Don’t Get Sick

While I am still working on getting all the particulars figured out, I can’t say much about my current adventure.   I can say that my mornings are awesome with some coffee out of a mug, chihuahua lap time and working from home.


Even though I am not working a 9-5 right now, I feel busier and more exhausted than if I was!  Starting up your own business is stressful!  I usually start paperwork or researching something around 630 am and continue to do so throughout the day.  I am also running a TON of errands, getting supplies, making phone calls and learning a ton.

This is a preeeettty stressful time for me so I am making sure to do everything possible to not get sick.  The added stress can take a toll on your immune system so making sure you are living an overall healthy lifestyle is important!

To avoid getting sick I make sure to do the following:

+ wash my hands. all.the.time
+ drink enough water.
+ exercise.  making sure I am still getting enough exercise is really important for me mentally and physically
+ sleep!  This one is huge for me.  I know personally if I don’t get enough sleep I am guaranteed to get sick!
+ eat a balanced diet.  When I am stressed I could live on donuts and french fries.  for real.  making sure to get the right nutrients is really important

By the end of my days lately I am still sitting in front of the computer typing something up or researching “just one more thing.”  Because I am following my personal rules on how to avoid getting sick I also allow myself a brew or two as I work 😉


Any other secret ways to avoid getting sick or feeling run down?  Tell me!



One thought on “Don’t Get Sick

  1. Good luck with your new project. Exciting! You are probably more mature than me and don’t have this problem, but when I’m worried about getting sick, I especially avoid biting my fingernails. Gross, right!

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