Anddd She’s DONE

Today was a day.  That’s all.

This afternoon I had my typical GM ficklefest.  I couldn’t decide whether to run outside long or short, to go to yoga, what to do tomorrow.  Mama Mia.  I was a mess.   Final decision: Run longish outside.

I did a usual 3.5 mile loop with the roomster and her pup.  The weather is AWESOME and luckily, I don’t have to fight mother nature! After running with the rooms, I decided to do the loop again to make it an even 7.  She asked me to take the pup along so I thought, no big D.  wrong.
Unfortunately I have no pictures BUT….we were still about 2 miles from home and the dog stopped.  STOPPED.  She was done.  Ohh, isn’t that nice.  SO, we sat on the side of the road waiting till her ride came.  Dumb Dog!  Once her ride was there I finished my run.

sweet chinS

My legs are tiiiired.  I am looking forward to a day of not running tomorrow.   Instead of running I am going to Hot Yoga.  I went once YEARS ago and hated it.  Everything about it.  Since then I have changed my feelings on heat and humidity.  This summer I loved running in the heat.  The hotter and more humid the better.  Lets hope that tomorrow I love it too!

Now I plan on lounging with the pups until bedtime.  I have an early wake up call tomorrow in order to get home in time to hang with mom 🙂




How Much is Too Much?

Well Hullo there friends 🙂

I woke up this morning expecting to be mega sore.  Nah.  I can feel my muscles but not in a bad way.  They are tired.  The told me so.

I don’t typically eat breakfast until AFTER I get to work.  But everything I read about eating meals says I should eat within an hour of waking up.  When I wait till I get to work, it’s usually 2-3 hours.  SO… I decided to try and have a small snack before I leave the house.  Today was 1/4 bottle of NAKED .  It was ok.  I mean, I can taste the proteinness of it.  yes, proteinness.

Tasted Grainy

Lately I have been HOUSING peanut butter.  I mean, I think it’s safe to say that I am not eating a healthy amount. Like, 4 servings at a time.  muuaahahaha.  A friend of mine told me about a trainer she knows that SWEARS that she was addicted to peanut butter and the peanut butter was the cause of her not being able to lose weight.  I am not trying to lose weight at all, but now that I have been eating a lot of peanut butter I am worried that I will start to pack on the pounds.   Thoughts?

It tastes good on SO many things though!

Tonight I was supposed to hang with my BFF.  But… since she is the best brotha from another motha, we decided to hang Thursday instead so I can take advantage of the weather!  I mean, I am gonna punch mother nature in the throat if she lets me down. I am totally counting on a 6-7 mile run OUTSIDE in shorts this afternoon.  The Chihuahauhuahuahuas wanna go for a nice long W too!

Lets hope I don’t have to beat on mother nature too much 🙂



Anger sometimes can be a good thing.

I am waiting patiently  for my security to be returned from my old apartment.  A MONTH later, and still nothing.  Needless to say I was not happy when I got home.  So, rather than calling my old landlord and telling her where to go and how to get there sitting and stewing, I went to the gym.  5 Miles in 40 minutes.  BOOM.  Maybe I should get pissed more often?   not.  After running my face off I did bodypump!  I think I am still sore from saturday.  I lifted my normal weight but it was super challenging, espeeeecially the chest track!

I came home STARVING! Jbone brought his dinner over and we sat and ate together.  Mannnn I love that he is basically my neighbor!

I had some burnt roasted brussel sprouts, half a sweet potato and chicken fingers.

I bought the “chicken” food shopping this weekend.  IM. IN. HEAVEN.  For some reason, the chicken nugget commercials for McDonald’s look… good?  I mean, who wouldn’t want some chicken?

no joke, thats chicken nuggets

Rather than some of that deliciousness above, I opted for vegan chicken.  Now, usually I am not one for meat substitutes but these are definitely something I will be getting again!

I am off to bed now!  Homegirl is a tired bear!  😛


Too Much

My weekend consisted of a lot of this

cupcake crumbs for the win

Way too much stuff like this

toy story snackmix deliciousness

Some of this

sunday night laziness

And now I need some more of this

I also need to run a bazillion miles to make up for this weekends food choices!

Happy Monday aka Fresh Start Day 😛



I  feel like I jinxed myself.  The numbers are still good and I am happy with them but it wasn’t a walk in the park.

I woke up sore and just not mentally in the mood to run.  I decided to drop my mileage since the past 2 weeks I went up.  Next weekend I will do a longer run but for today, I opted for a shorter run.  Well….It wasn’t short enough.  The whole time it was a challenge.  Not that I was running too fast, just the fact that I was running at all was tough.  I was cold and not in the mood.  But.  I did it.  And I am happy about it.  There really is no better way to start a sunday!

Yesterday was great.  I got to hang with all of my favorite people all day.  Then the dude and I went and used some Christmas gift cards at the crossings.  Eating, hanging with the family and shopping? Yes, I have a great life 🙂

The Toy Story party was a hit and we got to celebrate my favorite girl all over again.

Now I am off to celebrate my favorite 2 year old with another Toy Story themed party!

Make it a great day, back to reality tomorrow 😛



Friday was a success.  SUCH a success that I didn’t have time to post!  Oops!

I went to lunch and thought I would share this lovely image of some chicken with you.  Appetizing, no?

After work I went right to the gym.  I was only planning on 3 miles…….. I ended up running 5 miles in 41 minutes, that included a pathetic warm up and cool down.  I was pumped about that!    Happy Hour yoga followed.  We did so many balance poses.  Guess who doesn’t have any balance?!

Jface and I went for pizza at a local bar.  Such a perfect night.  Pizza, Sam Adams new spring brew, Good music, Jbone…. I was a happy girl!

The best part?  I was still home and in bed by 9:30.   #perfect.

Now I am off to run a few more miles and bodypump before I party my face off at my favorite girls first birthday party!!!  Woohoooo

Have a great weekend 🙂


Half or Full

I like to run.   No, I love to run.   When  I did my first marathon I finished and said I would NEVER do another.   Then I did another.  When I finished last year I gave myself some time and decided that I would think about doing one this year.

Now it’s registration time and I feel like I am being pulled in 2 different direction.  My life is so hard.   I want to do the Steamtown Marathon in October.  It would be completely different for me.  A fall race and summer training.  I am used to a spring race and winter training.

I went to go register for the Run for the Red Half (the marathon I’ve done) and couldn’t.  I thought….what if I wanted to run the full?!  See, the problems I encounter…rough 😛

I feel like if I run the half, I will try and PR since I have been feeling faster.   But.. .BUT.  Wouldn’t it be cool to maybe run TWO marathons IN ONE YEAR?!  The insanity, I know.

Its a lot of dedication and training to run a marathon.  I don’t know if I want to make such a commitment and I am having such a hard time deciding.  Anyone who knows me knows I am the ficklest ever and have such a hard time making decisions sometimes.  So.  Someone, tell me what to do!


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I am getting better.  I know, my mom you were concerned.

I got home and failed at my MONSTER nap.  6 miles in and done.

I feel like I have been running more than normal.  Even though I have a cold this week I kept my mileage up.  I don’t feel like its too much though.  Honest.  I feel great every time I am running. There will be some days when 2 miles feels like 10.  And lately that hasn’t happened.  I mean, you KNOW its going to happen now that I said something.  Stupid.

Tonight was another reason to stuff my face full of cake birthday!  Mster is getting so big!!

the part that says marco, that was mine

All these little kids growing up too quick, I am feel old.   Looking forward to the weekend!  I know this guy is looking forward to some more time with me!

Night 🙂


Thankful Thursday

This quote because I am having a tough week with exercise.

I constantly remind myself that resting takes confidence. Anyone can train like a mad man but to embrace rest and to allow all the hard training to come out takes mental strength.” – Ryan Hall

My trusty water bottle

Front facing cameras that allow me to take these types of pictures in secret


What are you thankful for?