As most blogs go…I’m your average twentysomething that is starting this blog to keep myself on track.  2012 came and I decided that I have been dedicated to working out for a few years but NEVER kept track of my workouts…. I am hoping to change that this year….  Lets see if blogging about it can hold me responsible for tracking workouts and progress!

Ask anyone that knows me and they would tell you I am committed to exercise, especially running.  I run around 4 days a week and try to incorporate weights 2-3 times a week too.  There is the occasional spin class here and there.  I have two hyper chihuahuas that I try and walk a bunch too.

Princess Lola and Sir Jake

I grew up playing soccer. Field hockey eventually became my sport of choice.  When I no longer played an organized sport I took up running.  Love at first… step? I love to run. In general, I just really like exercise I guess.

I have done a bunch of half marathons (I never kept track…see what I mean!) and two marathons.  I am most proud of the fact that I ran 26.2  miles…TWICE…FOR FUN!  who AM I!

My fastest half marathon is 1:53 at the 2010 MORE womens half marathon. 1:42:01 at the 2012 St. Luke’s Half Marathon.  This was done a day after finishing my first ever CrossFit class so needless to say I was sore as heck!

2010 Marathon final time: 4:12

2011 Marathon final time: 4:06 <—- GETTING BETTER!

2012 Steamtown Marathon final time 3:36:35 – damn you 95 seconds (recap here)

I spend way more time with my family than most 26 year olds and I love it.  We are all super close and I might definitely pride myself on that.  I date an amazing dude and pretty much think I have a rad life!   I hope you follow along and enjoy 🙂

If you needed to send me love letters, you can do so to gmruns@gmail.com !!


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