Family and Friends

Even though I am not thrilled with the outcome of the race, I have to say I am the LUCKIEST person ever when it comes to having supportive family and friends.

After the race I had 3 bouquets of flowers and balloons waiting for me.  J orchestrated that everyone come back to our house after for a pizza/cupcake/lazy man perogie party.   A couple of friends and their kids, my family, J’s family… we all hung out after the race.  I tried hard to not be a party pooper but I was tired and disappointed.

drowning my sorrows in Nuun, cupcakes and beer

I felt so loved by all the support I had.  From the weeks of training to race day, I am seriously SO lucky.

On the course the girls not only got dressed up in awesome outfits but even had amazing signs for me.

next time, ok? i suck

J was seriously the best.  I couldn’t have done with without him.  I mean, homeboy even helped me take my sneakers off when I got home, and I am not the only one that noticed how great he is.

I am not even close to being over this race.  I am still Bitter and BQless   but I do have a grateful heart.

and I have a fire lit under my ass to kill that minute and thirty-five seconds next time…



5 thoughts on “Family and Friends

  1. GM,
    Congratulations on your Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA. I’ve run 26 marathons and many within 2 minutes of Boston Qualifying Time. The crazy thing is I learned a lot and got to the point of focusing on being my for each marathon. I worked relaxing, hydrating & fueling to be best for that day and celebrate each race. An amazing thing happened is that I started to achieving BQ times each marathon! I even 2 years old ran a 3:15:35 at 49 year’s old. There is no doubts you will achieve BQ time, but enjoy & celebrate each marathon!


    • Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will eventually be celebrating this huge victory but I don’t think it has fully settled in…the PR or the miss of a BQtime. I am a new marathoner with this only being #3 so I know I have a lot to learn. One thing from this I learned? I WILL start to like gels 🙂

  2. Wow! What a great story and you are really blessed with your family, friends and J. You made everyone very proud of your accomplishment. Hope you are proud too, even though you did not accomplish your goal. You “Made It A Great Day” Luv U, Geeg

  3. You should be so proud of your performance! I know that I am so proud of you for training so hard and putting your all into this race. Maybe you didn’t BQ this time, but you still did awesome and you’ll get it next time!
    Also, the fact that J took your shoes off after you were done made me tear up a bit. He’s a keeper!

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