Photos and Busy Week Advice

Busy but successful weekend.  I spent much needed and loved time with my family.


Niece, Brother, Brother's Hair

Niece, Brother, Brother’s Hair


The Girls

The Girls

I was welcomed home with some snow and a pretty messy ride into work but I am not letting that ruin my day!  Today begins the first day of a 4 day streak of 15 hour days.  I am hoping for the best this week.  Even though my weekend was busy, I feel full of love and happiness after spending time with my most favorite people on earth (minus 1- J ❤  ).

How do you mentally deal with knowing you have a crazy week ahead?


ps- Today J and I have been dating for 2 whole years.  That’s like 14 in dog years 😉   Check out my gushy post I wrote last year!


What worked and What’s next

I arrived in Sacramento 2 days before the marathon.  The day before the race was spent at the hotel, shopping at the expo, studying the course elevation chart and properly fueling with pizza, coffee, nuun and tons of water.


I was really worried about flying and becoming dehydrated during the race.  Luckily making sure I alternated between Nuun and water worked out perfectly and there were no issues!

You already know how I did in the race.  But the more I think about it the more I can’t get over how much of a good run with was.  Sure I was in a race situation with crappy weather but I am talking about the run itself.  The 26.2 miles went by so fast.  Thinking back I definitely would have done EVERYTHING the same except for breaking off when I did.  Next time I would push it harder a little earlier.

The top things I did right this time?

+Proper nutrition and hydration
+Following the pacer and listening to his advice
+Focus on form – especially leaning from my ankles
+Staying in the mile and not thinking about the next 1, 2, 10…whatever it was
+Confidence- TRUST my training and the work I put in to get there

I am still on cloud 9.  I have not run, exerted myself or even sweat an ounce since the run.  I am giving myself the rest that I need but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to get the itch to run.

After the race I was SUPER sore.  Like….ice my ankles, knees, everything hurts kind of sore.  But I didn’t care. I was too busy staring at my medal and watch 🙂


The rest of my time in California was spent hanging with my family and doing all the touristy things possible.



photo 5 (22)

Fair warning that there will be many more pictures and collages to come.  My dad had his camera glued to his face the entire vacation so as soon as I get a hold of his memory card, they are all mine!

What’s next?

Definitely some well deserved time off.  I am looking forward to a more laid back schedule…or no schedule really…for the rest of the year.
I am excited to start throwing some weights around in CrossFit and really seeing what I can do there.

As for the running scene?  I am already drooling over a faster half marathon time and perhaps…. a 50k?!


Run, Sun, Ray

This is what I wish I could still be doing

We all had a fun and tiring weekend!

Saturday morning I took my time before I headed out to long run.  It was cold so I was waiting for the sun to come up a little and warm things up.   I said I was aiming for 20ish miles or 3 hours.

I was a lot short on time and a little short on the mileage.  I got a ride to the start of my run and ran home. For some reason I just can’t run by my house and keep going.  I wish I would have pushed for that extra bit but it wasn’t happening.

Later in the day I did 3 more miles…nice and easy on a flat course to help loosen my legs some.  Overall I got 22 miles in for the day.

The first 19.11 were good.  It was chilly but I ran fast and felt good. I didn’t feel like I needed to push for the pace until the last few miles so I was happy with that.  In between the runs I made sure to ice, stretch, rehydrate and refuel.

After my runs were completed J and I hopped into the car and headed straight into the sun.  Seriously.  The sun was blinding and I was getting annoyed.

We headed down to Philly to see one of J’s favorite singers.

If you never heard Ray LaMontagne you are missing out. He is pretty chill but has an awesome raspy voice and is AMAZING live.  I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I should have because I was so so sooo tired from running.  J was a trooper and drove my sleepyass all the way home too.  I got a nice 2 hours snooze on the way home. Thanks J!

Sunday we went to pick up some decorations for Christmas.  We are trying to make our house the most awesome in the neighborhood so we are searching high and low for cool decorations.  I needed a Starbucks Christmas cup to help get me into the holiday spirit

Short week for me!  Is it Wednesday yet!?

Have you ever heard of Ray LaMontagne? 

Tell me a singer/band you think I need to listen to.


Because I can’t stop obsessing

Remember I said I wasn’t sleeping well?  Apparently this weekend has been on my mind a lot more than I expected!

When J came to bed last night, a good 3 hours after me, I asked him what the results were…

G: What are the results?
J: What are you talking about
G (clearly sleeping):What are the results?!?!

Apparently I am a mean sleep talker…. After he refreshed my memory, I have no idea what I was dreaming about I remember that conversation.  I also remember being so annoyed he didn’t understand me and that quickly turning into me being really embarrassed because I didn’t understand me.

I have been waiting for the race to post photos from this weekend and today was that day.  Needless to say I am not the prettiest or most photogenic when I am running.

Exhibit A

I look terrified.  Either someone jumped out of a bush and scared me or I just sharted…one of the two.

Exhibit B

The finish line….Why is my jaw just hanging open.  Every picture taken in the last 2 miles look the same.
Apparently when you bonk you lose all control of your face…all of it

And one more example of a lifeless jaw.  I am apparently really sad at mile 18 too.

I keep going back and looking at the results hoping there was a HUGE error and acccctually, the course was too long and the 26.2 miles I ran got me qualified.  Ha.

nothing changed…

18/116 age group 25-29 women

488/1957 finishers

I am also agonizing over my splits.

I like the way that looks!  even around mile 20/21 I was nice and strong……

and then

ok I am done now.


One more emo post

I had to leave work early yesterday.  Seriously.

The combination of pms, exhaustion and confusion got to me and I was that girl trying to pretend I was yawning and that’s why there were tears streaming down my face. “I swear, it was a yawn, not me obsessing over 90 seconds.”

I am full of emotion.  I go from one extreme to the next.  I am pissed and eager to get running.  I am sad that I have been talking about this race since January, 10 months ago…and something like a rookie mistake of not properly fueling is what (I believe) held me from reaching my goal.
I know that I am new to marathon running.  This was #3.  My first two experiences were all about simply crossing the finish line.  This one meant more to me.  This one I was running to reach a goal.  A big PR and BQ.  Yes, I hit one of two goals and I will eventually be super proud and happy with that, but it will take time.  That’s fair, at least in my book.

I am not saying a 3:36:35 marathon is bad.  HELL NO.  If you told me at the end of last year that I would run a marathon anywhere in the 3:30’s I would have told your you’re crazy.  I never thought that I would be able to pull those kind of numbers.

Despite what my feet say, that’s an 8:06 pace around mile 17

This race…this whole training cycle really…has turned me into a believer.  I know I can BQ.  I have it in me.  And I swear I will be done obsessing and stop with these super emo posts soon.

I learned a lot about junk miles and how they can do more harm than good.
I learned how crucial cross-training is.
Whether I like it or not, I also learned that my body can’t handle high-intensity and high-mileage.

In a perfect world I would be able to run 50 mile weeks and go to CrossFit 3 times a week.  I am no Emily though, my body can’t handle that much and it showed.  When I started to focus on running, working with a coach, working towards one goal of running a fast marathon I started to notice the difference. I was able to reach the paces I needed during workouts.  Being able to run for 2 hours was never my problem.  Being able to run for 2 hours at a pace that is uncomfortable for me was my problem.  After Sundays performance, I can definitely say I am able to run at an uncomfortable pace for a lot longer than I ever thought possible.

Somewhere around mile 20

Like I said, yes this is only marathon #3… but another HUGE difference with this compared to the other 2 I have run?

I am itching to get back out there

For my other races, before I even crossed the finish line I was saying I will never EVER do another marathon and I have no desire to run ANYTIME soon.

Not this one.  I have unfinished business.  There is a fire lit under my ass.  Less than 48 hours later and I am already searching for what my next marathon will be, new sneakers have already been ordered and I am doing everything I can to help recover from the race so I can get out there and run.  Not even for time or a pace… I just love to run.  And I am looking forward to my next run, already.

A painful everything won’t allow me to run for a few days weeks I don’t know how long.  I did an easy swim yesterday and plan the same thing today. My knees, quads and even toe nails are still in pain.  yes, pain, not just achy…pain.  But I am doing anything I can to speed up the recovery process.  I won’t rush it because staying healthy and not getting injured is my number one priority right now.

But I am ready.  I am ready to run, to sweat…and I am ready for redemption.



Happy Friday 🙂

Today was a good, yet uneventful day for GM.  I started today by bringing back an old favorite….an early morning run!

I planned on running outside but the threat of rain and me melting kept me inside.  It was a good run though!  easy 45 minutes and 5 miles later I had to get ready for work.  Even though I wasn’t outside it was still nice to have company!

Hi Jim!

After work I got to see my BFF for lunch. It had been way too long since I saw her!  

The rest of my afternoon was nice and quiet!  Since I had my run out of the way nice and early I got to come home and nap, do laundry, get some weekend cleaning over with and finally hang a few pictures that I have been procrastinating on.

Now….I’m bored 😛  I will be spending the rest of the evening with the pups and some magazines.  Fast, longish run tomorrow that I need to be prepared for!  Any exciting plans for the night?

Have a great weekend!



Hi!   I hope your Friday is going just peachy.  Jbone and I just got done doing a ton of work at the house.  I can’t wait to move it!  It will still be a little while until we are in the house but it is going to be so awesome once we are in!

I did a LOT of sweating today.  Between running, crossfit and busting my butt at the house, I am still on my mission to stay hydrated.

Water, Nuun and Amino Acid Fruit Punch

Tonight, before working on the house we celebrated a birthday.  Since I suck at this whole taking pictures thing I didn’t get any shots of the birthday girl.  oops.  I did, however, get two other awesome Instagram pics. Have I mentioned my love for instagram?

Tomorrow I have a busy day!  HOPEFULLY a long, slow run that reminds me how much I love running, house painting, CrossFit and some more house painting!  While J enjoys a few of these….

Lemonade Beer?! AMAZING!

….I am off to pass out in clean sheets!