signed up for this race when it first opened.  Weekend full of seminars held by amazing and experienced runners followed by a 13.1 that is organized by the greatest source of all things running?  I would be insane to pass this up.

Except, even just a couple days ago, when I think about this race I think…maybe I will shoot for a sub 1:40.  I mean, my PR isn’t too far off that, I am in shape and I have been training so why not.

What’s wrong with me?  Why does every race, every run have to become a carefully planned and calculated goal.  What happened to running for fun?   What happened to going out there and just enjoying the time on my feet, the time with nothing but the fresh air, open roads and myself?

I feel there is pressure on me.  Pressure to perform. Pressure to pull big numbers.  I feel like people hear how I typically talk about running alllll the time so they expect me to be this great athlete.  Well, in my head a great athlete wouldn’t be ok with a 1:58 half…I need to try hard, I need to not let anyone down and at least try for a PR.

No.  The pressure I feel all comes from me.  No one expects anything from me, except me.  And you know what, if they do then they can suck it.

I haven’t run since Sunday.  I am giving myself as much time as I can to let my legs recover from the beating they took so I can come back strong, fresh and uninjured.

I am going to run the half next weekend. I have a bunch of friends and family members running.  A couple of them will finish their first 1/2 marathon and I want to make sure it is as much of an amazing experience as my first 1/2 was.  I want it to be about them and their hard work and their huge accomplishment.  I want the pressure and focus off me. That pressure and focus is something that comes from me…but eliminating that is definitely easier said than done.

I am making myself a promise.  I am making the next week of running all about focusing on not focusing.  I want to run by feel. I want to run because I love it, even if I am running a slower than I would like pace… I am going to run just to run. Not to reach a goal or hit a target or a specific number.

And most importantly I am planning on running a race that isn’t about me.  All pressure off me.  Pressure from myself and even the imaginary pressure the imaginary people put on me.  This race and the next few weeks are about running for the fun of it and nothing more.


**note: i am clearly not working out as hard as i have been and have too much time on my hands to sit and think and stew. along with too much free time I have the post-race crazies, which is a common thing.  Similar to the taper crazies but I also hear it is way worse when you miss a goal…  

** another note:  I am convinced the running/blogging community is the best one out there.  The advice and support I have gotten over the past week and past few days is amazing. Complete strangers….reaching out to me or returning emails…letting me open up to them and in return feeding me with crucial and much appreciated advice.  You know who you are, and I think you are the shit.  the end

Cry baby and Note taking

Yesterday there was something wrong with me.  Seriously.

It started at 10 when I had already consumed way too many calories and my stomach was still grumbling.  legit.  I could hear it.  If you follow me on twitter you know I was also craving meatballs. and donuts.  Not together.  Luckily Jbone’s mom asked us to come by for dinner and guess what was on the menu.  MEATBALLS!

What else was wrong with me?  I was being super sensitive.

This is how it went down…

GM on her last set of planks for scheduled core work and J walks in.

J: “G, your butt is too high watch your form”  (this was a very innocent comment and he was just looking out for me)

Me: *finish my plank and lay there without saying a word

J: “G, what’s wrong?”

Me: “JUST STOP PICKING ON ME!” And then I proceeded to cry as I ran upstairs

seriously.  Taper at its finest.  I can’t workout as hard or as much as I would like to.  I am used to getting some serious sweat sessions in during the week and it is not happening.  That is screwing with my mind and my confidence. Aka I feel like a big fat fatty.  good thing i ate all of the food yesterday than too

Even though I was a bit cray-cray yesterday, J still loves me.  I mean, look at these rhymes and awesome artwork I get to come home to

Truth be told, I love coming home to his notes.  If he is in a rush or forgets to leave me something in the morning, I get so bummed!  Thanks J ❤

This morning I had a speed session planned.  The past few weeks I have been busting my ass doing Yasso 800’s but at around a5.5% incline.  Today. FLAT!

They felt SO easy. I never though I would say that running 3:25 800’s would feel easy.  I guess that’s what happens when you are used to killer hills!

During my repeat workouts I am often pushing myself and I am not able to concentrate like I should.  I am lucky I can remember to put one foot in front of the other let alone keep track of what number repeat I am on.  So I usually take notes on my phone.

I started taking notes just to remember what repeat I was on but then eventually had to remember the pace, incline and what time I needed to start my next repeat so my notes got a little more detailed.  You can see (bottom right) that todays workout was FLAT and FAST!  Just what I like!

I am seriously itching to run. I want to sweat and run hard.  Hopefully the awesome combo of PMS and taper doesn’t make J kill me.  We have fun things planned for the weekend and although I don’t know what my long run will look like, I am hoping I can push the speed a little!

Before it’s too late… Go enter this awesome giveaway!!



This weekend was full.  Full of family, friends, dogs and all things good.

Friday I spent time with my favorite girls

Saturday I spent time with Jbone’s nephew.  I had to watch him alone for 4 minutes

only 4

this happened

After a relaxing night at home Saturday I woke up Sunday ready to get my run on.

it was interesting to say the least

mile 5- fall.   hard

mile 6- choke.  Nuun.  down the wrong pipe. just about died

mile 7-reprecussion from the fall, headphone drama

my injury

yes, it’s those teeny tiny specs on my palm

yea, brutal.  seriously though, it felt like I was going to need 40 stitches

needless to say I am happy I even finished.

12 miles (although I wanted 14)

tapering big time

My weekend was also full of all things pumpkin

beer, candles, coffee, cookies

I even spent a good amount of time with the pups this weekend

they are so strange were loving it

Off to rest before work tomorrow barf

Best part of your weekend? GO-


***don’t forget to enter

***Go tell her congrats for an awesome race this morning too!