Saturday Fun

Today was perfect!  Since I have my long run tomorrow I had the morning to sleep in.  At a late 7:00 I woke up and refused to do anything other than drink coffee and lay on the couch for a good 2 hours.  It was great.  Once I got the motivation to get moving I made some chocolate chip zucchini bread.  I used the recipe from Busy Little Beaver!  Other than adding chocolate chips I used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.

After doing a few things around the house and hanging with the pups, J and I headed to a local casino for Forks and Corks!

With booths offering different food and drinks, we walked around and hung out for a few hours.  The weather was perfect!  It was chilly enough to feel like fall with only a couple of clouds in the sky.  We also got to spend time with good friends so there were lots of laughs!

good friends and good weather

As for tonight, we are hanging in.  I am not too happy with this but tomorrow morning is my LAST long run before race day. EEEE!!!  I am nervous and excited and stressed all in one!  I can’t wait for the race to be here!  Tomorrow’s run is short compared to what I am used to…only 1 hour.  But I get to run a little faster than normal so I am looking forward to it!  I need tomorrow’s run to be GREAT.  I think it will really help my confidence for next Sunday.

I have also been stalking the weather.  Race day is officially in the 10 day forecast! I know it will change at least 10343 times between now and then, but so far so good!

After my run tomorrow I plan on cheering on local competitors at the Pocono Ironman!

Tell me one fun thing you did/plan on doing this weekend!



Cry baby and Note taking

Yesterday there was something wrong with me.  Seriously.

It started at 10 when I had already consumed way too many calories and my stomach was still grumbling.  legit.  I could hear it.  If you follow me on twitter you know I was also craving meatballs. and donuts.  Not together.  Luckily Jbone’s mom asked us to come by for dinner and guess what was on the menu.  MEATBALLS!

What else was wrong with me?  I was being super sensitive.

This is how it went down…

GM on her last set of planks for scheduled core work and J walks in.

J: “G, your butt is too high watch your form”  (this was a very innocent comment and he was just looking out for me)

Me: *finish my plank and lay there without saying a word

J: “G, what’s wrong?”

Me: “JUST STOP PICKING ON ME!” And then I proceeded to cry as I ran upstairs

seriously.  Taper at its finest.  I can’t workout as hard or as much as I would like to.  I am used to getting some serious sweat sessions in during the week and it is not happening.  That is screwing with my mind and my confidence. Aka I feel like a big fat fatty.  good thing i ate all of the food yesterday than too

Even though I was a bit cray-cray yesterday, J still loves me.  I mean, look at these rhymes and awesome artwork I get to come home to

Truth be told, I love coming home to his notes.  If he is in a rush or forgets to leave me something in the morning, I get so bummed!  Thanks J ❤

This morning I had a speed session planned.  The past few weeks I have been busting my ass doing Yasso 800’s but at around a5.5% incline.  Today. FLAT!

They felt SO easy. I never though I would say that running 3:25 800’s would feel easy.  I guess that’s what happens when you are used to killer hills!

During my repeat workouts I am often pushing myself and I am not able to concentrate like I should.  I am lucky I can remember to put one foot in front of the other let alone keep track of what number repeat I am on.  So I usually take notes on my phone.

I started taking notes just to remember what repeat I was on but then eventually had to remember the pace, incline and what time I needed to start my next repeat so my notes got a little more detailed.  You can see (bottom right) that todays workout was FLAT and FAST!  Just what I like!

I am seriously itching to run. I want to sweat and run hard.  Hopefully the awesome combo of PMS and taper doesn’t make J kill me.  We have fun things planned for the weekend and although I don’t know what my long run will look like, I am hoping I can push the speed a little!

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A friend sent me this a while back.  I was just reminded of it again today.  It’s 6 minutes.  Just watch it


Putting on repeat until race day

T-12 days

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, Then you will be successful”



First things first…   Erin, Please email me to so we can get you your goodies 🙂

You know what sucks?  That little voice in the back of your head.  Do you have one of those?  You know, the one that is like….”ohhh girl you cray cray thinking you can touch a sub 3:45 marathon.”  Oh, you don’t have one of those?


Well, I have one.  And IT WON’T SHUT THE HELL UP.  I don’t know what triggered it.  But last night something clicked and I am in complete freakout mode.

seriously though.  The past few weeks I have been ok.  I know that my goal race is getting closer but I also know that I have made the effort.  That I have done the training and the hard work.  Now I need to rest my legs and more than anything  mentally prepare for the race.

Last night the taper hit me.  I emailed my coach.  Homeboy loves me and my freak out emails.  This was a doozy too.  A lot of “what’s the game plan” and “we need to talk race strategy” and “I am already number crunching and will keep number crunching….are you sure  I shouldn’t do a few more miles or runs.”  OVER DRIVE. 

I got a response, and way quicker than I anticipated.  He pretty much told me to calm the F down, realize I have done the training and hit all the mini-goals he had for me and now I need to work on my mental game and start psyching myself up to stay mentally strong.

This race will hurt.  I will be running fast for a long time.  I will be pushing myself.  No more “I am going to chat your ear off” pace for me.  It will be more of a “Dear GOD what is that loud noise?! Oh, just me gasping for air” kind of pace.
I need to prepare myself for that.  I need to learn to shut that voice up too.  That little bastard telling me I am crazy and I can’t can’t can’t can’t.

Reaistically….. There is a chance I might not get sub 3:35.  Yes, I am well aware and I am prepared for that. No matter what happens I know I will come out with a PR.  But.  I am scared of embarrassing myself.  I mean, there are a measly 13 people who read this but for those 13 people, I have been talking about BQing for a long time.

Really… I have been training for this race since the beginning of the year.  I didn’t know it at the time, but when 2012 came around I started stepping up my running game.  Proof is in my 1/2 marathons I ran in the spring.  I ran a lot, I ran hard and I worked my butt off.  Yes, the training was completely 100% different from my training now, but now I am just training smarter.

So with all this talk, all this training, all the time and effort and hard work, I am scared that if by chance I don’t get 3:35, I will feel like a fool.  I have an ego, I have pride in my hard work and I think a lot of where that little shitty voice comes from is being scared to look like an idiot.

does any of this even make sense!?

do you see what I mean?! 


One thing that isn’t running related that I have been loving on lately is everything fall.  I know there is a lot of hype about the changing season but fall has always been my favorite season.  It meant Field hockey and football.  The occasional chai and a nice scarf doesn’t hurt either 😉

I will have you know that I have 3 mum plants that aren’t dead yet.

I can’t promise that there won’t be any more freak out posts.  Actually, I can promise that there will be.

in the meantime I am going to work on shutting up that bastard in my head and upping my mental toughness.

Any ideas on how to do either?



This weekend was full.  Full of family, friends, dogs and all things good.

Friday I spent time with my favorite girls

Saturday I spent time with Jbone’s nephew.  I had to watch him alone for 4 minutes

only 4

this happened

After a relaxing night at home Saturday I woke up Sunday ready to get my run on.

it was interesting to say the least

mile 5- fall.   hard

mile 6- choke.  Nuun.  down the wrong pipe. just about died

mile 7-reprecussion from the fall, headphone drama

my injury

yes, it’s those teeny tiny specs on my palm

yea, brutal.  seriously though, it felt like I was going to need 40 stitches

needless to say I am happy I even finished.

12 miles (although I wanted 14)

tapering big time

My weekend was also full of all things pumpkin

beer, candles, coffee, cookies

I even spent a good amount of time with the pups this weekend

they are so strange were loving it

Off to rest before work tomorrow barf

Best part of your weekend? GO-


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1. the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

Choosing a major in school that I knew I would have to work my butt of for but doing it anyway (Biochemistry)

Moving out of mom and dad’s to live alone for 3+ years

Cutting my hair.  silly but true.

Running a race, any distance, with a goal time in mind

Everyday I think about my training.  A marathon.  Sure, I want to run it fast.  I want to BQ.  But a marathon.  That’s no joke.  26.2 miles.  Running.   Sometimes I don’t even like to drive that far and I willingly signed up to run that distance.

Lately in my training I have been thinking about how I am trying for a hefty goal.  The time I want is a stretch, but definitely possible.  Why not just try for a 3:45 marathon?  I know I can get that time.  How would that be brave of me though?  No.  I am going for the challenge.  If I don’t make it, there will be more marathons but I know I would be disappointed if I didn’t at least try.

As a reminder, I got myself a little gift. 

I train every day.  When I train, I train hard.  Sometimes I want to stop, or quit, or I think negatively.  Some days are better than others but it is a nice reminder that I am able to do this…. I just need to keep that courage.

When I ordered my bracelet I also got my two favorite girls gifts.

They don’t know it yet, but I got them each a bracelet as a reminder of how courageous they both are.  The have both overcome some serious obstacles in their lives.  From when they were younger to even a week ago, they have both dealt with pretty crappy situations.  And if it wasn’t for their bravery, their courage, they wouldn’t be the amazing people they are today.

On top of being an awesome motivation, the Endorphin Warrior bracelet’s are also awesomely made.  The training bracelet and leather cord bracelet alike are both quality bracelets.  The package you receive has information on care for the bracelets but they are made to be worn all the time….sweat and all!

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Chop Chop Chop

I did it! I have been talking about it for a long time and finnnnnally worked up the courage.

work in progress

I have been wanting to cut my hair for a while.  I felt like I wanted a change.  I wanted something easier…..

I went SHORT.  Like.  Holy crap.  It is so different.  But I don’t hate it yet

I even have a nubbin’ of a ponytail!

short hair don’t care

I had to iChat with my mom that night so she could see my hair. Pictures weren’t enough.  because you know I sent everyone pictures

In other news, I have been all geeked out over my new watch!  I had a really good tempo-repeat workout last night and I wanted to see my splits.  I plugged my watch in and uploaded the data to Garmin Connect for the first time.  It was so cool.

The object of this run: 12 minute sets of 7:20-7:40 pace.  Outside.  Negative splits.

Splits- 7:40, 7:25, 7:13.   Seriously.  I am pumped about it.  Especially because I felt awesome.  No typical “holyshitthisistoofasticantdothis” mind games.  My legs felt good.  It was really a good run.

Today I have some more taking it easy and hill repeats tomorrow. Faster than normal.  barf.

What was the last workout you had that you were really happy with?

What do you think of the hair?! lie and tell me you like it even if you don’t


Chef BoyarGee

You know what I am NOT? I am NOT a cook.  nope. I am not good at it, I don’t love to do it. I especially hate to clean after it.

Well, thanks to this girl I made the easiest, tastiest thing ever last night!  And she made me look like a freaking chef… Chef BoyareGee to be exact 😉

Step 1

dip chicken cutlets in flour, then egg then bread crumbs…in that order

Step 2

Bake chicken in oven for about 30 minutes

Step 3

Put chicken on hoagie rolls and top with tomato sauce and mozzarella
bake for another few minutes

Step 4

Enjoy your delicious goodness.  And take all the credit for basically being Top Chef.

That was the easiest, most complicated meal I have ever made.  Really. J didn’t even believe me when I told him that I was the one that breaded the chicken. Ha.

It has been quiet on the workout front for me.  Some spinning, ellipticalling and foam rolling but not much more than that.  I don’t know if it is because I am resting my legs from a heavy friday/saturday workout or if I am really REALLY going to hardcore taper.  I hope it’s just rest.  I am in the mood to RUN.

It is pretty rainy and miserable here but for some reason I am craving a wet rage run. Not today.

Today?  I go get my hair did.  and I am considering chopping it.   What are your thoughts?  I have been going back and forth for about 6 months now.

Long hair and wonkey eyes

Shoulder length or long locks?!


Doing it right

and the Giants WIN!!!!

Yesterday was such an awesome day.  We did everything right.

Start with a lazy morning outside.  Cool temps and hot coffee

Meet up with pretty ladies for tailgating with wings and beers

Enjoy the game and all the perks of being at a stadium.  including footlongs


and most of all have a ton of fun with awesome girls

Yesterday really made me realize fall is here.  I couldn’t be happier

Also- a Big Blue W doesn’t hurt either 😉


How to and a Garmin

How to have the most supportive boyfriend ever:

1.Have him help you drive the course and drop water with you

2.Beg him to bring you to the beginning of your run at 6:30 am on a Saturday…and be on stand by for the next 3 hours then beg him to pick you up so you can run the course the right way.

3. Complain over and over again about how much your Garmin is sucking and how a new one would really make your life better…..

oh….what’s that?!

Seriously.  This kid is just the best.  He got a new Forerunner 110. And I love it.  LOVE it!  I used it for yesterdays run.

I did have the Forerunnner 405 but it sucked.  I had it for over 5 years and it was tired. The touch bezel was super touchy-in a bad way, the pace was never right while I was running.  It would recalculate at the end of a run so I was able to see the pace of my run but that didn’t help while I was running.

The 110 is heaven in a watch.  It has everything I need…. Pace, Time, Distance and I can set it to auto-lap every mile so I have splits.  That’s all I need and this is perfect.  It doesn’t hurt that it was purchased with lots of love from the best dude ever.

Thanks J for being so supportive.  Homeboy isn’t a runner and may not really completely “get” the whole running thing yet.  I mean, why on earth would you willingly run so far or so long.  No one is chasing you.  Go throw a barbell around instead. Despite not having a running background he is still so supportive and I feel so so lucky to have him in my corner.

Thanks J ❤