Weekend Things

Not a whole lot of sweating going on over here!  It’s so weird not having a schedule to follow. There is no core work I have to do, no runs I need to fit in.  I am having a hard time adjusting to be honest!  I am a super scheduled person and having time the option to do whatever I want almost causes anxiety!

Saturday I went for my first run post marathon.  My knees are acting up and are super swollen still.  The run felt nice to sweat and move but even though I only did an easy 30 minutes my knees still hurt by the last little bit.  I am hoping that continuing to ice and rest will help.

What have I been doing in my free time?  This weekend I had an afternoon brew with J because….well, just because I can!


I am also loving all the Christmas lights in my neighborhood.  This particular house probably has every lawn ornament known to man.  Seriously


I have also been catching up with family and friends.  Since I was so strict to my schedule while training, it’s nice to be a little more laid back and enjoy the down time.  Last night J and I went to his parents for chicken pot pie, one of my favorite dinners his mom makes!  Yum!


And finally, I thought it would be fun to share how romantic J is.  This is a card I received from him before I headed out west.  That boy and his charm 😉

photo 3 (62)

Tonight I am teaching a WOD and hopefully will find the motivation to get some weight training in myself.  But…since I am taking this month relaxed and unstructured I will try not to be too hard on myself if I decide to take a rest day for the 1232th day in a row 😛

What did you do this weekend?



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