A WOD and haterade

Happy Saturday 🙂

I got a solid 10 hours of sleep last night.  SO nice! I woke up and the heat was on in the house, my face wasn’t even cold!  Usually I am nice and warm under the blankets but my face is SO cold.  Not today! I think it’s a sign that today is going to be a good one!  This is really my thermostat.  The bottom is the temperature in the house, the top it what I set it to.  Yes, that’s a warm 60!

SO…if you follow me on twitter you might already know.  BUt I need advice.  I might have a coaching job lined up for a couple of nights a week.  I am hoping to FINALLY put my CrossFit Certification to use.  The only thing is I have been focused on running that I haven’t even done a WOD in a while.

The owners of the gym aren’t certified yet but they are both retired professional olympic weightlifters so they know what they are doing.  They asked me to go put them through a WOD one day next week.  I said yes but I am freaking out.  I need advice PLEASE!

I want something that doesn’t involve too many technical moves (no snatching) but also something that will kick their ass.

This is what I came up with

5 Rounds

20ft walking lunge with a 15 pound plate overhead
15 box jumps
10 hand release push ups
5 wall climbs

What do you think? J helped me and he think it’s good but I am still nervous!  Like I said, I have been out of the CrossFit loop for a few weeks so I am nervous.

Today I plan on heading to the gym to see what their equipment set up is and what I have to work with.  Since I am still trying to be super easy on my legs I don’t want to do the whole workout….maybe I will just go through one round and see?

In other news….someone has been drinking WAY TOO much of the haterade.  Seriously.  In lieu of the haterade drinking, one of my best friends sent me this.  and I love it.

Inline image 1

WOD Suggestions please!!

2 thoughts on “A WOD and haterade

  1. My First EVER WOD was a team one… We broke up into teams and had to do an AMRAP 7
    20 Box Jumps
    Sprint down and Back
    20 Hand Release Pushups
    Sprint Down and Back
    and then you tag your partner and keep going for 7 minutes…

    This was a fun one, it got you right into the team aspect of Crossfit and it was intense.

    Another one I did in the beginning was
    3 Rounds for Time
    20 Kettle Bell Swings
    200m Run
    20 Handstand Pushups

    Good Luck, Just be confident and have fun with it… I loved my box because the coaches were so Into it and made sure to be vocal and yell positive things. As you know I dislike running, and I have gotten through many WODS that were focused on running or had running in them and I always had someone yelling in my ear that I could do it and that I had more to give… So just be your awesome self and you will be fine!!!

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