Real Life

I still don’t feel like this is real life.



With the weather being AMAZING lately I find myself feeling luckier and more grateful than ever.

I have been getting to spend time with the best little girl, and apparently future rower.



I have been helping athletes at the gym start to change their lives too.  seriously.  I have an athlete that just texted me this morning and told me she lost 10 inches in 10 days.  I am so SO proud of how hard some people have been working.  Not only in the gym but also in cleaning up their eating and taking care of themselves in general. I feel so inspired every day to see people who just a month ago started thinking they couldn’t lift any weights or do half the stuff I ask of them,  and then out of no where they are dead lifting 200 pounds and working their butts off and feeling great about what they are doing.  seriously. is this real life?


Saturdays have also become my favorite day of the week. I get to coach usually a REALLY fun WOD then I get to beat myself up with some awesome friends.




As for Sundays, they are still my day to relax and enjoy some time at home.  But to be honest….I don’t mind my home away from home 🙂




ps- Today is May 5th.  a day I will never ever everrrrr forget.  and go wish her a happy anniversary!


Personal Goals

Lately my saturday mornings consist of coaching then putting myself through tough workouts of my own.  My favorite part is the coaching though



I get to write WODs and then coach them.  Athletes of EVERY ability have been dropping by my box and it’s so awesome.  So many different skill levels but the one thing every person has in common is a desire to do better, desire to push themselves just a little harder, a desire to be the best they can be…. and THAT is what I love the most.

Along with coaching and help people reach their goals, I also have a few of my own. Now that I am not training for any races I do have a few things I have my sights set on.

Perfecting the one hand handstand


Not perfect…but getting there


Eating  Clean

zonedietI am trying the zone diet for a month.  I am allowing myself relaxed weekends where I don’t weigh and measure but during the week I am eating strictly 11 blocks.  There is a lot of science and math behind it actually.  Meal prepping on Sunday is a must but I am hoping it will help my performance in the gym.  Any questions on the zone PLEASE email me! I would love to help!

Icing and mobility


Lately any kind of jumping (think double unders and box jumps) kill me.  Well,  really they just kill my calves.  I think I have some tendon issues but icing and rolling is something I am being adamant about.  I am trying to be better with my overall mobility.  With how much I workout I have come to the realization that if I don’t take care of myself and do the necessary stretching and icing, I won’t be able to go at this pace forever.


I also have a big dead lift that I am chasing.  Not trying to jinx myself so I am not going to say what I am shooting for…big think big.


What are your goals these days?  TELL ME!


Poconos running

The rest of my Saturday was pretty great. I spent the day with J.  We bopped around for a while and ran some errands.  I even got my first Starbucks christmas cup!

The christmas cup was bittersweet…I am SO glad they are back, but it has been tradition to get the first one of the season with this girl.. Hopefully this week!

J and I also spotted the friendliest truck either of us has ever seen!

This morning I had a long run planned.  Lately I just have NOT been feeling the running scene where I live, I needed a change so I decided to head to the Poconos to run.  Luckily I have an awesome family and my dad and SIL biked next to me while I ran.  I decided they need to do this every run. Having a traveling water boy was the greatest thing ever!

I also decided there are a few reasons that running in the Poconos is WAY better than running where I live…

  • Less turns… I live in more of a city so I am constantly turning down different blocks to get mileage in
  • Point to point run…. When I run from home I always do an out and back. Poconos running means I have a ride to bring me to my car when I am done!
  • The woods!  I love running on back roads with nothing but trees.  That’s the Poconos!
  • The people.  Hands down the BEST reason for driving 35 miles for a long run….

Today was my dad and SIL biking with me the entire run.  At one point my brother drove by and stopped to check on us, see if we needed anything and make sure we were ok.

It’s a small photo but you get the idea.

BUT THEN… When I am done running not only do I get to hang some more with my dad and SIL, but I also get to meet my mom and niece too and we all go for breakfast.  Seriously.  You can’t beat that!

My dad the hairdresser- at breakfast- we keep it classy 😉

Today I forgot my garmin on my run.  I know…horrific.  I had mapped out about 16 miles so I knew where to go, I was just concerned about my pace.  I used the mapmyrun app on my phone.  I don’t have splits and I didn’t know my pace as I was running so I just ran.  I might have to try this a little more often!

Towards the end of the run I definitely had to work to keep that pace but I was pleasantly surprised when I finished and saw that!

After I refueled, rehydrated and had a few hours to take care of some things I headed out for an easy 20 minute second run of the day to shake out my legs.  Glad I did that. The first few minutes were slow and stiff but by the end I felt great!

I am really looking forward to my rest day tomorrow though 🙂


Cars and Hoses

Ok.  I decided to be smart surprisingly  and not run or cross fit again today.  I am starting to twitch from not doing anything I think.  So instead of being an idiot and ignoring what my doctor suggested, I did some less strenuous but still calorie burning things today.  A killer 3 mile power walk with 2 Chihuahuas that hated their life the entire time  followed by mowing the lawn…with a non-self-propelled push mower is a pretty good work out to me!

The rest of the day J and I hung out with my family.  Clearly we both like our families 🙂  Today it was all about cars and the hose!

The hose water was SO incredibly cold.  It was really hot and humid out so it was somewhat refreshing but still….

the water was SO cold we actually had a competition to see who could keep their feet in the water longer

she won.  but she cheated kept “not paying attention” and moving the hose.  whatever.

My brother and Jbone also did some car talk

I love those guys!

When it was finally time to leave I went to get my car…..

I guess that’s what brothers are for 🙂

another successful summer day in the books!

now it’s time for me to rest, I have work tomorrow

and get annoyed every holiday I volunteer

someone remind of this come July 4

Hope you had a family fun-filled day!


Time for Redemption

Cinco De Mayo

A date that will forever be remembered

Last year. A year ago today.

The scariest day of all our lives.

Our rock, our mom

Open heart surgery

In the words of Dad “She has to be killed to stay alive”

Much like she does with everything else

She came back better than ever

And now

New, Better memories

These two

We get to celebrate them

And their amazing love

And their family

Out with the old, in with the new

Last year is a year we will never, ever forget

But the same goes for this year

Cinco De Mayo

It’s time to redeem yourself


Let’s get this bitch started



It’s Thursday and I’m thankful

I am thankful for running.  In case you are the opposite of captain obvious new to this place, I love to run

Siruis Satellite radio is new to me.  And I love that little thing.  Oh, and my ability to take amazing pictures while driving.

and yes the clock says 4:54AM

Bananas.  And peanut butter.  And their greatness together

And most of all… Secret lunch dates!

What is something you are thankful for today?


Thankful Thursday

Today I am super thankful for

momma bear bringing me lunch on days I forget mine on the counter

I have a dude and dogs that love fresh out of the dryer clean laundry

Lifesavers.  You should be thankful I have them too 😉

And friends that are rightfully proud of themselves and their awesome accomplishments!!!

It’s the little things I tell ya!


Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for…

The fact that my favoritest band EVER released tour dates. You have NO idea how pumped I am!

Dogs and underwater cameras

Daily mile.   And the fact that they keep track of how many donuts I can eat

MommaBear working nice and close aka DD delivery a few times a week?  Thanks Mom!

What are you thankful for?!


Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for…

Emails from my GG and how she always reminds me “You are special”

You’re special too Geeg! 😀

That Jbone doesn’t hate me even though I failed him again for a Christmas present

Short fail

Friends and Moms that know I love coffee, especially coffee of the Cinnamon variety

Cinnamon Swirl Amazingness

Sun.  I. LOVE. SUN.

I hope you remember to be thankful today 🙂