Photobombing Ballerina

Happy Hump Day!

There is nothing better than lunch at home.  I mean, there ARE better things than lunch at home but today, lunch at home was perfect!

I had a fairly busy day at work today and we got some snow/slush in the area so of course i was nervous to drive home and die so I skipped lunch at work to finish a few things up and get home early.  I got home and was Hangry!

Peanut butter and cut up apple on toast?  yes please!

I also had a cup of new coffee I bought the other day.  Folgers gourmet Vanilla Biscotti.  I would for sure buy it again! I generally like flavored coffee and this is super flavorful!

I just got an email from Brightroom photography. They were the photographers at the Disney Princess Half marathon this past weekend.  In fact, I think it’s safe to say they were the photographers at most large races I ever competed in!

Anyways, I got an email saying my race pictures were ready.  The one I was really looking forward to was one of my mom, Sam and myself in front of the castle.  I can’t find it though!  WTFrenchToast!?  I will keep searching.    I did, however, find these gems…


Clearly I was a photobombing ballerina in that race.  Mam between me and my mom, you are welcome for that first picture 😉

This morning I woke up late.  Instead of 5 miles I got 4 in.  I am headed to body pump now.  Since the class is so busy and I have to get there days an hour in advance, I am hoping to bang out at least 2 more miles on the treadmill.

Hope you have a good rest your hump day 😛




Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Remember that time I ran with the roomsters dog and she decided to stop running?  You would have thought I learned my lesson.  Nope.

I got home from work and was anxious to get out in the sun!

Koda (roomsters pup) and I set out for a nice, easy 5 mile run.  A run that the pup has completed before.  About 1/2 a mile in she was done.  I fought with her for a little while then gave up.  We attempted at running home.  no.  Then we attempted walking home.  no.  Instead… I had to draaagggg her for a few blocks.  That’s fun and not embarrassing at all.

Clearly the only logical thing to do at this point would be to cry out of frustration.  Gosh, I am just so rational sometimes.

After fighting for a mile and finally getting Koda inside I headed out for a redo.  Total, I think I did about 5.5 miles.  Once I got going and I calmed down a little it felt really good.  Someone please remind of this incident next time I try to run with a dog.  Any dog really.  I give up 😛

Tonight I am staying in.  This is a big deal for me because during the week I am usually REALLY busy.  Not tonight. Internet, books and catching up on a few shows is where it’s at tonight!

I also got to facetime with my favorite girl!

Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting for a little while so I got to chat with the baby for a couple of minutes.  “Hi” was the extent of our conversation.  A LOT of ‘hi’s.  Man do I love that baby!  It was nice talking to my mom too!

I am off to hang with the pups for a little while then probably gonna get to bed early!  Another 5 miles planned for the morning!


Back On Track

Happy Monday Tuesday!!!

For me, it feels like Monday.  But.. TRICKED ya, already Tuesday!  That’s always a nice thing!

I am not happy that I am back from vacation, but I am a person that likes a schedule and a routine.  So it’s nice to be back to my normal routine today!

While I was on vacation I indulged…a lot

I mean, I am not even exaggerating a little when I say that I had french fries every day.  Burger and fries or salad and fries…

Now that I am back home and back to my normal routine, I am getting back to my healthy eating habits.  Chobani, cottage cheese and fruit galore!  I am hoping that I can maintain my healthy eating so much so that I drop a couple of pounds (not much) and help get a little speedier. it doesn’t hurt that I am in my bff’s wedding in a few short months either.

Not only did I over indulge in food while on vacation, but I also shopped till I dropped too much money.  So now I need to get back on track with my spending too.  I don’t regret it though… how could you not want to shop your face off with this creeper  girl.

After work I am planning on a run outside and taking the dogs to the park! For now, I leave you with this insanely cute picture.

Have a fantabulous day 🙂


Smart Coach


I said that when I got back from vacation I would try and train smart.  What better way than to use a SMART coach app on my phone?!  Duh!

These were the options I chose :

Train 31-35 miles a week

Half Marathon time 1:49 ( that is my goal)

6 week training plan (race is on April 15)

Long runs on Sunday

Overall it looks like 3 days of easy runs (9:00 pace or slower), One speed day and one long run day.  I also plan on fitting in 2 days of Body Pump and HOPEFULLY yoga.   I am hoping to stick to this.  6 weeks.  That’s it.  I can do 6 weeks of anything!  Lets see if I can accomplish my goal and NOT overdo it!

Today was a rest day.  Tomorrow I will do an easy 5  miles.  I am going to try and stick to the plan as much as possible but make exceptions for nice days when I want to run a little longer than planned.  As long as I stay close to the scheduled milage but on the right pace, I will be happy!

Wish me luck  😛



Home sweet home!

Typically, I would say that being on vacation is nice, but it’s always nice to come home.  Weird…not this time.  I don’t know if it’s because vacation was too short or too busy or I am not looking forward to work tomorrow….either way I wish I was still in Disney World!

Here are some pictures from vacation and the race!

Note sHm's love for Tarzan and Cindy's awkwardness

Waiting for Buzz!

like father like daughter

When all was said and done we were all exhausted!

All in all it was a great vacation!  Special thanks to the great family and amazing dude that made it super 🙂


Perfectly Exhausted


Jesse, Pocahottie and Cinderella had a blast

And finished

And now… I need a vacation from my vacation.

The race was great!  We ran 13.1 FUN miles.  No pressure.  No time to worry about.  Just run.  Enjoy the sights.  Laugh.  Perfect.

I mean, I even saw Woody!!

And now I need to catch a flight home.  Whirlwind vacation at its finest.  I will share more about the vacation when I get back home!

See ya in PA!


We’re having fun, I swear

Greetings from the most MAGICAL place on earth!

WE’RE HERE!  Finally 😎

Yesterday we ate walked our faces off.  We explored Epcot for a LONG time.  We left Epcot, went back to Epcot, walked a lot and now….we’re tired.  Totally worth it though!

Doesn’t it look like we are having fun?

Jface and I are known to not make nice smiley faces when taking pictures.  EVER expcept for just this once. Yesterday he wanted to try something new.  I mean, I think it’s funny but I don’t see it sticking around for too long… funny faces are way better 😛

We had planned on staying out later than normal last night but we were both beat.  Bed was calling our names around 9.

Yesterday was such a success…. I even got some sun!!!  Now we are hanging out waiting for the rest of the bunch to go to the expo! Can’t wait to see all the Princesses 😀


Smarter and She’s off

Hi Friends!

First, I have to share with you this AWESOME website I found the other day. Athlinks is a website…more of a database, that keeps track of times from different races.  Not every race is on there, but pretty dang close.  I was able to look at my time from my first ever race in 2006.  Its pretty awesome.

I have been thinking about my training lately.  I have a pretty solid base, but I don’t think I am training smart.  I don’t follow a set schedule, I don’t make sure I get key runs in every week (in my brain, the key runs are long, speed, hills and recovery).   I definitely get the longerish runs in but I am not strict about the others.  I think lately a majority of my runs have been hard runs.  That’s not training smart.

In order to be faster, I need to train smarter.  Starting next week (remember, I am a fan of fresh start Monday) I am going to try to come up with a training plan and stick to it.  It will give me the weekend to go over it 50 billion times and revise it 45 more times.

I want to keep a long run on the weekend but also include running to the track for speed work, a hill day (and there are plenty of hills around where I live), an easy day and a day to run how I feel.

I like to run, that’s no secret, but I also like to see progress.  I think at the rate I am going with my training, I won’t see much progress unless I do it smarter.

I will for sure keep you in the loop and share my final workout plan once it’s completed.

As for now…. I am off to make a repeat performance of this….

See you in Orlando 🙂



This afternoon was a great start to my vacation!   I met momma bear for a fresh mani and then went home and napped.  Not long because Lola is the loudest snorer ever other than jbone.

I headed to the gym for body pump.  Hurt so good.  I had some time to kill before class so I did 2 miles on the treadmill.  I think I sweat WAY more than normal.  It must be my body’s way of getting ready for some sun 😉

I got home and had a few last-minute touches to make on my costume for my race.   I know I didn’t say WHO I was being yet but…. I am the dumbest EVER and had to share.  This will give it away but it’s worth it.

I was very PROUDLY working on my costume, working away when the roomster pointed something out to me.   What’s wrong with this picture?

Now I am going to spend the next few hours minutes thinking about how I can fix my big DUH and finish the last of the white cat 🙂

I love vacation already, and we haven’t even started the good stuff yet!


Game Face

Guess what?!?!


my "Eff-yea-no-more-work" face

Yesterday afternoon I was a tired bear.   I got home and planned on napping but knew I would wake up a cranky B.  So instead I hung out with my Besties.  The only reason I gave my dogs human names is so I don’t look completely weird when I tell people I spend all my time with Jake and Lola.

Seriously, look at how cute those suckers are!

For our walk I brought along some coffee since I skipped my nap.

You need to try the french toast coffee if you have a Keurig.  Dude, so delish.

After my walk yesterday I went for a run.   I let the house with no watch or phone and didn’t even notice the time when I left.  I went a completely new route and just ran.  It felt so nice.  I don’t know how slow or fast I went, but that was the point.  Just to run… No pressure, no time, no music…just run.   CLEARLY I am a freak and had to know how far I went so I mapped it out as soon as I got home.  4.5 miles.  Thats the perfect in between distance for days when I just want a nice easy run.

This morning I woke up and did speed work on the treadmill.  I did five 800’s.  After 2 I was like “wow, this is nice, I think I will do 6.”  After 3 I was like ” KILL ME, MAKE IT STOP.”  I met in the middle and completed 5 800’s.   With warm up, cool down and the walking in between the sprinting, I did a little over 4 miles.

I used to do  speed work at a track with one of the best coaches ever.  We were hardcore.  She always pushed me to my max and I think it really helped me a ton!  We live farther away from each other now so it isn’t possible, but I am hoping that next week I can make it to the track to do some speed work OUTSIDE.

I am gonna go get my vacation on.  And I guess I should start packing!

Body pump is on the agenda for tonight!  Followed by the celebratory vacation brew or two 🙂