Crazy Singing Runner

Yesterday I taught another CrossFit class.  I am starting to think that the dudes that take my class don’t take me seriously.  Two of them just stopped in the middle of the workout yesterday.  I decided that if they try that crap next time I teach this is what I will say to them….”HELLO, WELCOME TO CROSSFIT, THIS SHIT IS NO JOKE AND ITS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD. NO BITCHING OUT ON MY WATCH. ”  Ok, maybe not so harsh but they are wimps.  Wimps

The workout….

EMOM- Every minute on the minutes.  Aka Stop what you’re doing, drop the weight and get to the burpee/push up!

I am still dumb when it comes to making images on the computer.  That’s why you get a screen shot from my phone.  I know, I’m not happy about it either….neither is my niece, obviously.

That’s her painfully cute mad face

Today I found my new favorite song.

I kid you not, I have listened to it 14,000 times. I counted.  I had a dance party with just the dogs, I had a dance party with J, I listened to it on repeat on my run, hell…I even SANG while I was running..OUTSIDE.  I swear.  That happened.   If you hear of a crazy girl from my area that is running and really out of breath but saying/singing while she runs….it’s just me.

The song is awesome and when I heard it I instantly wanted to run.  Seriously.  It’s amazing.

I had to break out some winter gear for today’s run.  It is getting chilly!

Crooked hat and crazy eyes optional

Do me a favor… Download that song and tell me you can resist the urge to dance or rage run.  I will have to call your bluff.  Liars.

Now you tell me, what song makes you need to dance/sing out loud/ rage run?



I think it’s love- Mizuno Love

I know have bragged about my love affair with my sneakers.  I have run in DS Trainers for years.  Through different colors and models, the Asics DS Trainer sneaker has been my go-to for running.

After each long run my calf, lower near my achilles, was always sore but I just figured it was the increase in mileage.  After I finished the marathon the pain in my calves was almost unbearable!  Turns out it might have actually been my sneaker!

I went and spoke to a super educated runner about different sneakers and what might be better options for me.  I knew I wanted to stay in a sneaker that offered a good amount of support but also one that was flexible and light.  He recommended I try the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7.

According to the Mizuno website:

Performance Running Support | Moderate Over Pronation

The latest update to the Wave Elixir is the lightest and fastest yet thanks to the incorporation of all the latest SmoothRide elements..

Combination G3/blown rubber forefront outsole design for cushioning, flexibility, and lightweight “

I was apprehensive about even trying these but let me tell you… I am so glad I did.

I think it’s love.

These sneakers are realllllly light. I love that
These sneakers are realllllly flexible.  I love that
These sneakers look fast.  I reallllly love that.

I am proclaiming my love for these but I have to say I haven’t run longer than 40 minutes in them.  I feel that 60 minutes is the make it or break it mark.  I plan on putting a good amount of miles on them this weekend so I will report back as to whether or not these sneakers are good for longer runs too, but I have my hopes up!

I highly recommend going to your local running store and picking the employees brains.  That’s exactly what I did and I think, not only was the man who helped me a sneaker genius…he is also a wonderful matchmaker 😉


What to wear

So far so good! I am no worse ( or better) than I was yesterday so that’s a good thing I guess!  I am still downing extra water and vitamin C like a champ!

I am still obsessing about the weather too.  I am hoping for the best, but I need to be prepared to get wet.  This is making my race day outfit decision a tough one.   I had planned on wearing shorts, throw away long sleeve and a tank underneath.  Well….now this whole “48 and 50% chance of rain” threw me for a loop.

I went to this site on Runner’s World and you can conveniently enter in the predicted weather and they will tell you what to wear.

I am not sure about the vest.  Usually my body is the one thing that gets extra warm and my arms freeze.   I have also been reading a bunch of forums about running in the rain.  One thing that I found REALLY helpful was pinning my bib to my pants.  BRILLIANT.  I was concerned about bib placement because if I ended up throwing away my top layer, then I would need my bib underneath.  But then what if I didn’t throw away my top layer….. then you couldn’t see my bib and that means no photos.  Uhhh. clearly I need proof that I finished marathon #3.

As of right now I am planning on everything in the above photo, minus the vest.  I am sure that will change 10342 times, just like the forecast will.

Last night I ran a shorter-than-normal tempo run.  I was told, for the main set, to run 4 sets of 3 minutes holding a 7:15-7:30 pace.  I am given the option to run this on the treadmill to ensure I can keep the pace.  I have been concerned about pacing myself lately.  I do NOT want to go out to fast and die.  So I hit the streets for this one.

“Laps” 3, 5, 7 and 9 were the main set.  7:19, 7:14, 7:18. 7:16.  Boomshakalaka.  I liked that one.  I definitely sweat my balls off with the freak 76 degree and 100% humidity weather.  but I liked it!

I plan on still obsessively checking the weather and the forums on what to wear, but I wouldn’t mind your opinion too!

Please tell me….. what would you wear or in your past experiences what do you wish you wore?


Chop Chop Chop

I did it! I have been talking about it for a long time and finnnnnally worked up the courage.

work in progress

I have been wanting to cut my hair for a while.  I felt like I wanted a change.  I wanted something easier…..

I went SHORT.  Like.  Holy crap.  It is so different.  But I don’t hate it yet

I even have a nubbin’ of a ponytail!

short hair don’t care

I had to iChat with my mom that night so she could see my hair. Pictures weren’t enough.  because you know I sent everyone pictures

In other news, I have been all geeked out over my new watch!  I had a really good tempo-repeat workout last night and I wanted to see my splits.  I plugged my watch in and uploaded the data to Garmin Connect for the first time.  It was so cool.

The object of this run: 12 minute sets of 7:20-7:40 pace.  Outside.  Negative splits.

Splits- 7:40, 7:25, 7:13.   Seriously.  I am pumped about it.  Especially because I felt awesome.  No typical “holyshitthisistoofasticantdothis” mind games.  My legs felt good.  It was really a good run.

Today I have some more taking it easy and hill repeats tomorrow. Faster than normal.  barf.

What was the last workout you had that you were really happy with?

What do you think of the hair?! lie and tell me you like it even if you don’t


How to and a Garmin

How to have the most supportive boyfriend ever:

1.Have him help you drive the course and drop water with you

2.Beg him to bring you to the beginning of your run at 6:30 am on a Saturday…and be on stand by for the next 3 hours then beg him to pick you up so you can run the course the right way.

3. Complain over and over again about how much your Garmin is sucking and how a new one would really make your life better…..

oh….what’s that?!

Seriously.  This kid is just the best.  He got a new Forerunner 110. And I love it.  LOVE it!  I used it for yesterdays run.

I did have the Forerunnner 405 but it sucked.  I had it for over 5 years and it was tired. The touch bezel was super touchy-in a bad way, the pace was never right while I was running.  It would recalculate at the end of a run so I was able to see the pace of my run but that didn’t help while I was running.

The 110 is heaven in a watch.  It has everything I need…. Pace, Time, Distance and I can set it to auto-lap every mile so I have splits.  That’s all I need and this is perfect.  It doesn’t hurt that it was purchased with lots of love from the best dude ever.

Thanks J for being so supportive.  Homeboy isn’t a runner and may not really completely “get” the whole running thing yet.  I mean, why on earth would you willingly run so far or so long.  No one is chasing you.  Go throw a barbell around instead. Despite not having a running background he is still so supportive and I feel so so lucky to have him in my corner.

Thanks J ❤


McMillan Running

The weather here has been totally amazing the past few days! It is making me more and more excited for fall!  Yesterday I enjoyed the awesome weather with a date in the park with my BFF.

After sharing some fruit and playing on the swings I had a pretty quiet afternoon.  That’s one perk of running in the morning…a free afternoon!

Have you ever stumbled upon a website but not actually look at it?  You browse the content but then dismiss it?  That happened to me a few weeks ago with the McMillan Running website.  I saw it, clicked through a few pages and then moved on.  Well, yesterday I sat down and actually looked at it.  Woah.

On the website there is a running calculator that will use a previous race time to help calculate not only possible future race times but also optimal training paces.  I entered my most recent half marathon time just for fun and this is what I got:

Projected finish times of different distances

Based on a 1:42 half marathon, the race calculator spits out a bunch of different distances as well as possible finish times.  Clearly I was happy about the Marathon Time- 3:34.. perfect. 

Not only is there a projected finish time calculator but when entering a recent race time the website also gives optimal training paces.

I compared these times to a few goal paces that my coach has set for me.  My long runs are dead on.  8:15-9:30 is my long run pace every week.   I am seriously obsessed with these charts.  From breaking down the ideal pace for me to run an 800 all the way to what a recovery jog should look like, this calculator breaks everything down for you.

On top of paces and times there are also a bunch of really good articles.  One that I actually printed out and highlighted as I read was about the two different types of long runs.  Basically every other week should alternate between a long run that builds endurance versus one that builds stamina.  The endurance one is to help you get comfortable being on your feet for 2+ hours and mentally and physically prepare yourself for being uncomfortable.  The stamina run is to get familiar with running fast or goal pace, for an extended period of time (they suggest up to 90 minutes).

This website is awesome for beginners looking to get better at a 5K and experienced marathoners.  There is such a wide range of information that I feel like anyone can benefit!  Go check it out!


It’s Official

Hey Hey!!

Another good Friday in the books!  Unfortunately I missed this girl for my normal Friday afternoon, but I did get to meet up with momma bear for lunch!  We were going to be little piggies and get pasta from Olive Garden but decided to be a little more health conscious and opted for turkey sandwiches from a local deli instead. They are both loving and kicking ass in CrossFit.  That makes me so happy 😀

After I finished my lunch date I came home and bopped a bit before heading to CrossFit.  I am still realllllly sore from the million kettlebells I did on Wednesday but working out helped loosen me up a lot.  The second I walked into the gym today, I wanted to leave.  Today’s WOD?  HELL.

The Rx weight for women is 55 pounds.  Considering how sore I was and I have a long run tomorrow, I wimped out a bit and did 45 pounds for everything.  The worst part of that whole thing?  Step Up Push Press.  They. Were. HORRRRIBLE!  But I survived.  Honestly, I wish I didn’t wimp out.  I could have done the Rx weight.  I am kicking myself now.  Oh well.  next time.

Tomorrow I have a 2 hour 20 minute run planned.  I am switching things up a bit.  The friend that I ran St. Lukes Half Marathon with is running 16 tomorrow.  Now that I am basically her neighbor I asked if I can tag along.  I think the time and mileage should coordinate well.  I am hoping that having a distraction of someone to chat with will help make the time pass quicker.  We are starting about an hour after I normally do too so you know I am happy about the extra sleep!

I have a new, fun accessory to try out on my run too.

Hands Free Hydration

I also stocked up on some shot bloks to take with me.

**Little trick with those bad boys.  Cut them in half, roll those suckers in sugar and put in a plastic baggy.  Way easier to choke down since they are so huge.  The sugar helps so they don’t stick together too 😉

Another fun running thing I got today?

Oh yes, that is a foam roller.  I mean, I have no idea what to do with it but I am willing to try anything at this point!

As for the rest of the night?  Other than researching how to foam roll and some running related core exercises I will be hanging with these guys.

Friday night in with tons of water, a foam roller and too many magazines? It’s official….


Now seriously….how do I use that foam roller?


ps- don’t forget to win yourself some nut butter!



In honor of one of my favorite days of the week I have some goodies for you!

Active Schwaggle is offering free shipping and 50% off of PRO compression gear.  Go get some.  I know I did! **Enter code SOCKS at checkout 😉

Neon yellow and red? Don’t mind if I do

You know I am a peanut butter lover too, right?

What about Almond butter?! I am a big ol’ fan of this as an almond butter and jelly sandwich.

The best kind of A-Butter?  Justin‘s, clearly!

You want some?

The nice people at Justin’s sent me a jar to give away to one of you!

To enter:

– leave a comment with your favorite type of nut butter

Tweet about that ish and leave a comment saying you did so!

Winner will randomly be picked Tuesday 8/7.

Hope this sweetens up your Friday a bit!


After you run

Today I brought back a breakfast that I forgot all about!  Overnight oats for the win!

I can’t get enough nut butter lately.  Between Justin’s almond butter and cinnamon raisin from Peanut Butter & Co I eat these like champs!  For my “dessert” last night I had 1.5 graham crackers with a normal amount of cinnamon raisin pb.  It is so easy to go overboard with the pb.  I am trying to be normal about my eating, remember?

This morning on (one of my go-to morning websites) there was an article on run recovery.   This got me to thinking about what I do after a tough run or race.

Especially now that my runs are starting to get longer and longer I am trying to be more conscious about what I do after my run.  I know from experience that after a particularly long and hard race or run, if I sit and don’t do anything I am doomed.  It is always best for me to move throughout the day.  If I sit and relax and don’t move much I am the sorest person alive the next day.

In addition to making sure I move throughout the day there are a few other things I try to keep on top of after a run.

  • Fueling right away.  Ideally you want to eat within 30 minutes of working out.  A balance of protein and carbs is ideal so I usually go for peanut butter and toast or waffles
  • Compression gear.  If I am doing an especially long run I will wear my compression pants while I run but I always wear compression socks or calf sleeves after a run.

  • Drink.  and I am not talking about just anything (or booze like this chick), I am talking good old H2O.  Even throw in some Nuun while you’re at it.
  • Recovery running.  This is something I am just starting to learn.  In addition to moving the day of a run or race, try to go out for a very easy recovery run the day after.  Even move a little on an elliptical!  Moving will help loosen your muscles and help with the tightness and soreness!

I know a lot of people who also swear by ice baths.  I attempted that once. Let’s just say the most I got in was my pinky toe then I said screw it!

Tonight I have a tough speed workout planned- mile repeats!  I am super nervous about this one! Hopefully I will report back later with only happy running things 🙂

Any other run recovery tips I should know about?!



Sometimes, I hate “TIME.” Yes, time.  Oh, what’s that? You don’t know what I mean?  Let me explain….

  • I want to be able to run 50 miles a week and CrossFit 3 times a week  NOT in 1 month and definitely not never.  “It just takes time”
  • I want to be a personal trainer.  I want to be a Certified CrossFit Coach. I need to finish my certifications though ” It just takes time”
  • I want a job that I love.  I want to take what I am passionate about and use it  “It just takes time”
  • I want to be able to cook, and cook good! Whether it be following a recipe or making up my own, I want to be Master Chef GM “It just takes time” (this one will take the most time because i am the worst here 😛

See what I mean?!  There is so much going on in my life that will take time.  I guess it is a good test of my patience.

Yesterday I had a different workout to do from my coach.  It was a 50-55 minute run but during the run I was doing progressions, repeats and easy jogs.  I was worried I wouldn’t remember….so it was the first time I took notes with me while I ran!  Running with notes?!  I am tots getting hardcore

I also got a new pair of running kicks that I am trying to break in.  I never run all my runs in new sneakers at first.  I will do a  few miles here and there, but it will be a couple of runs before these are my “go-to” sneaker.  I did decide to go back to DS Trainers rather than the Noosa’s I was running in.  Good choice by me.  The Noosa’s were comfortable but I am so much happier in the DS’s.

This afternoon I met with my coach.  Dude, talk about nervous!  I will post more on that later… Let’s just say that I learned I have a lot to learn!