Half or Full

I like to run.   No, I love to run.   When  I did my first marathon I finished and said I would NEVER do another.   Then I did another.  When I finished last year I gave myself some time and decided that I would think about doing one this year.

Now it’s registration time and I feel like I am being pulled in 2 different direction.  My life is so hard.   I want to do the Steamtown Marathon in October.  It would be completely different for me.  A fall race and summer training.  I am used to a spring race and winter training.

I went to go register for the Run for the Red Half (the marathon I’ve done) and couldn’t.  I thought….what if I wanted to run the full?!  See, the problems I encounter…rough 😛

I feel like if I run the half, I will try and PR since I have been feeling faster.   But.. .BUT.  Wouldn’t it be cool to maybe run TWO marathons IN ONE YEAR?!  The insanity, I know.

Its a lot of dedication and training to run a marathon.  I don’t know if I want to make such a commitment and I am having such a hard time deciding.  Anyone who knows me knows I am the ficklest ever and have such a hard time making decisions sometimes.  So.  Someone, tell me what to do!


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