This weekend was full.  Full of family, friends, dogs and all things good.

Friday I spent time with my favorite girls

Saturday I spent time with Jbone’s nephew.  I had to watch him alone for 4 minutes

only 4

this happened

After a relaxing night at home Saturday I woke up Sunday ready to get my run on.

it was interesting to say the least

mile 5- fall.   hard

mile 6- choke.  Nuun.  down the wrong pipe. just about died

mile 7-reprecussion from the fall, headphone drama

my injury

yes, it’s those teeny tiny specs on my palm

yea, brutal.  seriously though, it felt like I was going to need 40 stitches

needless to say I am happy I even finished.

12 miles (although I wanted 14)

tapering big time

My weekend was also full of all things pumpkin

beer, candles, coffee, cookies

I even spent a good amount of time with the pups this weekend

they are so strange were loving it

Off to rest before work tomorrow barf

Best part of your weekend? GO-


***don’t forget to enter

***Go tell her congrats for an awesome race this morning too!


3 thoughts on “Full

  1. I was all like, let me see who had an awesome race this morning (click the link) — wait, it’s me! Thanks for the shout out! Enjoy your tapering! I’m so excited for your upcoming race. Especially now that I know we are race twins. So whatever you do, I will try to copy it in November!

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