Cars and Hoses

Ok.  I decided to be smart surprisingly  and not run or cross fit again today.  I am starting to twitch from not doing anything I think.  So instead of being an idiot and ignoring what my doctor suggested, I did some less strenuous but still calorie burning things today.  A killer 3 mile power walk with 2 Chihuahuas that hated their life the entire time  followed by mowing the lawn…with a non-self-propelled push mower is a pretty good work out to me!

The rest of the day J and I hung out with my family.  Clearly we both like our families 🙂  Today it was all about cars and the hose!

The hose water was SO incredibly cold.  It was really hot and humid out so it was somewhat refreshing but still….

the water was SO cold we actually had a competition to see who could keep their feet in the water longer

she won.  but she cheated kept “not paying attention” and moving the hose.  whatever.

My brother and Jbone also did some car talk

I love those guys!

When it was finally time to leave I went to get my car…..

I guess that’s what brothers are for 🙂

another successful summer day in the books!

now it’s time for me to rest, I have work tomorrow

and get annoyed every holiday I volunteer

someone remind of this come July 4

Hope you had a family fun-filled day!



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