Fur ball and Weather closing

This weekend was the epitome of relaxing.  Actually, I would probably call it lazy.

Friday afternoon I took the pups on a long walk.  The crisp air and crunchy leaves definitely help make my favorite time of the year THAT much better.

Saturday J and I braved our local walmart!  It was definitely a mad house with everyone prepping for Sandy.  We sucked it up because we had NO food at the house, I even waited in the deli line for almost 20 minutes.

On customer 49, we are 60. #woof

Other than food shopping and bringing in the outdoor furniture, we didn’t do any other storm prep.  I guess we are just hoping for the best!

Sunday morning I impatiently waited for the sun to come up and headed out for a run.  Just about 13 miles and I was pissed when I finished.  My average pace was 8:10 for 45 minutes then 7:55 for 55 minutes.  I wasn’t pissed about the pace, more about how it felt.

Will that pace ever not feel like it’s so hard.  I don’t expect it to ever feel easy, I am just waiting for it to not feel like I am dying the entire time.  What gives?!

Once I was done running J and I hit the road.  We drove about 2 hours to visit a special friend…

That little 6 week old fur ball is the newest addition to our family!  We have to wait 2 more weeks to bring him home but I can’t wait!

I even got to meet his cousin, G…aka Gigilo…. aka coolest name EVER

I made the trek to work at the early hour of 5am… After being there for a little over an hour I got the call that the site was shut down due to the impending weather.  Woah, that place never closes.  This shit is legit.

If you are in the path of the storm I hope you stay safe! I am going to part enjoy my day off and part try not to freak the F out



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