Anger sometimes can be a good thing.

I am waiting patiently  for my security to be returned from my old apartment.  A MONTH later, and still nothing.  Needless to say I was not happy when I got home.  So, rather than calling my old landlord and telling her where to go and how to get there sitting and stewing, I went to the gym.  5 Miles in 40 minutes.  BOOM.  Maybe I should get pissed more often?   not.  After running my face off I did bodypump!  I think I am still sore from saturday.  I lifted my normal weight but it was super challenging, espeeeecially the chest track!

I came home STARVING! Jbone brought his dinner over and we sat and ate together.  Mannnn I love that he is basically my neighbor!

I had some burnt roasted brussel sprouts, half a sweet potato and chicken fingers.

I bought the “chicken” food shopping this weekend.  IM. IN. HEAVEN.  For some reason, the chicken nugget commercials for McDonald’s look… good?  I mean, who wouldn’t want some chicken?

no joke, thats chicken nuggets

Rather than some of that deliciousness above, I opted for vegan chicken.  Now, usually I am not one for meat substitutes but these are definitely something I will be getting again!

I am off to bed now!  Homegirl is a tired bear!  😛



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