Lately Sundays mean the same thing to me.

Lots of meal prep:


This week is all about veggies.  Last week I don’t think one green, or any color, vegetable touched my lips.  This week I am working on balance in the Zone.

Girl time:


Serious BFF’s.  With matching shades.  And addictions to panera, shoes, shopping….all of it.  Love those girls so freaking hard.

Chihuahua Time:


Obviously Lola and Jake are having their own identity crisis’.  They are spending more time in Vice’s cage then on the couch.  I think it’s a sign I need to be home more.

My biggest weakness:


On Sunday I usually eat twizzlers TO MY FACE.  Seriously, it’s a horrible habit that I completely blame my mother for.  She loves twizzlers and passed that love onto me.

And last but not least time with J.  That kid is the best ❤


What’s your typical sunday like?



What life is like now

I am a runner.  I am a CrossFitter.  I do all those things.  Sometimes I do one more than the other but running is my roots.

And qualifying for Boston was one of my proudest moments ever.  EVER.   I will  run Boston next year and I am honored to do so.



Where have I been?  Some would say living the dream and um… Yep that’s about right.

I wake up every day and get to do what I love.   I get to play outside and I get to hang out with a great friend all the while hoping to make a difference in a few people’s lives.  I get to wear sweats or shorts or whatever the hell I feel like wearing.  I get to work out 2 times a day. I get to use my brain to program workouts and help people solve problems with exercise and stretching and weight loss.  yea, I’m SUPER lucky.


I get to be proud of not only a business but a lifestyle that I live.


I am even experimenting with my nutrition more than ever.  The Zone diet should make me super strong and buff…. at least that’s what I tell myself when I am weighing my food and meal prepping!



I am going to try to post more.  I think my life has calmed down a little and I should be able to be around more often!  Hope you stick around even though I’ve been SUPER MIA!



Having a blog is weird.  Reading blogs is weird.  All of it, the whole community.  I think for the most part I am pretty honest and open.  I talk about my highs and my lows.  I wrote about failing to meet a goal at Steamtown last year, I wrote about having bad days and days when I ate too much but I also wrote about the good, like qualifying for Boston or having an awesome workout.

In general I love my life, I feel really happy most of the time, I am healthy, I have great friends, family and boyfriend.. I really feel super blessed.  But…there are those days and even those people, as horrible as it sounds, that make me feel like I don’t have it all or all together.

You know those days, when your nails are too short with your ugly, chipped nail polish.  Or your handwriting is so bad you vow to never hand write a note again?  What about when it feels like the only pants you could possibly ever fit your love-handles in are stretchy pants? But.  There is that one person who has the perfect life, has the perfect hair, nails, body AND handwriting.

It can be hard to not get wrapped up comparing yourself to others.  especially in the blog world when we, as bloggers, have the freedom to pick and choose what we want to share.


I know there are a few blogs that I read that make me feel like I should focus less of my efforts on CrossFit and a ton more running lately.  Or the blogs that make me feel like a complete loser for not being able to make the perfect souffle let alone know what a souffle even is.  But really.  It’s not those blogs faults.  It’s my own.

I sometimes have to take a step back and remember I am me. I am good enough.

Just as you are you and YOU are good enough.


I will never not have half chewed fingers.  Or really pretty handwriting.  And I can pretty much guarantee that, considering my past cooking experience, I will probably never know what a souffle is or how to make one.

And with all that….all that said. I am ok with it.


I think it’s totally ok and normal to have those moments where you feel inadequate. After all, aren’t we human.

But….if you don’t let those fears and inadequacies consume you, I promise I won’t either.  I might try to work on my cursive a little more but I won’t stop myself from lifting heavy weights because I want to run.  I know that right now, at this point in my life, lifting heavy is what works for me.  Last year, running a lot worked for me.

I know that right now in my life, my friends famous “chicken surprise” dish will probably be a staple in my house for all of ever.

I know this is probably a weird post.  But I had a weird day and struggled with some stuff.  Hopefully getting this out there will help me wake up tomorrow with a clean slate and a fresh attitude 🙂


Made the Jump

Change can be terrifying.

Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.

Taking a risk, making that first jump not knowing whether you will land flat on your face or somewhere in the mountains of success….it can be scary enough to not even jump.


My fitness career officially started back in 2007. I worked at a local spa as a group fitness instructor.  This was only after I met a man who would not only become my best friend but also a great family friend.  I was always interested in sports and fitness but never knew that someone could really make a living off of it.  After working for a summer teaching group fitness classes, I went for my Personal Training certification.

I spent the following summer after I graduated college doing only personal training.  It was my full time job but I felt like I wasn’t doing the right thing. I just busted my ass in college to get a degree in Biochemistry…. I couldn’t shake the thought that I had to use my degree.

After a few months of only personal training the opportunity to work in the pharmaceutical industry presented itself and I thought it was the “right thing to do.”  Sure I had always said I would never work in a room with no windows.  Or I would never have a job where I felt like a monkey.  Heck, I even specifically said “I would be so unhappy working in a lab.”

Fast forward 5 years and here I am…. still working in that windowless, “makes me feel like a monkey” lab.

ENTER CROSSFIT.  I drank the kool-aid and couldn’t get enough.  I loved it.  The intensity, the constant variation…it was for me.  I loved it enough to become a certified coach.  Hell…. I even signed up for 2 more specialty courses just so I could learn more.

I started coaching.  It was fun. It was my second job but I loved it.  I connected with people.  I helped them.  I felt full and happy.

Coaching led to personal training.  I forgot how much I loved that.  I forgot how accomplishing it felt to help someone, to push someone to where they didn’t think it was possible to get to.

When I think of my dream job it would 100% be working in a gym.  A gym, a CrossFit facility, a fitness spa…..something of the sorts.  dream job 100%.


Over the past few weeks I was presented the opportunity to chase my dream.  A lot…a whoooole lot is unknown right now.  To say that I am starting from scratch and hoping for the best is an understatement.   I am not sure what I am doing, how I am doing it but I know what I want the end result to be.


I have an amazing support system.  Family and friends, old and new.  I have faith that the vision I have in my head will come to life.  I am prepared for the tears, the feelings of defeat and triumph, the anxiety and sleepless nights because my mind won’t stop racing.  I am ready to fight for what I want, to learn a shitload as I go and to give it my all.  I am prepared to work more than I have ever before and also get to a point where I might have to beg for some more work.  I am prepared to do what it takes to succeed.

I have risk taker and entrepreneur in my blood.  What I am about to embark on is a huge risk.   I left a secure, steady income and what has been my everyday life for the past 5 years. A secure steady income that I didn’t really love, not even a little.  I left that with the hopes of making a few dollars, with hopes of loving every second of “work”  I have to do and the hopes that I can help make at least 1 persons life better.

To the next few months of the unknown….

To learning as I go…

To reaching what might feel is my breaking point but moving past it anyway…

To making not only my family and friends that believe in me proud…but also proving to myself that this will work.


Here goes nothin’….


Let’s Do This

Welcome to 2013!! 🙂

Hopefully the start of the new year is treating you well… me on the other hand, I have been fighting the flu for what’s going on 5 days strong now.  I am NOT a happy camper.  That means: no running 13 miles to ring in the new year, no throwing around some weights in the gym, no caring too much about what I eat because, let’s be honest… I don’t have much of an appetite so I am trying to just make sure I eat.

I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to write this post but eventually, obviously, decided to go for it.  Saying my goals out loud or even in blog form scare me.  This makes it more real, this makes me feel like I am more accountable. But….I am going to take those all as good things and even more of a reason for me to tell you what my hopes are for 2013, that way I follow through with them.


This seems simple but I am really bad at it.   When I was training for my past couple marathons I was religious about letting my coach know each workout and how I felt and all the minor details.  I think if I want improvements in my workouts I need to keep track of what I am doing, not just with running either.

+ I will keep track of my CrossFit WODs as well as weights and times
+ I will keep track of mileage and routes run


I am embarrassed to tell you how much food I waste.  Whether it’s not eating leftovers or letting food go bad in the fridge…it’s sick how much I throw every garbage day.

+ I will be more mindful when I cook and only cook what I need
+ I will be more mindful when grocery shopping and only buy what I know will be eaten


This is a biggie for me.  I used to be sunshine sally. I was so happy and optimistic and full of joy.  I don’t know if it’s my job, feeling stuck in a routine or what, but I have lost that pep in my step and I need to find it.

+I will always find the good in the day
+ I will look at the glass as half full (hey, at least I have a job, right ;)… see, I’m starting already)

At the gym I work at the boss came to me and told me he would like to start going over everyone’s goals each team meeting we have.  He wants the goals to be something big…not like the ones I listed above.  They should be things that scare me.  But to be honest, I have no big goal for 2013.  I mean, 2012 was the year of the marathon.  Saying I wanted to qualify for Boston scared the crap out of me.  I felt ridiculous even admitting that was a goal because I didn’t think it was attainable. But now that I did it, it has me thinking that maybe I am capable of more than I realize….


While I am still thinking about what my scary goal for 2013 is, here are a few I am throwing around:

  • Complete a 50K
  • Compete in regional CrossFit competitions (this one really scares me)
  • Taking the plunge and start my dream job

While I still have time to think about what I want to do big in 2013 I am curious, what are your big goals and plans for this year?!  Thinking of running a new distance? Trying a new sport?  Tell me!



Explanationless Explanation

Hi.  I’m still here.  Are you?  Thanks if your answer is yes.

I just typed up this whole big long thing.  An explanation? A confession?  I don’t know what to call it but hitting publish doesn’t feel right.  SO….. This is what you get.

I am sorry I haven’t been around.  I don’t know if I will be back tomorrow.  Or the next day, or the day after that. But I do know 100% that I will be back AT LEAST next week.  And while I don’t know if I will have the right words to explain to you where I have been and where I am going… I do know that if you visit you will be surprised as to where I am going…and you will ( I think) want to see what happened.

Oh, and also… I love my family.  Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister (in law but that’s dumb because she is my sister), Niece, Gg (grandma geeg), boyfriend.  Seriously. I fucking love my family.


I’d Rather Be…

+Right now I would rather be in bed, cozied under my blankets, snuggling with the dogs and J, getting ready to wake up.

+I would rather be spending the morning prepping for a cold, longish run.

+I would rather be drinking home-brewed coffee from a mug.  There is just something about a mug of coffee rather than a to-go coffee… The mug makes it taste way better

+I would rather be hiking all morning.  Crunchy leaves, rosy cheeks, cold nose.  I would have 2 happy pups, 1 happy boyfriend and a partridge in a pear tree.

+I would rather be baking homemade bread or muffins or cookies or a pie.  The house would smell of fresh apples or pumpkin or chocolate or something else delicious.

+I would rather be drinking a chai from a Starbucks Christmas cup.
+I would rather be decorating for Christmas.  listening to Christmas music.  I can’t help it.  This time of the year makes me so giddy.

+I would rather be cooking dinner.  I don’t even like to cook that much but I would rather be doing that.

+I would rather be taking a nap with my little family that I love so much.

+I would rather be plotting and scheming and over analyzing and number crunching my next run.


+I would rather be shopping with my favorite shopping buddies, buying a lot of things for other people for Christmas plus a few things for me 😉

What’s your “I’d rather be…”?


2 WODs and no sleep

Yesterday was the first time I was both allowed to and had the motivation to do a strength workout.  I find that it is so hard to push myself with weights when I am alone.  I definitely can’t wait to start going to CrossFit again.

I knew that since I haven’t lifted in a while I didn’t want to kill myself.  But I still wanted a workout that would push me and make me sore.  After I did 45 minutes of cross training yesterday I did this workout.

3 Rounds
10 push ups

15 russian twists
10 shoulder press
15 knees to elbows
10 pull ups


2 rounds
10 push ups

25 crunches
10 upright rows
15 russian twists

I won’t lie… it wasn’t that awful.  Actually, I think I kind of wimped out.  I mean, today my chest is really sore but next time I will add more variety and even make it a little longer of a workout.  Still, if you are looking for a quick workout that targets your chest and a few other muscles in your upper body, that’s a good one.

After work I went and taught a CrossFit class.  After the class was over I was told that it was a compliment when everyone is cursing my name while working out.  Oh.  I didn’t know.  Well, I guess it’s safe to say that I got a LOT of compliments because of this workout 😉

I am actually itching to try this.  Since I am avoiding lifting legs still, this is  a perfect workout that targets my upper body and my abs.  I am thinking this weekend I will hopefully give it a try.  Although, after seeing the class complete this last night, I might be scared of it!

Last night at about midnight, while I was sleeping ever so peacefully, my neighbors decided it would be fun to call every emergency service vehicle to their house.

Yes, I know that’s only one cop car.  But about 2 minutes after I took this picture 4 fire trucks, 3 ambulances and 2 more cops showed up.  I was too freaked out and still half asleep to remember to snap a photo.  I guess the neighbors thought they smelled an electrical fire in their house?

Ok, I should preface this by saying that I am not a fan of those neighbors to begin with.  They have a cute little beagle that they tie up outside ALL day and never give any attention too.  The dog barks NON stop and after other people complaining, their solution?  Oh, just put a muzzle on the dog while he is tied up.  It’s horrible.

So the fact that they thought their house was on fire?  Scary and I am glad everything is ok.

BUT, the fact that 8 emergency service vehicle were outside my house running and talking loudly from 12-2 am, NOT ok and now it’s their fault I am tired and have a case of the crank.  The end.

If you try any of those workouts let me know what you think!



Today I got to get out and sweat some!  I have been really easing back into the running since the marathon so when I saw that today my schedule had me doing tempo repeats I was pumped!  Sure, it was shorter repeats but I still had at least 45 minutes of faster running to tackle!

The weather was perfect.  Shorts and a long sleeve.  Slightly overcast. Teeny tiny breeze.  Autumn at it’s finest.

For some reason I was lovin’ on my outfit today.  And not the outfit I wore to work, my running outfit!

Rogas? Check
Steamtown T? Check
New Mizunos? Check

the only thing is….I think that T-shirt whispered “95 seconds” a few times… I’m not sure?

I was loving the orange!  I don’t just made me happy, kind of like that run!

The workout wasn’t too complicated but I didn’t want to screw it up so just in case, I wrote it out on my hand 😛

please notice that braid.. I’m getting good!

I swear I was smiling ear to ear the entire time I ran.  It was the kind of run that was hard but not too hard and everything just felt perfect.  I was happy to be running and to just be alive.  cheesy but true.

I ran a little faster than I was supposed to but, like I said, I just felt so good!

After I finished running I took advantage of the warmish weather and walked the pups.  The trees near me are awesome and it just so happens that my favorite tree on today’s walk… ORANGE

I even had myself convinced that my favorite color might be orange.  It’s not. I think it’s pink.  No..yellow, definitely yellow.  NO GREEN, I forgot about green…

Is it bad that I don’t have a favorite color? I just like colors in general? The more colorful the better!

What’s your favorite color?