Everything and Nothing

Let me tell you…this “no scheduled workouts” thing is my cup of tea!  I am really enjoying a laid back schedule. I mean, it’s not super laid back because I am still making sure to get some sweat sessions in but they are only if I want to..not because I have to.  That makes allll the difference in the world!

Yesterday was the first time I got a decent run in outside.


I definitely still love running.  I wanted to go longer and was feeling super great while on this run, but my quads were screaming.  I was actually worried I would injure myself if I kept going so I did the smart thing and called it a day.

I have been throwing in some CrossFit workouts too…hence the screaming quads.  Let me tell you.. there is no workout like a CrossFit workout.  Burning lungs, screaming muscles, sweaty mustache. Oh how I missed that 😉

Since my activity level has come down a bit (Read: a few complete rest days a week) I am trying to eat a little cleaner than normal too.


And, spending some quality time with J since I am not constantly running/biking/rolling.  I am sure he is happy about this one too 😛


Christmas Vacation: Best Christmas Movie EVER

Christmas Vacation: Best Christmas Movie EVER

Only one more week to get ready for the Big Guy… I have a lot of celebrating and cookie eating left to do!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?


ps— thanks for all the advice on eating meat..or rather not eating it.  I am still not sure where I stand or what I will do.  For now, everything in moderation is what I am sticking to 


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