Dreaming of…

The time change has got me all messed up.  Anyone else?

The darker morning, shorter night sleep and chilly morning has me dreaming of hot, sunrise runs…


…warm, lake side reading…


…and porch sitting.


Besides being a total crank this morning, I am still feeling pretty sore from 13.1 this weekend.  That’s a different 13.1 than I am used to.


What about you, did you 13.1 this weekend?



2 thoughts on “Dreaming of…

  1. Hey So Since I dish out advice I am asking some from you. I did crossfit last yr and that is what got me into the shape I am now. I have a coupon and did all of the opens for the CFG’s last year and I want to do them all this year but I ended my membership in June of last year for financial obligations. I still work out regularly and I do TRX and cross fit WODS at home.. My question is, I want to do the 13.1 Wod but I have no bars or plates, I am thinking of buying a kettlebell though… What can I do to mimic the snatch and do 13.1 or should I just bite the bullet and buy a bar set?

    • the best i can say is a one arm snatch using kb. there is no way to mimic the snatch without an actual barbell, at least none that i am aware of!
      but, dont forget, one of the amazing things about crossfit is that you dont need fancy equipment, or any equipment for that matter, to get the most out of your workouts. i know a million things you can do without needing a weight set!
      good luck!

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