The Tree

Other than spending time with my family, the only good thing that happened during Thanksgiving is I got to eat a TON of crap.  Specifically Russian Pound cake.  Not sure why it’s Russian…. It’s my grandmothers recipe and it is my favorite favorite dessert.  I only make it on Thanksgiving and Christmas though, so I make sure to really take advantage.

Trust me, it is as delicious as it looks.

I have been dealing with a bunch of family stuff.  Not the fun kind of stuff.  The kind of stuff I don’t want to talk about.  So instead I will tell you about how I am basically one of Santa’s elves and I have been getting in Christmas mood.

Copious amount of hot chocolate…

in my favorite winter mug…extra marshmallows please

I should preface this by saying I am all for cutting down my own tree.

every single year

but this year was different and I wanted to surprise J
sooooooo, this happened

I will now add “Lumberjack” to my resume because I had to not only trim the tree but also cut a piece off to save for an ornament

I am a Lumberjack, Tree stand expert
You call it crooked, I call it character

Then came the balls

and lights
and candycanes
and more lights

Add a Spice candle…. You have yourself a nice little evening if you ask me

Don’t worry.  I have WODs
and Runs
and that fun stuff to share

just not yet……



Explanationless Explanation

Hi.  I’m still here.  Are you?  Thanks if your answer is yes.

I just typed up this whole big long thing.  An explanation? A confession?  I don’t know what to call it but hitting publish doesn’t feel right.  SO….. This is what you get.

I am sorry I haven’t been around.  I don’t know if I will be back tomorrow.  Or the next day, or the day after that. But I do know 100% that I will be back AT LEAST next week.  And while I don’t know if I will have the right words to explain to you where I have been and where I am going… I do know that if you visit you will be surprised as to where I am going…and you will ( I think) want to see what happened.

Oh, and also… I love my family.  Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister (in law but that’s dumb because she is my sister), Niece, Gg (grandma geeg), boyfriend.  Seriously. I fucking love my family.


Run, Sun, Ray

This is what I wish I could still be doing

We all had a fun and tiring weekend!

Saturday morning I took my time before I headed out to long run.  It was cold so I was waiting for the sun to come up a little and warm things up.   I said I was aiming for 20ish miles or 3 hours.

I was a lot short on time and a little short on the mileage.  I got a ride to the start of my run and ran home. For some reason I just can’t run by my house and keep going.  I wish I would have pushed for that extra bit but it wasn’t happening.

Later in the day I did 3 more miles…nice and easy on a flat course to help loosen my legs some.  Overall I got 22 miles in for the day.

The first 19.11 were good.  It was chilly but I ran fast and felt good. I didn’t feel like I needed to push for the pace until the last few miles so I was happy with that.  In between the runs I made sure to ice, stretch, rehydrate and refuel.

After my runs were completed J and I hopped into the car and headed straight into the sun.  Seriously.  The sun was blinding and I was getting annoyed.

We headed down to Philly to see one of J’s favorite singers.

If you never heard Ray LaMontagne you are missing out. He is pretty chill but has an awesome raspy voice and is AMAZING live.  I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I should have because I was so so sooo tired from running.  J was a trooper and drove my sleepyass all the way home too.  I got a nice 2 hours snooze on the way home. Thanks J!

Sunday we went to pick up some decorations for Christmas.  We are trying to make our house the most awesome in the neighborhood so we are searching high and low for cool decorations.  I needed a Starbucks Christmas cup to help get me into the holiday spirit

Short week for me!  Is it Wednesday yet!?

Have you ever heard of Ray LaMontagne? 

Tell me a singer/band you think I need to listen to.


Friday’s adventures on Saturday

I wrote this last night and never hit publish.  Duh.  So just pretend you are reading it yesterday or else it won’t make sense 😉


I am working on putting a post together about how King Jake is getting along with our newest family member…

Vice is just so stinkin’ cute….but for some reason Jake wants to eat him whenever they are near each other.  Like I said…that’s another post for another day!

Last night I treated myself to a fat, fatty dinner.  It was so delicious!

Cheese fries and a chicken parm hero.  MMmmmmm… So good!  I figured I worked my butt of during my morning run that a few extra calories won’t kill me 😉

Tomorrow I have a longgggg run planned so I tried to keep today’s eats nice and simple.  Cereal, yogurt and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Why is it that no matter what kind of sandwich it is, it always tastes better when it’s cut on a slant?
I am prepping for a long run tomorrow.  I am aiming for about 3 hours on my feet, or 20ish miles.  I am having a hard time picking a route knowing that I am going to be out there by myself for so long.  I guess I could just go out for 90 minutes and turn around…which I am still leaving as an option.  How do you decide where to run? Any suggestions?

Right now I am headed out to the gym to hopefully coach a WOD.  This class was spur of the moment so I am hoping to have at least a few people show up!

Tonight’s looks like fun…. i can say that because im not doing it 😉

Off to teach!


That time I looked badass

Something I have been trying hard to avoid happened.  Something that every runner dreads….

Yes that is ice

and yes that is my knee

I have been pretty consistently keeping up with my training and taking all the precautions to avoid getting injured.  Well, the past few days my knee just isn’t having it.  It’s more painful to bend my knee than run so I am keeping my running as is and just making sure to ice ice ICE.  Since google is my doctor of choice I decided I most likely have runners knee.  I blame the fact that I haven’t been lifting my legs at all and because of that my quads aren’t as strong as they should be.  Just goes to show how important strength training is….

This morning’s workout left me dead. *I should mention that my knee is totally fine when I run, it’s more when I try to bike or go down stairs or bend my leg that it hurts*

How to decipher my notes: Incline @ Pace / Time next repeat starts
This one was at a smaller incline than I have been doing but faster.  I have to say, I could have done more.  Guess that means I am finally getting faster?
Even though I finished the run feeling like I could do more, a few hours later I was beyond tired and feeling super dehydrated!

Nuun all day errrday

Last night I had a ton of fun teaching another WOD.  This one was a little more focused on weights.  One of my favorite things about CrossFit is throwing big weights around, so I was a happy girl!

One of the trainers even took pictures of my coaching in action and I stole it off of their facebook page.  I swear I am just acting in the picture!  He told me to look mean and badass so, that’s what I did 😉

still debating whether that’s back fat or a muscle. fatty

So far I am loving coaching! I am definitely new to it and it’s so different from the other group fitness classes I have taught in the past.  I am teaching again tomorrow night and I am excited for this one, it’s a fun WOD 😉


Festive workouts and dogs, not in that order

When I woke up to the cold rain this morning, for some strange reason I was feeling festive and getting excited for Christmas! I know I can’t technically start to celebrate until after Thanksgiving but I am still excited for it!  Others, however, were not feeling at all festive when the rain briefly changed to snow.

christmas colors, christmas coffee, christmas snow

This afternoon, before I went home and got my sweat on I hung out with my favorite girl for a little while.

Seriously, my bff/SIL makes the cutest babies.  Oh, and my brother too 😛

Today when I got home I visited a workout I did a few weeks ago to see how I compare.  I am really worried about starting up CrossFit again. I am so out of shape for that type of workout so I am trying to incorporate more of it into my regimen.

A few weeks ago


I am definitely happy about that! I was a sweaty mess by the end but happy I completed it!

I get to teach another WOD at the gym tomorrow and it is going to be a good one!  Can’t wait to share it with you guys!  Something else that I want to share with you, but this is just because it’s awesome?  A picture of my pups.  It was taken last year but I just remembered it existed and it’s too good to not share.


Get your WOD on

Yesterday morning I was talking to my boss at the gym I am teaching at and we were trying to set up a schedule for more than once a week.  We decided on 3 days a week that way I wouldn’t get too overwhelmed.  Well, she also asked me if I could come in later that night to teach a WOD.   Woah there.  I had planned on taking full advantage of a rest day and the warm weather.  Since I didn’t have to teach till 5:30 I begrudgingly said yes and quickly threw together a WOD (WOD is the Workout Of the Day, in case you weren’t sure)

Before I headed in to kick everyone’s butt, I downed a few cups of coffee.  For some reason I was dragging big time yesterday.

I got to the gym nice and early because I am anal and was nervous to make sure I had everything set up and was ready to go on time.  When I got there I was told that I had to teach a skill also.

About 10 people showed up.  Previous to this class, I had only be coaching the staff of the gym trying to get them more familiar with the concept behind CrossFit.  Last  night was my first class that was offered to gym members, so having 10 people show up was a pretty good turnout!

I went through a warm up, stretches and taught everyone how to kip and different modifications they could choose from for the pull up portion of the workout.

Overall the class went well! I got positive feedback after class and despite being MEGA nervous in the beginning, I quickly got comfortable and was able to be myself.

It’s crazy how much I love doing this!  Even though I was nervous at first, I feel so comfortable and happy teaching and talking about anything fitness related!  What a nerd!

As I was leaving the gym I snapped a picture for proof that I was actually teaching last night 😛

We definitely got our WOD on and I can’t wait to go back and teach again!

What’s something that you do that when you start you are terrified but then 4 minutes into it you are comfortable and happy as can be?

   – Mine is obviously teaching classes at the gym!


Puppies, a Ramble and a Princess

Great Morning to you! 🙂

How was your weekend!? Awesome I hope!

Pretty much all of my Saturday was dedicated to this guy

Meet Vice!

Saturday J and I drove about 2 hours to pick up our newest member of the family!  Once we had this little furball home we headed straight to the park..aka neutral grounds, to introduce him to Jake.  How did it go?

Jake hates him and wants to send him back.  I have faith that after a few long and really annoying days things will get better.  Lola doesn’t mind him though so we are 1 for 2.  Oh, and I pretty much love the shit out of him so he stays.  I win.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early. I had a LR + Race combo.  I needed to run 45 minutes prior to competing in a local 10K.  I drove about an hour to where the 10K was and met up with my SIL and dad to get the 45 minute run over with.

That picture is stolen from sHm but I love it!  I also LOVE when they bike with me while I run.  It makes the time go so fast.  Thanks guys 🙂

After I finished a little over 5 miles it was time to line up at the start of the River Ramble 5K and 10K.  I was definitely nervous starting this race because I wanted to race it.  I mean, last 10K I did was on gravel, in the rain and I didn’t love it.  I wanted to try to beat my time of 47:35….

I ran my face off.  I definitely pushed it but it was worth it!

I ended up coming in 4th female and 2nd in my age group.  I also cut 1:10 off my time and on a hilly course AND after I already ran 5 miles.  I will take it 🙂

I never really race races so it’s exciting for me to see what I can do and how I compare to others.

HUGE HUGE HUGE shoutout to my girl B who ran her first 10K, longest run ever AND kicked HUGE ASS doing so.  What an awesomely awesome day for her yesterday! So pumped for her!

clearly it was sunny

After the race I headed for breakfast with my 3 favorite girls!  Bacon, egg and cheese on bagels please!

I also had the pleasure of dining with the fabulous princess Ryann.

As for the rest of my Sunday, there was enough excitement in the first 5 hours to last me a week so I got home and died on the couch. I was so tired…and still am!  BUT, it was most certainly worth it!

Tell me, did you kick ass this weekend like B?  How about bring home a new furry family member?  Or dine with a real life Princess?


Ugly Pictures

I am convinced that I am the cutest and most photogenic person on earth. I am sure you will be too once you see the doozies I have for you…

Yesterdays run was tempo repeats.  Three 12 minute repeats averaging a 7:20-7:40 pace. Overall goal was to negative split.  Between the warm up, cool down and each repeat it was almost a 70 minute run.

cutest photogenic picture #1

pink headband with matching pink jacket. not planned I swear

by the end of the run, the color of my face matched the headband and jacket.

 That was definitely not an easy run but I didn’t want to die when it was over. I also made sure to negative spit – 7:34, 7:27, 7:15

I think next time I will try to not go as slow on the first one, too much steam left at the end.

This morning I was up at an ungodly hour to squeeze in some cardio and strength before work. Cute picture #2

I am so cute

I don’t workout with my glasses on but it takes me the entire 40 minute ride to the gym to wake up. I literally roll out of bed, put gym clothes on, let dogs out and leave.  I should probably note that I am lucky and have a gym at work so once I am done with my workout I just walk up 4 flights of stairs and then I am at work.

This morning was the elliptical for 30 minutes.  Thank goodness for my new favorite song and the new Runners World…those are the only two things that got me through this morning!

I also completed a workout from the Hotmess herself.

The only change was I added push ups instead of planks.  After I completed that I also did about 8 minutes of additional core work.  Sweat fest this morning for sure.  Thanks samHotmess for an ass kicking!

You are welcome for the beautiful pictures of my face.

Good luck to undecided2 and TeamRichmond this weekend!  There is so much running stuff going on this weekend I am already geeking out over it!


How To Help

I don’t know what to say about it.  I don’t want to seem insensitive or make anyone upset.  I couldn’t imagine any of it.  The beach, the city… that entire area.  So many of my memories, adult and childhood, are from the areas hit the hardest.  I want to help.  You should to. Here’s how.

Lora's Primary Photo

Lora over at Crazy Running Girl organized a virtual race.  Here are the details from her site:

How to participate

  1. Run a race of any distance the month of November. There are TONS of fun holiday races this time of year so grab a friend (or two!) and sign up.
  2. Register for the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy here.
  3. Pledge your donation (a minimum donation of $10 requested) here. ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to the Red Cross.
  4. Tell all of your friends that you are participating and invite them to join us, too.

This Sunday I am running in a local 10K and I already donated.  I hope you consider participating in the virtual race.