Real Life

I still don’t feel like this is real life.



With the weather being AMAZING lately I find myself feeling luckier and more grateful than ever.

I have been getting to spend time with the best little girl, and apparently future rower.



I have been helping athletes at the gym start to change their lives too.  seriously.  I have an athlete that just texted me this morning and told me she lost 10 inches in 10 days.  I am so SO proud of how hard some people have been working.  Not only in the gym but also in cleaning up their eating and taking care of themselves in general. I feel so inspired every day to see people who just a month ago started thinking they couldn’t lift any weights or do half the stuff I ask of them,  and then out of no where they are dead lifting 200 pounds and working their butts off and feeling great about what they are doing.  seriously. is this real life?


Saturdays have also become my favorite day of the week. I get to coach usually a REALLY fun WOD then I get to beat myself up with some awesome friends.




As for Sundays, they are still my day to relax and enjoy some time at home.  But to be honest….I don’t mind my home away from home 🙂




ps- Today is May 5th.  a day I will never ever everrrrr forget.  and go wish her a happy anniversary!


Monday Accomplishments

This morning I did a bit of spring cleaning.  Not the kind that makes my hands dirty and my armpits sweaty though. It was a cleaning of blogs.

I have like 4million in my Google reader right now but since I don’t have time to sit and read them like I used to, it just constantly says “567 Blogs Unread.”  That drives me nuts so today I went through and “unfollowed” a bunch of blogs that I started reading to kill time at my old job.  Ha.

Along with cleaning up my blogs I also took the plunge and transferred everything to Blog Lovin.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 6.59.43 AM


The change over was super super easy too.  I was able to connect my Reader account with Blog lovin and the blogs changed over instantly.  Since I haven’t had time to really play around with it I can’t give you my full opinion of it.  But I am hoping I will be able to fully navigate Blog Lovin before Google Reader stops working sometime this summer!

Along with changing over my blogs, I had a pretty-proud-of-myself PR at the gym today.


That felt like all the weight.  allllll of it ever.  It was 315 pounds.  boom

What’s your big Monday Accomplishment?




Lately Sundays mean the same thing to me.

Lots of meal prep:


This week is all about veggies.  Last week I don’t think one green, or any color, vegetable touched my lips.  This week I am working on balance in the Zone.

Girl time:


Serious BFF’s.  With matching shades.  And addictions to panera, shoes, shopping….all of it.  Love those girls so freaking hard.

Chihuahua Time:


Obviously Lola and Jake are having their own identity crisis’.  They are spending more time in Vice’s cage then on the couch.  I think it’s a sign I need to be home more.

My biggest weakness:


On Sunday I usually eat twizzlers TO MY FACE.  Seriously, it’s a horrible habit that I completely blame my mother for.  She loves twizzlers and passed that love onto me.

And last but not least time with J.  That kid is the best ❤


What’s your typical sunday like?


Personal Goals

Lately my saturday mornings consist of coaching then putting myself through tough workouts of my own.  My favorite part is the coaching though



I get to write WODs and then coach them.  Athletes of EVERY ability have been dropping by my box and it’s so awesome.  So many different skill levels but the one thing every person has in common is a desire to do better, desire to push themselves just a little harder, a desire to be the best they can be…. and THAT is what I love the most.

Along with coaching and help people reach their goals, I also have a few of my own. Now that I am not training for any races I do have a few things I have my sights set on.

Perfecting the one hand handstand


Not perfect…but getting there


Eating  Clean

zonedietI am trying the zone diet for a month.  I am allowing myself relaxed weekends where I don’t weigh and measure but during the week I am eating strictly 11 blocks.  There is a lot of science and math behind it actually.  Meal prepping on Sunday is a must but I am hoping it will help my performance in the gym.  Any questions on the zone PLEASE email me! I would love to help!

Icing and mobility


Lately any kind of jumping (think double unders and box jumps) kill me.  Well,  really they just kill my calves.  I think I have some tendon issues but icing and rolling is something I am being adamant about.  I am trying to be better with my overall mobility.  With how much I workout I have come to the realization that if I don’t take care of myself and do the necessary stretching and icing, I won’t be able to go at this pace forever.


I also have a big dead lift that I am chasing.  Not trying to jinx myself so I am not going to say what I am shooting for…big think big.


What are your goals these days?  TELL ME!


What life is like now

I am a runner.  I am a CrossFitter.  I do all those things.  Sometimes I do one more than the other but running is my roots.

And qualifying for Boston was one of my proudest moments ever.  EVER.   I will  run Boston next year and I am honored to do so.



Where have I been?  Some would say living the dream and um… Yep that’s about right.

I wake up every day and get to do what I love.   I get to play outside and I get to hang out with a great friend all the while hoping to make a difference in a few people’s lives.  I get to wear sweats or shorts or whatever the hell I feel like wearing.  I get to work out 2 times a day. I get to use my brain to program workouts and help people solve problems with exercise and stretching and weight loss.  yea, I’m SUPER lucky.


I get to be proud of not only a business but a lifestyle that I live.


I am even experimenting with my nutrition more than ever.  The Zone diet should make me super strong and buff…. at least that’s what I tell myself when I am weighing my food and meal prepping!



I am going to try to post more.  I think my life has calmed down a little and I should be able to be around more often!  Hope you stick around even though I’ve been SUPER MIA!


Big Pull

Well? What do you think?

If you didn’t understand my last post, my big secret was that I opened a CrossFit affiliate!  It was a long, looong process and a lot of waiting but SO worth it!  The past few weeks I went through every emotion and feeling that could possibly come with opening a gym but now that I am open, I am so amazed at how things worked out.


Besides being super busy and wishing for more hours in the day, I have made a few big gains in the gym myself lately!

That’s a 30 pound PR on my deadlift.  To say that’s huge for me is an understatement 😉

I also completed the most recent open WOD, 13.3 as well. Wall balls suck.  the end.

If you are interested in learning more about my box, definitely check out my website and facebook page!  I am super new to all of this when it comes to social media. I am trying to spread the word about my box opening so any suggestions are welcome!

What’s new with you!?


Recovery, Food and Relaxing

Well, what are your thoughts on 13.2?


My thoughts are that it was a sprint, it sucked and my calves are still killing me from the box jumps.  Not sure my deal lately, but any kind of jumping absolutely annihilates my calves.  It’s at a point of beyond sore and it’s painful.  I have been rocking compression socks but about 48 hours later and I am still in pain. What the F!

The rest of this weekend was spent in recovery mode.  Protein, glutamine and fish oil followed by some (not pictured) BCAA’s…what else am I missing from my recovery regimen?


I am not necessarily eating strict paleo, but I am trying to avoid grains and just eat clean.  I am also still rockin my 24 day challenge and feelin’ good!

meal planning

meal planning

homemade chicken cheese steaks minus the bun, extra fries ;)

homemade chicken cheese steaks minus the bun, extra fries 😉

Sunday came and I had a relaxing morning with the news, coffee and two very cute dogs!

sundayam1 sundaydogs

Then…something comepletely crazy happened sunday evening.  I wanted steak for dinner.  I know, who am I!? 

J and I went to the food store, got some steak and cooked it up!  With sautéed peppers and onions it was just what I wanted!


I am guessing I had been missing something in m diet for me to crave steak like that. I haven’t had red meat like that in a looooong time and I have never purchased and cooked a steak myself either!  Nuts!

Am I missing any key recovery supplements?  My calves and I will thank you for any additional suggestions!

How did you do on 13.2?

I wanted at least 7 rounds but got 8 plus 5 reps so I am happy with that!


Dreaming of…

The time change has got me all messed up.  Anyone else?

The darker morning, shorter night sleep and chilly morning has me dreaming of hot, sunrise runs…


…warm, lake side reading…


…and porch sitting.


Besides being a total crank this morning, I am still feeling pretty sore from 13.1 this weekend.  That’s a different 13.1 than I am used to.


What about you, did you 13.1 this weekend?


The other 13.1

Tell me you watched last night?  I mean, you had to have watched. It was awesome.  I clapped a bunch of times.  I even yelled at my computer.  It’s safe to say I was even giddy.

What am I talking about?  THE OPEN ANNOUNCEMENT! Duh.



I know I will never, ever compete in the games.  I can guarantee I won’t even make regionals.  But I can still participate in the Open and that is amazing.  People like Julie Foucher and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet are freakin’ killer and to think I will be doing the same WOD as them is pretty awesome in my opinion.

I registered for the open just because a friend did.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I figured I would play along, complete the workouts and was just very indifferent about it.  I wasn’t nervous or excited, I would just be doing some more WODs.  Well, something clicked last night and when the first WOD was announced I got all amped up. I got butterflies and felt a bit nervous about it!

Regardless of my reason for competing, I am still going to compete.  I won’t win money, I won’t be famous and I pretty much know I won’t have a better score than 90% of the people out there. But, I will be competing with myself.

I will be pushing myself. I will be testing my own limits.  Burpees suck.  Snatches are terrible and scare the shit out of me.  The idea of whipping a 75 pound bar above my head and then dropping underneath it as fast as possible….HELLO!!!! I could drop that and KILL MYSELF.  No, not really…. but that’s an irrational fear I have.

This open workout will help me compete against myself. It will help me test my own personal limits…push myself just a tad bit harder because I know it’s a formal competition.

Last year I ran and trained and trained and trained….all to eventually compete.  Since then, since December 2 I have been dedicating a lot of time and energy to CrossFit. I have been training and pushing myself and practicing techniques.

What do I have to lose by competing in the open?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing.  Same goes for you. If you are on the fence about registering…just do it. What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

How does it work?

There are 3 parts to the CrossFit competition. The open, regionals and the games.

The open is the awesome part where anyone, anywhere can compete.  All that is required is that you either complete the WOD at an affiliate that is registered to be a training facility or you can submit a video of yourself completing the workout.

If you make it through the open and are one of the top scoring athletes, regionals is the next step.  From there, if you do a stellar job and crush everyone, you go to the games.

I am planning on having fun with the open while still pushing myself and seeing where I stand.  It’s all about having fun!

And speaking of FUN… I did an at home workout yesterday that you might like!  If you try it out let me know what you think!


Last, but not least my new favorite spring addition to the house.


All those colors…that rug is so me 😉

Are you registered for the open? If not…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!