Perfect day with J

Staying in bed past 9 and breakfast in bed

New coffee shop

New coffee drinker

 Midday Nap and a Matinee

Long run hydrating and bed by 9

Perfect day with J.  Just perfect.

See you after 14 miles tomorrow.  Hope your day was just as good!




Happy Weekend 🙂

I can’t wait until I have no vacation left at the end of the year because I keep taking an hour or two on Fridays.  Oh well 😛

Yesterday I met up with this girl

Her mom and my mom were there too.  We had a mommy/daughter lunch date.

Now that I think about it, we do that a lot.

cheese + veggies + more veggies

Subway is our lunch of choice.

I bopped around near work for a while.  I am trying to kill my urge to go shopping.  Instead of spending the hundreds I would like at Bloomingdales this weekend I opted for a couple bucks at Forever 21 instead.  Then My Bestie surprised me with this gem….

I love presents ❤

Bet you are curious as to what is inside…..more on that later 😛

 I went to the gym at the end of the day.  I ran 6 miles.  I felt ok, not great but not horrible.  Then I took my first Body Pump class in over a week.  It wasn’t pretty.  I was tired and weak and just altogether not into it.  Hate that the most.  Oh well.   I am hoping that I can fresh start Monday and feel good as new!

For dinner Jbone and I went to a steakhouse.  Yep, the veg head went to a steak house.   I had their delicious rolls….oh and a side of salad for my dinner 😛

Needless to say, I was all over the place yesterday just like this blog post.  Not sure what is on the agenda today other than no running. Long long run tomorrow morning!  Have a good day peoples!


Random Tidbits


Hi friends 🙂

Sorry I have been the MIAest ever.  I mean, sometimes I think my life isn’t interesting enough to blog about….orrrr I just don’t take any pictures.  None.

There are a few tid bits about myself I decided to share with you lucky folks.

1- I have come to realize I am the fastest changer ever.  Yesterday I went to the gym during my lunch break and there was only 1 treadmill left but 2 other people in the locker room changing with me.  I got out of my work clothes and into gym clothes, sneakers and all in 2 minutes.  That doesn’t sound like it’s that fast, but trust me…when you have to put all your clothes in a locker nicely and rummage through your gym bag to find things, it’s fast.

2- What would you do if you went to the gym, did 4.5 miles worth of ass kicking, sweaty speed work and then realized you forgot clean undies?  Commando or stinky?  Yes, that happened.  I bet you are wondering what I decided 😉

3- Why does speed work seem so much easier on a treadmill?   Yesterday I did 6 800’s on the treadmill.  I made it so my pace was 6:35 miles… I guess that’s about a 3:18 800, right?  That seems fast.  By the 6th one I was tired but not dead.  A few years ago I was training really hard, doing 800’s outside and they killed.  I mean, I would stay around 3:20 pace and by the 4th one I wanted to die.   I guess I just need to get outside for speedwork, huh?

4-I don’t know why, but I don’t have a great feeling about my upcoming races, especially the one in April where I wanted to PR.  I don’t know if it is because I was sick or what….but I feel like my training isn’t as stellar as it should be or even was a few weeks ago.  I am considering lowering my expectations.  I can’t tell if that is so I don’t disappoint myself or if I am a wimp.  Thoughts?

5- Something is happening to my taste buds.  I am not loving DD as much as I used to.  I am starting to prefer home-brewed coffee over dunkin’.  Who am I?

6- I am obsessing over pinterest again.  I have to be honest, I was on pinterest before it blew it.  I mean, I would like to say that I am one of the pinning pioneers but to be honest i dont really know what that mean but I won’t.  Lets just say I had a love hate relationship with it when it started getting really popular.  Now,  I am back to loving it.   I also really like going back and looking at my own pins from when I first started.  If I could only be as awesome as my pins make me seem.

Here are a few of my faves that I have pinned, thanks Pinterest 🙂



Those pants

Why I run.

Hope you have a super awesome Friday 🙂



Today started out bad.   I hopped on the treadmill at the ungodly hour of 4:00 am with the thought of 4-5 miles.  Within the first 1/2 mile I had gotten off 3 times.  Either the dogs needed something, I needed water or I had to fix my shoe.  Then after about 2 miles in I had to get off to let the dogs out again because they go more than any other creature on earth. After that I said screw it and decided to start fresh later this afternoon.

I brought gym stuff to work but didn’t think I would have time to go during my lunch.  Boy am I glad I brought stuff!  I got in a fast 4 miles.  I felt good too!  Thank goodness!  I needed that run.  After being sick all weekend I was getting worried.  I did have time to sneak in a quick lunch too.

There is something about cold fruit and cottage cheese after a run.  It tasted like heaven.

Since I got a run in I was planning on going to body pump today but got stuck at work late. Womp Womp.  I am actually glad this happened.  The sun was shining and I got to take the dogs on a nice walk.

I made myself an iced coffee to bring along but just couldn’t drink it. My stomach felt…unsettled all afternoon.  Maybe I am just still getting used to food after puking all weekend?  Who knows.  It was a cool picture though 😛

Then….. Circuit workout.  I decided I wanted to do some sort of strength and this is what I came up with


It was pretty tough.  I felt extra weak throughout the whole workout but I finished it in a little under 28 minutes.  Try it and let me know what you think!  You can tell I changed the sumo squats to mountain climbers during the workout.  I know how much some of you love those.    It did the job for me and left me extra sweaty and apparently photogenic.

I like to pretend I have muscles.

I am hoping this workout was just enough to work my muscles but not make me sore…I have speedwork tomorrow!  Hopefully by then I will be feeling 100% normal again too!

Enjoy the sunshiiiiiine!


Brussel Sprouts and Egg Salad

I think it is safe to say I am feeling 100% better!

I got home from work and walked the puppers about a 1.5 miles.  They are happier that I am feeling better than I am.

I then attempted a run. I knew I was going to make it slow and short before I even started because I didn’t want to push it too hard I will save that for tomorrow.  I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill.  I felt totally ok!  My head hurt a little but other than that I had no complaints.  I am really dehydrated still though. My head hurt a bit so I know tomorrow I need to up my water intake even more.

Now, the weirdness.  All day.  Seriously, all day all I wanted was roasted brussel sprouts and egg salad.  Yea….two things that I barely ever eat. I mean, I can’t even tell you the last time I had egg salad.   I needed both of those things for dinner.  Needed.

I cut the brussel sprouts in half and in a large bowl I drizzled just a little olive oil and a lot of garlic powder.  I baked at 425 for about 20 minutes.  So. Friggin. Delicious.

For the egg salad I mashed up 2 hard-boiled eggs (props to the rooms for knowing exactly when to take them off the stove).  I added not even half a teaspoon of mayo.  Yes, mayo.  All day I tried finding recipes where I could use plain greek yogurt instead.  I got lazy and resorted to mayo. womp womp.
I added some cheddar cheese to the toast and the egg salad….side of sprouts… HeAvEn.  It’s the little things…Like brussel sprouts and egg salad 😛

Jbone just left even though I begged him to stay over  since he has been mia the past couple of days saving the world.  Ok, it has only been 2 days but it feels like forever.  Shut up about it.

I am going to crash hard tonight!  I feel so happy to not be pukey anymore 😀

Any good egg salad recipes using yogurt instead of mayo you can share with me!?



What is your favorite color?   Can you pick one?

I would say mine is pink.  No, green.  No no no… yellow.  Wait.

See.  I can’t pick just one.  I am a fan of all colors.

Since I am sick and can’t stop complaining and haven’t run or even sweat in a couple of days I had a different idea for a post.  COLORS.

When I eat, I typically eat a rainbow of colors.  Most of those colors come from fruit and I definitely should make a better effort at adding more vegetables.  Nonetheless, I still eat a rainbow of colors.  Just look at my fruit drawer after food shopping.

yellow. green. red. orange.

What is your favorite color food?

You know what else I love that is colorful?

Nail polish!  One would think I have the nicest hands.  Nope.  I eat my fingers, my cuticles are dry and I bite my nails.  But at least they are colorful, no?!

My favorite brand?


I partially blame Jbone’s sister for my nail polish obsession.  Speaking of, I need to borrow that new blue! This nail polish is a bit on the expensive side, about 8.50$ a bottle but personally, I think totally worth it.  With the right top coat and allowing enough time to dry this polish doesn’t chip for days. There are also SO many colors to choose from.  It is hard to pick just one! Go try some!


Sharing is Caring

Don’t worry.  I know you were concerned.  I  barely survived.  I mean, it was a close call but I fought a hard fight 😛

Something I learned from having a case of the poops/pukes/aches/chills… I am a big old baby.  I may or may not poke fun at a few people Jbone and my dad when they are sick but now, after this weekend they had better be making fun of me for sure.  I think at one point yesterday I was laying in bed moaning.  yes, just moaning.  Lets hope I never get seriously sick.  I feel bad for whoever has to take care of me!

The start of the weekend was good.  I had a crap 3 mile run on Saturday but that is just because I was still sore from my long run.  After that I got to spend most of the day with this girl!

And those necklaces…she puts on herself.  She gets mad when you take them off.  My niece is so supa fly.

The rest of Saturday included food.

soup salad and breadsticks

And the first Rita’s of the season!

After that it was all down the toilet  hill.  Sunday early morning I woke up and was sicker than ever.  It is amazing how much you can sleep when you are sick.  I slept pretty much all day Sunday and still a solid nights sleep Sunday night.

I am completely blaming J for getting me sick. I think it is just because he loves me so much he wanted to share.  Apparently I love this girl so much that I shared with her too.  Misery loves company 😉

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about how this will affect my running.  I am definitely taking off today.  I am hoping for a few EASY miles tomorrow and then I will get back at it full force on Wednesday.  That’s the plan, let’s see if it works.

Hope you had a good, unpukey weekend!


Pay Back

Remember when I had to take care of Jbone?

Well….  I have been trying to keep him busy.  Payback is a bitch.  I am sick as a dog.

And so beautiful

Don’t be mad at me

And keep visiting

I will be back with a good post tomorrow

I mean, as long as this flu or whatever it is doesn’t kill me


It’s cool to be losers

Last night Jbone and I were prime examples of awesome.  I mean, look at us

we are so good-looking it hurts

Since J was sick we had a quiet, short night.  I went over and hung with him for a while.  Oh, E too.

It is true what they say….dogs looks like their owners 😛

We rented a boring movie.  Rum Diaries or something like that.  Boring.  We stopped it early and I headed home.  I had to catch up on some crap tv shows and spend time with my puppers.

I have a busy day planned.  I mean, I am still being fickle Frieda but that’s just because I have too many options!  First I am going to attempt a few miles…hopefully outside before the rain comes.  My quad is bothering me a bit from my long run though.  Lets hope it’s just super sore and not hurt.  Eff.

happy weekend 🙂


Earlier is Betterer

Where have I been you ask?

Well, I just woke up from a much needed nap.  Unfortunately for my sleep  Jbone, he was up yaking all night.  He got the nasty stomach bug that’s been going around.  Lucky for me I got to nurse him back to health 😛

This weather has been awesome.  Mother nature is planning on reminding us to appreciate the sunshine by bringing a ton of rain this weekend.  I guess it’s a good reason to stay in sweats!

Since I knew it was going to rain all weekend, yesterday I decided to switch up my schedule a bit.  Thursday was supposed to be speedwork.  Instead…. Long run.  Remember, I wanted to up my mileage this week so I planned on doing 14 miles.

Thursday after work I went up to lake scranton.  I ran 3 loops (1 loop is 3.5 miles) around the lake and wanted to be done. Luckily for me I have awesome friends and Megan came to meet me for the last 3.5 miles.  14 miles in under 2 hours.  My average pace was 8:25.

I felt good yesterday but today…Today I am hurting!  I have sore legs and I am just tired.

I am also a LOT more hungrier than normal.  Is this because of my long run yesterday?

 I feel…relieved (?) that my long run is over with. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like my long run days but there is just something about knowing I can sleep in both days this weekend…I like it!    Since I am taking today as a true rest day I am hoping to get in an interval workout tomorrow.

Something else I have been loving lately?  Short pants and flats.

I get the stinkiest feet ever since I refuse to wear socks.  I don’t mind 😛

I am off to finish nursing the sick boy back to health!  Looks like a quiet night for me (which I am secretly really happy about).