What life is like now

I am a runner.  I am a CrossFitter.  I do all those things.  Sometimes I do one more than the other but running is my roots.

And qualifying for Boston was one of my proudest moments ever.  EVER.   I will  run Boston next year and I am honored to do so.



Where have I been?  Some would say living the dream and um… Yep that’s about right.

I wake up every day and get to do what I love.   I get to play outside and I get to hang out with a great friend all the while hoping to make a difference in a few people’s lives.  I get to wear sweats or shorts or whatever the hell I feel like wearing.  I get to work out 2 times a day. I get to use my brain to program workouts and help people solve problems with exercise and stretching and weight loss.  yea, I’m SUPER lucky.


I get to be proud of not only a business but a lifestyle that I live.


I am even experimenting with my nutrition more than ever.  The Zone diet should make me super strong and buff…. at least that’s what I tell myself when I am weighing my food and meal prepping!



I am going to try to post more.  I think my life has calmed down a little and I should be able to be around more often!  Hope you stick around even though I’ve been SUPER MIA!



What’s a Date and a Challenge.

My usual morning routine consists of checking email, checking facebook and then finally checking instagram.  This morning I found something on instagram originally posted by Sierra over at Posh Meets Pavement


That is officially my new favorite quote.  I am being, in my opinion, SUPER BRAVE in my current endeavors so I am hoping fortune is on my side 😉

I have an earth shattering question.  WHAT IS A DATE?  Like, the food. “pitted date”  <– THAT, what is that?  I see some recipes for dessert like items that require dates but I don’t even know what they are.  They look like prunes, or bugs or something.  Someone help me!

Today I also started a new challenge with my SIL.


I have heard amaaaazing things about Advocare products and even have taken Spark in the past.  The 24 day challenge is something I had been interested in doing so once I had a buddy to do it with me, I figured it was the perfect time! I will let you know how it goes 😉

Other than starting the 24 day challenge and wondering what the hell dates are, I also did a super simple (simple, NOT easy) WOD this afternoon.


Note to self: Practice Hans Stand Push Ups

What is your “what the hell is that” question? Mine is clearly dates.


Don’t Get Sick

While I am still working on getting all the particulars figured out, I can’t say much about my current adventure.   I can say that my mornings are awesome with some coffee out of a mug, chihuahua lap time and working from home.


Even though I am not working a 9-5 right now, I feel busier and more exhausted than if I was!  Starting up your own business is stressful!  I usually start paperwork or researching something around 630 am and continue to do so throughout the day.  I am also running a TON of errands, getting supplies, making phone calls and learning a ton.

This is a preeeettty stressful time for me so I am making sure to do everything possible to not get sick.  The added stress can take a toll on your immune system so making sure you are living an overall healthy lifestyle is important!

To avoid getting sick I make sure to do the following:

+ wash my hands. all.the.time
+ drink enough water.
+ exercise.  making sure I am still getting enough exercise is really important for me mentally and physically
+ sleep!  This one is huge for me.  I know personally if I don’t get enough sleep I am guaranteed to get sick!
+ eat a balanced diet.  When I am stressed I could live on donuts and french fries.  for real.  making sure to get the right nutrients is really important

By the end of my days lately I am still sitting in front of the computer typing something up or researching “just one more thing.”  Because I am following my personal rules on how to avoid getting sick I also allow myself a brew or two as I work 😉


Any other secret ways to avoid getting sick or feeling run down?  Tell me!


Race Recovery

After Sundays craptastic run I have been thinking a lot about the recovery portion of running a marathon. I mean, even Monday I was so exhausted.  I keep saying “I’m not sure what my deal is, what’s wrong with me” but I do know what’s wrong with me… I am not really understanding the recovery portion of running a marathon.

I think, ok, it’s been 2 weeks since I have done any kind of long or intense workout, I should be ready to go.  Well, mentally I am definitely ready to take on some serious killer workouts.  Physically is a different story.

After reading anything and everything I can on what do to after a marathon, these are the most common tips I have come across.

In the first hour:

  • Make sure to get some food in your system.  Carbs, protein, sugar….just get some calories in you
  • Lay with your feet up (preferably on a wall) for 10 minutes.  This helps get the blood moving which will help jump-start the recovery process
  • Move!  Make sure to walk around after you finish.  Stretch and move!

** Lucky for me I did none of that in my first hour.  I sat, cried and had no appetite. Go me.

Next 72 hours:

  • Move some more.  Go for long walks.  Swim.  Get the blood flowing to help promote recovery
  • Eat well.   Remember you aren’t planning and long runs anytime soon so no carbo-loading necessary
  • Sleep.  Your immune system has just been shot from the long, hard work you put into your race. Make sure to get enough sleep and rest to help prevent yourself from getting sick
  • Stretch/roll/massage/combination of them all!  Treat your muscles nice.  They just carried you 26.2 miles so be as kind to them as they were to you

** I was really good at the moving, rolling and sleeping part.   Eating well?  That’s another story..

Next few weeks:

  • Let cross-training be your friend.  Spin, swim, elliptical, walk…just make sure they are all done at an easy effort.
  • One general rule of thumb is one rest/easy day for each mile run.  I, personally, hate that rule.
  • A majority of what I have read says to give yourself at least 14 without an intense or long run.  That doesn’t mean no running, it just means take it easy.
  • For the average runner it can take 2-3 weeks to finally start feeling yourself, so give yourself that time.

I think I am below average because even at 2 weeks out I just do not feel myself.  I am going to definitely be more aware of how I feel (and start being better friends with my foam roller) and pray I get that running groove back soon!  I had a shitty run Sunday but I am trying to not let it get me down.  I need to remember the next few “hard” runs are going to feel tough and that’s ok.  That doesn’t mean I am out of shape or anything, it is just going to take time for me to get back into the swing of things.

I read this from Shalane Flanagan’s blog here:

” Athletes should never underestimate the power of recovery.
While my mind and competitive spirit are raring to go, my body is not quite there yet.”

So much goes into training for a race.  The day leading up to race day you train mentally, physically and emotionally.  For a marathon, that is typically 16-20 weeks.  It took a long time to build up to the point where you are able to run for 3+ hours so recovering from that won’t happen over night.  It won’t take as long as the building phase but it will definitely take time.

I think I wrote this post just so that I can get down on paper have written proof that the way I feel isn’t because I suck, it’s because I am still coming off a tough race.  Hopefully this helps at least one of you as much as it helped me!

And, for no reason at all, a photo of me face timing with J the dogs this weekend.


Doctors, WODs and Cross Training

Monday things took an interesting turn…. I woke up feeling totally ok but I had this weird thing on my eye.  It was itchy and uncomfortable and a little red.  By the afternoon my eye was SO annoying and my throat kind of hurt.  I decided to go to a walk in clinic since all of my coworkers convinced me I would soon be dead from shingles.

Luckily I would survive.  I had an infection on my eyelid which supposedly can be treated with the ointment I got but what else?  Oh just strep throat and a sinus infection.  Like I said, Monday morning I was fine.  Monday evening?  near death.

I am getting pretty good at nursing myself back to health. Lots of chicken soup, vitamin C, fluids and rest.  Monday night I did just that…nursed myself back to health!

My bowl thinks I am amazing therefore it must be true

I swear by the rest part of getting better.  I may or may not have went to bed at 7 Monday night.  Shut up about it.

I woke up yesterday still wonkey eyed but feeling MUCH better!  Even today I still have the skank on my eye so I am not sure the deal. I think I might need to go back to the doc to see what it’s all about.

Besides being Nurse GM, yesterday I had my very first coaching experience!

loved it.  I didn’t take any pictures since it was my first time but trust me, I kicked everyone’s butt, in a good way!  The final workout looked like this:

12 minutes AMRAP

6 thrusters
8 burpees
10 pull ups
12 box jumps

I was definitely nervous going into it but once I got started it felt so natural!  I started with a warm up, light stretch and then…show time.  Everyone that participated did great and I got awesome feedback about my coaching skills!  Like I said, I loved it!

On the workout front….

I am really taking advantage of the whole “give yourself a full 2 weeks to recover after a marathon” idea.  I haven’t had any hard runs… and now I am itching to get out there.  BUT, I am being smart and sticking to little running with lots of cross training!  Today I did an easy 20 minute run followed by 40 minutes of the elliptical.

Notice something different about those pictures…

hint hint… I might be cheating on my beloved Asics….and I am not regretting it…

What’s your favorite way to cross train?


Eats and Sleep Question

Now that I am not training as hard as I have been, I need to be careful that I am not eating like I am running my face off.   My goal is to eat clean but still be able to enjoy myself.  read: a cupcake here and there won’t kill me

I am being proactive and I made hard-boiled eggs and a big salad to bring for lunch so I have no excuses.

I am also trying to eat more nutritious snacks.  Instead of 12423 pretzels, only 5 with some tomato and salt instead.

Yesterday I didn’t swim like I anticipated.  The pool just sounded so….wet.  And I was so dry.  So instead I went for a long, fast walk.  It helped loosen me up a lot.  I made sure to foam roll too.  It was soooo painful, especially on my calves, but I am glad I did it!

This morning I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes and my legs are feeling better. I can still feel the soreness but I am already walking better than yesterday 🙂

To continue my clean eating I made dinner at home.  We have been going out to eat way too much lately so I am hoping to cut back on that.  Dinner was quinoa, chicken, spinach and cheddar cheese.  Throw some garlic powder in and bake it for 15 minutes.  Boom delish.

I don’t have a photo of the final product but believe me, it’s good.

The only bad thing about eating in?  I manage to make every.single.dish dirty when I cook.

Question for you:  I have been sleeping pretty crappy.  I go to bed and I am tired but I toss and turn and it takes forever to fall asleep.  When I do fall asleep I can only stay asleep for a couple of hours then I am up and down all night.  last night I may have even woken myself from asking J a question in my sleep.  I am completely restless!  The thing is though….during the day I am not tired, I just don’t feel rested.

is this my mind just running on overdrive or is it from my training…or neither?

Has this ever happened to you?


Spare Time

I have a LOT of downtime this week.  TOO MUCH.  Have I mentioned that I hate tapering?

What am I doing in my spare time?

Spending a good amount of time with these guys

I apparently get dressed in the dark or I’m colorblind.  I don’t have a good excuse for this combo

I am still stalking the weather.  It just keeps getting worse for Sunday

But I am happy to have a few people keeping me in check.

On a daily basis I visualize myself running.  Now, I am just picturing myself running but soaking wet.

I also woke up this morning with a cold. I am taking EVERY precaution I can so it doesn’t get worse

Vitamin C

Extra water

Airborne.   I don’t even know if that stuff is legit but…. I’m desperate.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fight off this cold, I am open to anything!


Mind Games

Today I was itching to run.  Bad.  I didn’t.  I was good.  I was told to rest my legs another day and do cross training so that’s what I did but let me tell you…it was one of those days I needed a run.

Running helps me not only clear my mind and is a form of relaxation for me, but it makes me feel good about myself.  I needed all of those things today……

Anyway, where were we?

Oh… Cross training.  No falling off the bike today but I did sweat my ass off.  I rode on my trainer for 45 minutes and really made sure to push myself.

After spinning I did a bunch of core work which also included a ton of planks

A while ago I said I was reading the book Mind Gym.  Well I came across a chapter that talked about mental toughness and the 7 C’s.  This hit home for me and I think is important for anyone in a tough situation…

Competitive- ” Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up.”  So true.  The drive to beat competition, even if that competition is yourself is so important.

Confident-“Confident athletes have a can-do attitude, a belief they can handle whatever comes their way.”  This is the toughest one for me personally.  Being confident is so so so important.  Knowing and believing in yourself…that’s key

Control-“Successful athletes are able to control their emotions and behavior.”  Aka don’t let something out of your control mess up your brain, be able to have control over yourself.

Committed- “Mentally tough athletes focus their time and energy on their goals and dreams.”  In my case, I am training for a race so I will do anything I can to better my chances of getting the finishing time I am shooting for.  That means following a schedule that includes long runs, fast runs and even rest days.  I need to be committed to that even on days I don’t feel like it.

Composure- “Mentally tough athletes know how to stay focused and deal with adversity.”  Ok, so I wake up race day and rather the crisp 62 degree weather I pictures, it’s raining and somewhat warm.  I am not going to freak out over this.  I am going to, instead, figure out how to reach my goal despite shitty weather.

Courage- “A mentally tough athlete must me willing to take a risk.”  Uhh…hello my favorite shirt.  You aren’t going to get anywhere by playing it safe.  Take a chance. You might surprise yourself.

Consistency-“Mentally tough athletes possess an inner strength.”  Ideally I want to run fast all the time.  yes, I will have bad days but my goal is to be able to run sub 8 minute miles for 20 miles today, and still hold that pace or better in 3 weeks.

So far, this book is good.  I know my downfall of marathon training is my confidence.  I have been told by my coach on several occasions that this is something that really needs work.  Any advice on how I can rewire my brain to not be my worst enemy sometimes?

And last but not least……. GOOD LUCK TO THE GMEN TONIGHT!!!!!



Sorry about my TMI session the other day…. Clearly I was having a rough day and needed to vent.  I’m still not over the whole not working out thing.  I have been going for long walks with the pups….and I again feel invincible.  I am hoping the doctor is really wrong and I will actually be ok to run a few easy miles tomorrow.

I decided to stop being a Debbie downer about my bad day and I have been loving my memorial day weekend….. First unofficial weekend of summer has been one of the best, and it’s only Saturday!

First I went to a carnival…and a beer tent.

Carnival > Beer tent

Are you wondering why?  3 words

Deep. Fried. Oreos.

Then I had a relaxing morning with 3 of my favorite creatures

That was followed by watching love blossom at a young age 😉

M + R

Finally I went to the biggest weekend in this area…. St. Ubaldo.

this is no joke

It is SO intense.  This was my second year going and the first time I really appreciated it.  I don’t really know the true history of it, but it is basically a reason for the town to hang out on the streets and enjoy themselves all the while watching grown men dressed in these *awesome* outfits racing down the streets with hundred pound statues.  It is seriously AWESOME.  People are so hardcore and it is just….awesome.  I loved it and am already planning my Ubaldo bash for next year 😉

After the parade I hung with Jbone and his family a bit and we took advantage of the warm weather.   If the past 2 days are a glimpse into what the rest of summer will be like… I can’t wait.


Serious Stuff

TGIF.  Seriously.  This week has been too long.  And I am over it.

So.  One thing I never talked about on GMR was hypothyroidism.  I have that sucker.   I found out when I was 20 and never really had it under control.  Some of the symptoms (mainly the ones that I experience) are fatigue, dry skin, sensitive to cold and weight gain.  Now… I work my butt off and eat pretty good but for me it is really easy to gain weight since I have a super slow metabolism.  That’s fun.  not.

Basically I have an underactive thyroid gland and I have to take medicine for it every day.  Except I don’t didn’t take the medicine every day and I eventually got yelled at by my doctor.

A normal thyroid level is 0.3 to 3.  Last time I had blood work mine was 13.  Not good, I know.  I am working on taking the medicine every.single.day.  so far so good.   Hearing about what can happen if I don’t take my thyroid medication (heart problems, internal bleeding) lit a fire under my booty to go and get all my doctor appointments taken care of….even the girly ones.


Yesterday I had biopsy done of my cervix.  That’s sexy and just what you wanted to hear.  I had too much abnormal tissue and they need to test it.  This is something that is fairly common but for me EARTH SHATTERING.  I know I will be ok. I know I have the big dude upstairs looking out for me.  I will get the results in a couple of weeks and have to go for follow-up appointments but I have faith that it will be ok.

Are you asking yourself “if you have faith that everything is ok, then why is this earth shattering?”

well….no exercise for 2-3 weeks.  CLEARLY the doctor doesn’t know me.  Umm.. Sorry doc…All I know how to do right these days is run and crossfit sooo…that’s not going to work for me.

OK. I am going to listen to the doctor.  I got permission to TRY the elliptical on Tuesday and see what happens from there.  I am praying to little baby jesus that the doc over estimated and I really only need to take it easy for 1-2 weeks.

I am not sure why I felt the need to share all of this.  But it’s out there now.  It is off my chest and out there. BOOM.

If you see me today and I look like I got hit by a truck… I feel like I did.  Yesterday was a tough day for me…..oh did I mention I had to have an ultrasound on TOP of everything else yesterday.  There is some pesky tissue that is too dense for my doc’s liking riiiight on my ta-ta. Don’t worry, that turned out to be nothing. phew.

As for this weekend I am going to try and eat like a super health freak as opposed to the dessert-loving-memorial-day-celebrating-person I am.  I am also hoping to get in quality hang out time with these guys

It is ALSO the first unofficial weekend of summer which helps a lot too 🙂
Thanks for letting me spill my guts and taking the time to listen read.