Cry baby and Note taking

Yesterday there was something wrong with me.  Seriously.

It started at 10 when I had already consumed way too many calories and my stomach was still grumbling.  legit.  I could hear it.  If you follow me on twitter you know I was also craving meatballs. and donuts.  Not together.  Luckily Jbone’s mom asked us to come by for dinner and guess what was on the menu.  MEATBALLS!

What else was wrong with me?  I was being super sensitive.

This is how it went down…

GM on her last set of planks for scheduled core work and J walks in.

J: “G, your butt is too high watch your form”  (this was a very innocent comment and he was just looking out for me)

Me: *finish my plank and lay there without saying a word

J: “G, what’s wrong?”

Me: “JUST STOP PICKING ON ME!” And then I proceeded to cry as I ran upstairs

seriously.  Taper at its finest.  I can’t workout as hard or as much as I would like to.  I am used to getting some serious sweat sessions in during the week and it is not happening.  That is screwing with my mind and my confidence. Aka I feel like a big fat fatty.  good thing i ate all of the food yesterday than too

Even though I was a bit cray-cray yesterday, J still loves me.  I mean, look at these rhymes and awesome artwork I get to come home to

Truth be told, I love coming home to his notes.  If he is in a rush or forgets to leave me something in the morning, I get so bummed!  Thanks J ❤

This morning I had a speed session planned.  The past few weeks I have been busting my ass doing Yasso 800’s but at around a5.5% incline.  Today. FLAT!

They felt SO easy. I never though I would say that running 3:25 800’s would feel easy.  I guess that’s what happens when you are used to killer hills!

During my repeat workouts I am often pushing myself and I am not able to concentrate like I should.  I am lucky I can remember to put one foot in front of the other let alone keep track of what number repeat I am on.  So I usually take notes on my phone.

I started taking notes just to remember what repeat I was on but then eventually had to remember the pace, incline and what time I needed to start my next repeat so my notes got a little more detailed.  You can see (bottom right) that todays workout was FLAT and FAST!  Just what I like!

I am seriously itching to run. I want to sweat and run hard.  Hopefully the awesome combo of PMS and taper doesn’t make J kill me.  We have fun things planned for the weekend and although I don’t know what my long run will look like, I am hoping I can push the speed a little!

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