Not rocking the runs

Good morning!!

Quiet Saturday around these parts.  Yesterday was a long but successful day!  But first…let me update you on that hill workout I did…

This was the workout…

10 minute warm up
2 x 30second @5K pace with 1:30 easy jog
8 x 3:30 @ 7:00-7:15 at 5% incline with 3:30 walk/jog at 1% incline
10 minute cool down

That pace alone, for 3:30 isn’t too bad. BUT…throw in a 5% incline and it’s basically a death wish.  I did it.  Every.Single.One.  I completed the 7 mile workout with each repeat at 7:08 pace and a 5% incline.  I left the workout feeling defeated. It was really hard. REALLY hard.  I even had a stranger at the gym ask if I was ok. Oh, sorry sir…was my gasping for air too loud?

I emailed my coach about it telling him I did the workout but it was hard and I was upset with how hard it was.  He told me he looked at my training and I did this EXACT workout 3 weeks before Steamtown except last time I did each repeat at 7:13 pace and now it was 7:08. I guess I should be happy with that, right?

Yesterday was a long but awesome day.  I ran around to the food store and home and then back to the food store one more time. I cooked and cleaned and didn’t take many pictures but trust me, it was a good day.  I made meatballs, lasagna and two 2-tiered cakes! Why two? Oh, because the first time I burnt the shit out of it.  Martha Stewart in training here.

Final product…it even tasted good too!

Regardless, I still think I did an OK job.  Even my brother, who is a tough critic, approved of the lasagna and that was my goal!

My whole family came to celebrate Sam and it was really nice to hang….even though they were an hour late and I might have been pissy about it 😉

That picture is very fitting since she is the owner of my favorite blog.  GO AND READ IT!

Today I was really looking forward to my first rest day in 2 weeks…WRONG.  I had a 40 minute tempo run to do and then some core work. That’s why my coach is in charge..he knows what he is doing!

15 min warm up
20 min 7:20-7:40 pace
5 min cool down

I am ok with that.  Again, not a run where I felt like I rocked it…. I haven’t had really any of those lately. But I did it nonetheless. My pace was in the middle of the goal range and I usually like to have it at the faster end but I just didn’t have it in me today.  After I ran I did the plank workout from this girl. I definitely felt those muscles working! Try it!

Tomorrow is the longest run I have had in a while.  I really could use a “holy shit i love running and i am so good at it you should just start calling me Kara Goucher” run, so lets hope tomorrow is the day…



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