1 year and Blogger love

It just dawned on me that this bad boy of a blog I have here is over a year old!  Holy macaroni!  I can’t believe I have been steadily doing this for a year.  When I first started writing in this blog space I thought it would be a fun hobby…for a little while.  Never did I think that I would still, although rarely nowadays, be typing in my little space on the internet.

Thanks to the 3 people that are regular readers ( mom, slull and gg ) I figure I will keep at it.  Why not, right?

A while back I wrote up a post and linked to a few of my favorite posts.  I oh so cleverly named it Favorites.   I love being able to look back and see how much my life has changed in just a year… new house, new hobbies, new goals.  I tell ya, this blog thing isn’t a bad idea after all!

I decided to start gmruns after being inspired by so many healthy living or running blogs that I follow.  Sure the list of ones I religiously read may have changed, there are a few new ones and old ones that are definitely worth your time!



Sure she may be my sister-in-law and my real life BFF but even if I didn’t know her, this would still be my favorite blog.  She is funny, witty and her posts, although they may be few and far between at times, they always benefit me somehow.  Helloooo chicken parm! Plus, her adorable daughter should be enough of a reason to follow.



Again, another real life friend here but I swear I would read this blog too.  She is basically super mom with her two mini-me’s.  Always creating something fun, cooking something delicious or hosting a fabulous night in…visit her if you want tips on how to be an awesome mom…and not to mention a kick ass runner too!

Running Bun


I have never met this one IRL but let me tell you…it’s going to happen.  If you are from the NY area and want to know about the latest and greatest fitness class to take, visit her page for an awesome review. She also has some amazing hair, cute dogs..oh, and is shooting to (and WILL) qualify for Boston this marathon season!



This girl.  The original blog that gave me a glimpse of hope that maayyyybe I could actually qualify for Boston.  From shooting for a sub-4 marathon to missing it by 2 minutes…this chick rocks.  She ended 2012 with a craptastic injury but 2013 is going to be here year.  I suggest you follow along for some inspiration with the occasional freakout-number-crunching-holycowlookatthattraininglog-posts.

I am always looking for new reads so if you know of any other blogs you think I need in my life, please share!



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