Anddd She’s DONE

Today was a day.  That’s all.

This afternoon I had my typical GM ficklefest.  I couldn’t decide whether to run outside long or short, to go to yoga, what to do tomorrow.  Mama Mia.  I was a mess.   Final decision: Run longish outside.

I did a usual 3.5 mile loop with the roomster and her pup.  The weather is AWESOME and luckily, I don’t have to fight mother nature! After running with the rooms, I decided to do the loop again to make it an even 7.  She asked me to take the pup along so I thought, no big D.  wrong.
Unfortunately I have no pictures BUT….we were still about 2 miles from home and the dog stopped.  STOPPED.  She was done.  Ohh, isn’t that nice.  SO, we sat on the side of the road waiting till her ride came.  Dumb Dog!  Once her ride was there I finished my run.

sweet chinS

My legs are tiiiired.  I am looking forward to a day of not running tomorrow.   Instead of running I am going to Hot Yoga.  I went once YEARS ago and hated it.  Everything about it.  Since then I have changed my feelings on heat and humidity.  This summer I loved running in the heat.  The hotter and more humid the better.  Lets hope that tomorrow I love it too!

Now I plan on lounging with the pups until bedtime.  I have an early wake up call tomorrow in order to get home in time to hang with mom 🙂




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