Around the Internet

There has been a lot of interesting things I read on the internet this past week.  If you are anything like me and you’re always looking for something that catches your attention thats not pinterest or twitter you will hopefully appreciate these!

Shut up and run  made a post about the 20 things no one tells you about running.  LOVED this.  Go check it out if you have a chance.  My favorite?

19.  Running performance is as much, if not more, about mental strength as your physical strength.

Hungry Runner Girl posted this from a blog she reads.

My Favorite?

1. Thou shall not compare thyself to other runners.  A mile is a mile.

Another interesting article I found from this girl I am also a fan of. 

10 things winners do differently.  There isn’t one point that I love more than another, I just love them all.

Hopefully you take the time to check these out! They are pretty good reads!



4 thoughts on “Around the Internet

  1. Cool list! #2 is one of my favs, when I 1st started running I never considered myself “a runner” but then I realized…”what do you need to be a runner? YOU run?” Duh 🙂

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