What’s a Date and a Challenge.

My usual morning routine consists of checking email, checking facebook and then finally checking instagram.  This morning I found something on instagram originally posted by Sierra over at Posh Meets Pavement


That is officially my new favorite quote.  I am being, in my opinion, SUPER BRAVE in my current endeavors so I am hoping fortune is on my side 😉

I have an earth shattering question.  WHAT IS A DATE?  Like, the food. “pitted date”  <– THAT, what is that?  I see some recipes for dessert like items that require dates but I don’t even know what they are.  They look like prunes, or bugs or something.  Someone help me!

Today I also started a new challenge with my SIL.


I have heard amaaaazing things about Advocare products and even have taken Spark in the past.  The 24 day challenge is something I had been interested in doing so once I had a buddy to do it with me, I figured it was the perfect time! I will let you know how it goes 😉

Other than starting the 24 day challenge and wondering what the hell dates are, I also did a super simple (simple, NOT easy) WOD this afternoon.


Note to self: Practice Hans Stand Push Ups

What is your “what the hell is that” question? Mine is clearly dates.



5 thoughts on “What’s a Date and a Challenge.

  1. Dates are amazing! I would say they taste like a cross between dried apricots and dried prunes. I just ate a date and cashew bar, yum. I have no idea what a fresh date looks like, we just seem to get them as dried dates in the UK. They can be stuffed with either savoury or sweet fillings – apparently the Romans used to love dates and ate them this way. They are brilliant as a cake ingredient – date and walnut, or sticky toffee and date are good combos. In the UK we always have dates at Christmas, they come in little cardboard trays with mini forks to eat them (they are sticky!). But my favourite way to eat them is actually one of the simplest – stick a bag of dried dates in the freezer and eat them straight out of the bag when they’re still frozen. They don’t go hard, the texture is toffee-like and lovely and they taste like a real treat but are actually really healthy.

  2. Dates are gross looking but yummy and are in alot of desserts 🙂 Date Nut Bread with Cream Cheese was always a staple in my house as a late night snack with Tea… So Delicious 🙂 I also put dates in my carrot cake and my boyfriend says that they are what gives Carrot Cake that flavor. try them they are yummy and are perfect as natural sweeteners 🙂

  3. OMG, dates are delicious!! The dates you get in most grocery stores are just so-so (especially those sold as “pitted dates”. If you’re going to buy them in a grocery store, buy the medjool dates out of the produce section in a store like Wegmans). I order mine online from 7 Hot Dates, which is an organic date farm in California. They are so gooey and delicious, it’s like eating caramel.

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