Run Update

If it hasn’t been obvious, I haven’t been doing any great runs lately.  I am really loving CrossFit and have been dedicating most of my workout time to throwing around some weights and practicing some technique things.  I try to fit in miles where I can but it’s not too high on my priority list.  Also, the runs I have been doing haven’t been leaving me feeling overjoyed or like it was kick-ass.

This week was a busy one for me.  But, that just means I am perfecting the task of multitasking.

2 nights this week while dinner was in the oven (yes, I cooked twice) I got some miles in on the treadmill.  It required me to set the alarm on my phone so I wouldn’t lose track of time but it worked out well.


Both of these runs were good.  They were both at a comfortable pace.  7 miles bouncing from 8:34 to 8:49 and 4 miles done as a progression…starting at 8:49 and finished the last 1/2 mile at 7:19 .

I am out of town this weekend- in Florida to be exact-which means I spent friday working then traveling. I planned to take friday as a rest day which meant I would hopefully get in a good, longer run Saturday morning.  I came prepared with my garmin and woke up alarm-less around 6.  Just as the sun was about to come up I laced up and headed out the door.

I knew for this run I wanted to go longer than I had been, I wanted to take it easy for the first half and even negative split if possible.  I didn’t obsessively check my watch but when I did I was shooting for 8:25’s.  I ran an out and back *to the beach 😉 * and decided on the way back I would run by feel, not what my watch says.

I am pleasantly surprised with how it went!


I am definitely stoked with this run.  I felt amazing the entire time.  I was worried I would be mega slow and not have the stamina to hit 10 miles.  Shows you how awesome CrossFit is 😀  I am glad I hit double digits and I love love loved running in shorts and a tank.  Makes me ready for spring!

I had some family things to tend to today but tomorrow I plan on getting my game face on like my favorite girl

ryann dance

…. and we are heading out tomorrow to go stalk Mickey 😉

What was the last run or workout you had that left you feeling amazing?



Run, Sun, Ray

This is what I wish I could still be doing

We all had a fun and tiring weekend!

Saturday morning I took my time before I headed out to long run.  It was cold so I was waiting for the sun to come up a little and warm things up.   I said I was aiming for 20ish miles or 3 hours.

I was a lot short on time and a little short on the mileage.  I got a ride to the start of my run and ran home. For some reason I just can’t run by my house and keep going.  I wish I would have pushed for that extra bit but it wasn’t happening.

Later in the day I did 3 more miles…nice and easy on a flat course to help loosen my legs some.  Overall I got 22 miles in for the day.

The first 19.11 were good.  It was chilly but I ran fast and felt good. I didn’t feel like I needed to push for the pace until the last few miles so I was happy with that.  In between the runs I made sure to ice, stretch, rehydrate and refuel.

After my runs were completed J and I hopped into the car and headed straight into the sun.  Seriously.  The sun was blinding and I was getting annoyed.

We headed down to Philly to see one of J’s favorite singers.

If you never heard Ray LaMontagne you are missing out. He is pretty chill but has an awesome raspy voice and is AMAZING live.  I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I should have because I was so so sooo tired from running.  J was a trooper and drove my sleepyass all the way home too.  I got a nice 2 hours snooze on the way home. Thanks J!

Sunday we went to pick up some decorations for Christmas.  We are trying to make our house the most awesome in the neighborhood so we are searching high and low for cool decorations.  I needed a Starbucks Christmas cup to help get me into the holiday spirit

Short week for me!  Is it Wednesday yet!?

Have you ever heard of Ray LaMontagne? 

Tell me a singer/band you think I need to listen to.


Puppies, a Ramble and a Princess

Great Morning to you! 🙂

How was your weekend!? Awesome I hope!

Pretty much all of my Saturday was dedicated to this guy

Meet Vice!

Saturday J and I drove about 2 hours to pick up our newest member of the family!  Once we had this little furball home we headed straight to the park..aka neutral grounds, to introduce him to Jake.  How did it go?

Jake hates him and wants to send him back.  I have faith that after a few long and really annoying days things will get better.  Lola doesn’t mind him though so we are 1 for 2.  Oh, and I pretty much love the shit out of him so he stays.  I win.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early. I had a LR + Race combo.  I needed to run 45 minutes prior to competing in a local 10K.  I drove about an hour to where the 10K was and met up with my SIL and dad to get the 45 minute run over with.

That picture is stolen from sHm but I love it!  I also LOVE when they bike with me while I run.  It makes the time go so fast.  Thanks guys 🙂

After I finished a little over 5 miles it was time to line up at the start of the River Ramble 5K and 10K.  I was definitely nervous starting this race because I wanted to race it.  I mean, last 10K I did was on gravel, in the rain and I didn’t love it.  I wanted to try to beat my time of 47:35….

I ran my face off.  I definitely pushed it but it was worth it!

I ended up coming in 4th female and 2nd in my age group.  I also cut 1:10 off my time and on a hilly course AND after I already ran 5 miles.  I will take it 🙂

I never really race races so it’s exciting for me to see what I can do and how I compare to others.

HUGE HUGE HUGE shoutout to my girl B who ran her first 10K, longest run ever AND kicked HUGE ASS doing so.  What an awesomely awesome day for her yesterday! So pumped for her!

clearly it was sunny

After the race I headed for breakfast with my 3 favorite girls!  Bacon, egg and cheese on bagels please!

I also had the pleasure of dining with the fabulous princess Ryann.

As for the rest of my Sunday, there was enough excitement in the first 5 hours to last me a week so I got home and died on the couch. I was so tired…and still am!  BUT, it was most certainly worth it!

Tell me, did you kick ass this weekend like B?  How about bring home a new furry family member?  Or dine with a real life Princess?


Ugly Pictures

I am convinced that I am the cutest and most photogenic person on earth. I am sure you will be too once you see the doozies I have for you…

Yesterdays run was tempo repeats.  Three 12 minute repeats averaging a 7:20-7:40 pace. Overall goal was to negative split.  Between the warm up, cool down and each repeat it was almost a 70 minute run.

cutest photogenic picture #1

pink headband with matching pink jacket. not planned I swear

by the end of the run, the color of my face matched the headband and jacket.

 That was definitely not an easy run but I didn’t want to die when it was over. I also made sure to negative spit – 7:34, 7:27, 7:15

I think next time I will try to not go as slow on the first one, too much steam left at the end.

This morning I was up at an ungodly hour to squeeze in some cardio and strength before work. Cute picture #2

I am so cute

I don’t workout with my glasses on but it takes me the entire 40 minute ride to the gym to wake up. I literally roll out of bed, put gym clothes on, let dogs out and leave.  I should probably note that I am lucky and have a gym at work so once I am done with my workout I just walk up 4 flights of stairs and then I am at work.

This morning was the elliptical for 30 minutes.  Thank goodness for my new favorite song and the new Runners World…those are the only two things that got me through this morning!

I also completed a workout from the Hotmess herself.

The only change was I added push ups instead of planks.  After I completed that I also did about 8 minutes of additional core work.  Sweat fest this morning for sure.  Thanks samHotmess for an ass kicking!

You are welcome for the beautiful pictures of my face.

Good luck to undecided2 and TeamRichmond this weekend!  There is so much running stuff going on this weekend I am already geeking out over it!


Not rocking the runs

Good morning!!

Quiet Saturday around these parts.  Yesterday was a long but successful day!  But first…let me update you on that hill workout I did…

This was the workout…

10 minute warm up
2 x 30second @5K pace with 1:30 easy jog
8 x 3:30 @ 7:00-7:15 at 5% incline with 3:30 walk/jog at 1% incline
10 minute cool down

That pace alone, for 3:30 isn’t too bad. BUT…throw in a 5% incline and it’s basically a death wish.  I did it.  Every.Single.One.  I completed the 7 mile workout with each repeat at 7:08 pace and a 5% incline.  I left the workout feeling defeated. It was really hard. REALLY hard.  I even had a stranger at the gym ask if I was ok. Oh, sorry sir…was my gasping for air too loud?

I emailed my coach about it telling him I did the workout but it was hard and I was upset with how hard it was.  He told me he looked at my training and I did this EXACT workout 3 weeks before Steamtown except last time I did each repeat at 7:13 pace and now it was 7:08. I guess I should be happy with that, right?

Yesterday was a long but awesome day.  I ran around to the food store and home and then back to the food store one more time. I cooked and cleaned and didn’t take many pictures but trust me, it was a good day.  I made meatballs, lasagna and two 2-tiered cakes! Why two? Oh, because the first time I burnt the shit out of it.  Martha Stewart in training here.

Final product…it even tasted good too!

Regardless, I still think I did an OK job.  Even my brother, who is a tough critic, approved of the lasagna and that was my goal!

My whole family came to celebrate Sam and it was really nice to hang….even though they were an hour late and I might have been pissy about it 😉

That picture is very fitting since she is the owner of my favorite blog.  GO AND READ IT!

Today I was really looking forward to my first rest day in 2 weeks…WRONG.  I had a 40 minute tempo run to do and then some core work. That’s why my coach is in charge..he knows what he is doing!

15 min warm up
20 min 7:20-7:40 pace
5 min cool down

I am ok with that.  Again, not a run where I felt like I rocked it…. I haven’t had really any of those lately. But I did it nonetheless. My pace was in the middle of the goal range and I usually like to have it at the faster end but I just didn’t have it in me today.  After I ran I did the plank workout from this girl. I definitely felt those muscles working! Try it!

Tomorrow is the longest run I have had in a while.  I really could use a “holy shit i love running and i am so good at it you should just start calling me Kara Goucher” run, so lets hope tomorrow is the day…



Today I got to get out and sweat some!  I have been really easing back into the running since the marathon so when I saw that today my schedule had me doing tempo repeats I was pumped!  Sure, it was shorter repeats but I still had at least 45 minutes of faster running to tackle!

The weather was perfect.  Shorts and a long sleeve.  Slightly overcast. Teeny tiny breeze.  Autumn at it’s finest.

For some reason I was lovin’ on my outfit today.  And not the outfit I wore to work, my running outfit!

Rogas? Check
Steamtown T? Check
New Mizunos? Check

the only thing is….I think that T-shirt whispered “95 seconds” a few times… I’m not sure?

I was loving the orange!  I don’t just made me happy, kind of like that run!

The workout wasn’t too complicated but I didn’t want to screw it up so just in case, I wrote it out on my hand 😛

please notice that braid.. I’m getting good!

I swear I was smiling ear to ear the entire time I ran.  It was the kind of run that was hard but not too hard and everything just felt perfect.  I was happy to be running and to just be alive.  cheesy but true.

I ran a little faster than I was supposed to but, like I said, I just felt so good!

After I finished running I took advantage of the warmish weather and walked the pups.  The trees near me are awesome and it just so happens that my favorite tree on today’s walk… ORANGE

I even had myself convinced that my favorite color might be orange.  It’s not. I think it’s pink.  No..yellow, definitely yellow.  NO GREEN, I forgot about green…

Is it bad that I don’t have a favorite color? I just like colors in general? The more colorful the better!

What’s your favorite color?


Because I can’t stop obsessing

Remember I said I wasn’t sleeping well?  Apparently this weekend has been on my mind a lot more than I expected!

When J came to bed last night, a good 3 hours after me, I asked him what the results were…

G: What are the results?
J: What are you talking about
G (clearly sleeping):What are the results?!?!

Apparently I am a mean sleep talker…. After he refreshed my memory, I have no idea what I was dreaming about I remember that conversation.  I also remember being so annoyed he didn’t understand me and that quickly turning into me being really embarrassed because I didn’t understand me.

I have been waiting for the race to post photos from this weekend and today was that day.  Needless to say I am not the prettiest or most photogenic when I am running.

Exhibit A

I look terrified.  Either someone jumped out of a bush and scared me or I just sharted…one of the two.

Exhibit B

The finish line….Why is my jaw just hanging open.  Every picture taken in the last 2 miles look the same.
Apparently when you bonk you lose all control of your face…all of it

And one more example of a lifeless jaw.  I am apparently really sad at mile 18 too.

I keep going back and looking at the results hoping there was a HUGE error and acccctually, the course was too long and the 26.2 miles I ran got me qualified.  Ha.

nothing changed…

18/116 age group 25-29 women

488/1957 finishers

I am also agonizing over my splits.

I like the way that looks!  even around mile 20/21 I was nice and strong……

and then

ok I am done now.


What to wear

So far so good! I am no worse ( or better) than I was yesterday so that’s a good thing I guess!  I am still downing extra water and vitamin C like a champ!

I am still obsessing about the weather too.  I am hoping for the best, but I need to be prepared to get wet.  This is making my race day outfit decision a tough one.   I had planned on wearing shorts, throw away long sleeve and a tank underneath.  Well….now this whole “48 and 50% chance of rain” threw me for a loop.

I went to this site on Runner’s World and you can conveniently enter in the predicted weather and they will tell you what to wear.

I am not sure about the vest.  Usually my body is the one thing that gets extra warm and my arms freeze.   I have also been reading a bunch of forums about running in the rain.  One thing that I found REALLY helpful was pinning my bib to my pants.  BRILLIANT.  I was concerned about bib placement because if I ended up throwing away my top layer, then I would need my bib underneath.  But then what if I didn’t throw away my top layer….. then you couldn’t see my bib and that means no photos.  Uhhh. clearly I need proof that I finished marathon #3.

As of right now I am planning on everything in the above photo, minus the vest.  I am sure that will change 10342 times, just like the forecast will.

Last night I ran a shorter-than-normal tempo run.  I was told, for the main set, to run 4 sets of 3 minutes holding a 7:15-7:30 pace.  I am given the option to run this on the treadmill to ensure I can keep the pace.  I have been concerned about pacing myself lately.  I do NOT want to go out to fast and die.  So I hit the streets for this one.

“Laps” 3, 5, 7 and 9 were the main set.  7:19, 7:14, 7:18. 7:16.  Boomshakalaka.  I liked that one.  I definitely sweat my balls off with the freak 76 degree and 100% humidity weather.  but I liked it!

I plan on still obsessively checking the weather and the forums on what to wear, but I wouldn’t mind your opinion too!

Please tell me….. what would you wear or in your past experiences what do you wish you wore?