Tuesday > Monday

In general, I don’t have a favorite day of the week.  I like different times of different days.  Like, Sunday mornings are my favorite ever.  Lately I have taken a liking to Friday afternoons because not only do I have the weekend to look forward to but I also have been spending them with my 3 best friends

super old picture!

This morning I decided I like Tuesday better than Mondays.  Mondays are just tough in general, I have a weekend hangover…too much fun and too little downtime usually.   Tuesday you are heading into the week aaaaand one step closer to Friday.  Another reason Tuesdays > Mondays?

My favorite athletic clothing store updates their “we made too much” and “what’s new” pages.  You know I am all over that!  Currently I am drooling over this.  Heathered white please! Wanna get it for me?

Today, Tuesday was better than Monday because of….SPEED WORK!  I mean, I tend to dread speedwork but it’s also something I am learning to like.

After driving around looking for a track I finally begged a groundsmen at a local school to unlock the gate for me.  Even if he did make an inappropriate joke about me being his girlfriend I still really appreciated it!  Thanks Pat!

I did a decent warm up, a few progressions to get my legs moving then 4 x 1mile repeats at 7:15-7:25 pace.  I kept right between the mark for each mile except the last one, I ran 7:26.  Let me tell you…that makes me SO mad.  It won’t happen again!

more proof I can’t take a photo with my mouth closed

Apparently the workout killed me because I am a complete zombie now!  I am not even going to pretend like I am staying up late tonight!  As soon as I publish this bad boy, it’s lights out for me!

What’s your favorite day of the week?



Busy Rest Day

I love me some Saturdays with my ladies 😀

Today was so stinkin busy! I first woke up to warm weather really wanting to run but I did good and stuck to my “Rest Day” Schedule.  The pups and I packed up the car and headed to my moms.  Why do my dogs hate the car so much?  They both got a bunch of car rides when they were little but they still hate it!

They are thrilled

I got to my mom’s house and we took care of some secret business and i know how much you love secrets.

We met up with sam and baby for lunch and I had some quality time with my favorite baby.

After lunch we all took turns tanning.  While it was my turn to hang with the sleeping baby, I downed a caramel almond iced coffee and read some of the runners world.  Was caramel iced coffee good?  If you like raspberries, yes.  Strange, I know, but it tasted like berries!

I never got to finish reading. I need that magazine, now.  Slull, hook a sister up!

Tonight I am spending the night at my parents.  Jbone wanted to enjoy a day of being a bachelor and drink a midday chocolate martini, so manly had plans tonight so I opted for a night with my parents!  Doesn’t hurt that they have twizzlers and ice cream sandwiches on hand all the time.


See you tomorrow!


Celeb Status

Who else is so excited tomorrow is Friday?!  I for sure know I am!

Today was a good day.   I have been not so patiently waiting for new glasses to come in.  They were backordered for almost 2 months and today they FINALLY came in.   How awesome is this packaging?!

Obviously I got them and had to wear them as soon as possible.  Strangely enough the roomster got new glasses today too and she put hers on right away too!  Good to know I am not the only dork that does this.

They are brown even though the picture makes them look black, and it’s safe to say I love them!

Before I went to get my glasses I made a pit stop to see this stud.

He works too much a lot so I was glad to be able to see him for even just a hot minute. 🙂

Guess where GMRuns was spotted today?!?!  Skinny Runner’s website.  I mean, as far as I am concerned she is the QUEEN of running blogs so I feel basically like the most important, super awesomest celebrity ever super cool.  Thanks SR for the shameless plug sharing my race picture from this past weekend!  And don’t worry…. I will eventually explain about momma bears surgery 😉

See ya bright and early 🙂


Back On Track

Happy Monday Tuesday!!!

For me, it feels like Monday.  But.. TRICKED ya, already Tuesday!  That’s always a nice thing!

I am not happy that I am back from vacation, but I am a person that likes a schedule and a routine.  So it’s nice to be back to my normal routine today!

While I was on vacation I indulged…a lot

I mean, I am not even exaggerating a little when I say that I had french fries every day.  Burger and fries or salad and fries… every.single.day.

Now that I am back home and back to my normal routine, I am getting back to my healthy eating habits.  Chobani, cottage cheese and fruit galore!  I am hoping that I can maintain my healthy eating so much so that I drop a couple of pounds (not much) and help get a little speedier. it doesn’t hurt that I am in my bff’s wedding in a few short months either.

Not only did I over indulge in food while on vacation, but I also shopped till I dropped too much money.  So now I need to get back on track with my spending too.  I don’t regret it though… how could you not want to shop your face off with this creeper  girl.

After work I am planning on a run outside and taking the dogs to the park! For now, I leave you with this insanely cute picture.

Have a fantabulous day 🙂


That was almost awkward

Running is a funny thing sometimes.  You can feel so good some days and so bad others.  Today.  Today I felt SO GOOD.  I don’t even know who I am anymore and i really like this new me!  I got home from work and it was super sunny.  Sun= Shorts?  I threw on shorts and went for a run in shorts.   Shorts! Um, hullo!! It’s February, isn’t it?!  Man, I love this mild winter!
I got home from running and was SHOCKED.

No, you aren’t seeing things.  I ran under an 8 minute mile for 7 WHOLE miles.  holy crap.  I am pumped about that run.  BUT.. tomorrow I think my legs don’t want to run.  My IT band was starting to get really tight towards the end of the run.  Hopefully a little rest tomorrow will do me good.

Funny story.  A dude honked at me while I was running.  My instant reaction is to flip him off.  I am so nice.  I thought it was Jbones brother-in-law though, so I stopped myself.  I finished running and texted the brother-in-law about the almost bird flip… WASNT HIM.  Guess who it was?!  My neighbor.  That could have been weird if I did actually flip him off, huh?  HAHhaha I’m the worst.

I got home and HOUSED some chili and half a sleeve of Ritz.  Note to self:  Whole wheat Ritz are not nearly as good regular!

I found this add in the new Runners World magazine that I thought was cool.  I am guessing that the “Who’s Yoga?” is because they are typically known as a yoga company.  But since I am currently obsessing over this I thought I would share.

Tonight I am off to the foodstore with the dude and hopefully I can chill and read a bit too!

Have a good night!!