Having a blog is weird.  Reading blogs is weird.  All of it, the whole community.  I think for the most part I am pretty honest and open.  I talk about my highs and my lows.  I wrote about failing to meet a goal at Steamtown last year, I wrote about having bad days and days when I ate too much but I also wrote about the good, like qualifying for Boston or having an awesome workout.

In general I love my life, I feel really happy most of the time, I am healthy, I have great friends, family and boyfriend.. I really feel super blessed.  But…there are those days and even those people, as horrible as it sounds, that make me feel like I don’t have it all or all together.

You know those days, when your nails are too short with your ugly, chipped nail polish.  Or your handwriting is so bad you vow to never hand write a note again?  What about when it feels like the only pants you could possibly ever fit your love-handles in are stretchy pants? But.  There is that one person who has the perfect life, has the perfect hair, nails, body AND handwriting.

It can be hard to not get wrapped up comparing yourself to others.  especially in the blog world when we, as bloggers, have the freedom to pick and choose what we want to share.


I know there are a few blogs that I read that make me feel like I should focus less of my efforts on CrossFit and a ton more running lately.  Or the blogs that make me feel like a complete loser for not being able to make the perfect souffle let alone know what a souffle even is.  But really.  It’s not those blogs faults.  It’s my own.

I sometimes have to take a step back and remember I am me. I am good enough.

Just as you are you and YOU are good enough.


I will never not have half chewed fingers.  Or really pretty handwriting.  And I can pretty much guarantee that, considering my past cooking experience, I will probably never know what a souffle is or how to make one.

And with all that….all that said. I am ok with it.


I think it’s totally ok and normal to have those moments where you feel inadequate. After all, aren’t we human.

But….if you don’t let those fears and inadequacies consume you, I promise I won’t either.  I might try to work on my cursive a little more but I won’t stop myself from lifting heavy weights because I want to run.  I know that right now, at this point in my life, lifting heavy is what works for me.  Last year, running a lot worked for me.

I know that right now in my life, my friends famous “chicken surprise” dish will probably be a staple in my house for all of ever.

I know this is probably a weird post.  But I had a weird day and struggled with some stuff.  Hopefully getting this out there will help me wake up tomorrow with a clean slate and a fresh attitude 🙂



Nutrition Tracking

Yesterday was day 6 of my 24 day challenge.  I tried something new with it.

The past few days I was concerned that I wasn’t getting enough calories for how much I was working out.  Yesterday in particular I did a lot.  I rowed a bunch, I did a WOD of allllll the deadlifts and boxjumps and then I went for a run around a local lake.  Oh, and then I had 2 rounds of dog walks 😛

I made sure to stay within challenge guidelines of what I chose to eat but I also wanted to make sure I was getting the right breakdown of each nutrient: 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat.   I tracked everything in  I changed the settings to make sure it was set how I want, not how they suggested.

I have to say, that I am pretty happy with how I did.  Some things I ate yesterday:

Breakfast of banana, toast and some almond butter


Lunch was just a turkey sandwich with a side of chobani.  Boring and no pictures.

Post workout protein shake mixed with water…not something you want to see since it looks like pee, I swear.  But as an afternoon snack I made an awesome protein powder smoothie.


frozen bluebs+almond milk+vanilla protein+1 tbsp pb = yum

Some Spark thrown into the mix.  I swear I am obsessed with this stuff.  Fruit punch is my go-to right now but I am excited to try the new watermelon flavor!


Dinner was shepherds pie, thanks to this girl for all the cooking help.


I need something sweet after dinner so I snacked on a few pieces of pineapple.  Once all was said and done I am pretty happy with my personal nutrient breakdown!


There is definitely room for improvement but I think tracking my nutrition this way for the next few days will really help me a ton!

Do you track what you eat?


3 is too many at once

Today something crazy happened.  THERE WAS SUNSHINE!  I know…craaaaazy.

I am starting to feel the negative effects of winter lately.  It seems to always be gray, freezing, and just blah.  Although the morning started like that, this afternoon things quickly changed for the better and the sun was shining!  I made sure to take full advantage and even though I already ran outside for the day I went on 2 nice long walks.

Why 2?  Because do you know how impossible it is to walk 3 dogs at once?

First was the chihuahuas. They are not as fun to take pictures of because they don’t listen but you get the idea.


Once I tired out those little legs, I went and got the big guy.  V is still learning the right way to walk on a leash so not only did we walk far and I tired him out that way… I also practiced his walking skills a lot so he is physically and mentally pooped.  Although he is tired now, the guy and his huge ears was loving life getting some fresh air!


I appreciate all the information you shared with me about dates the other day!  I have another earth shattering question that you fine folks can help me out with.

A Goji.  What?  Yea… a goji.  What is that? And why are they delicious?


As for the rest of the evening I have a shepherd’s pie a cookin and hopefully some tired dogs!


I hope the weather was suntastic by you and you made sure to enjoy it today too!


That time I almost liked Hot Yoga

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make your life so much better.  like a mouse.


I have a lap top and I love it, but lately since I am doing more actual work on it and not just web browsing on the couch, this little gem has made my life so much better!

I also decided that today, giving another shot at hot yoga would make my life better.  I was freezing, it was gray and cold, i needed a good stretch, and this girl always makes me want to love it.   I have tried hot yoga twice in the past and I didn’t like it even a little both times.  This time I went to a new studio. The air flow was MUCH better and even though the room was 112 degrees, I didn’t feel like I was choking.  The class was 90 minutes.  I think about 30 minutes too long.  They offer a 60 minute class and I am going to try that next time…soon. I actually didn’t loathe it like I expected! That’s a good sign!


Although I have a strange head tilt for the “after” that’s not a face of “fml that was horrible now I will puke.”

Day 2 of my 24 day challenge and so far so good!  Lots of clean eats going on around here.  Dinner last night was simple chicken marinated in lemon juice with some pepper, roasted sweet potatoes anddddd ketchup.  I love that I can eat my normal foods without any crazy restrictions.  It’s all about balance!

clean eats 1

Have you found anything simple like a mouse that has made your life just thaaaat much better?

What about hot yoga? Love it, hate it?


What’s a Date and a Challenge.

My usual morning routine consists of checking email, checking facebook and then finally checking instagram.  This morning I found something on instagram originally posted by Sierra over at Posh Meets Pavement


That is officially my new favorite quote.  I am being, in my opinion, SUPER BRAVE in my current endeavors so I am hoping fortune is on my side 😉

I have an earth shattering question.  WHAT IS A DATE?  Like, the food. “pitted date”  <– THAT, what is that?  I see some recipes for dessert like items that require dates but I don’t even know what they are.  They look like prunes, or bugs or something.  Someone help me!

Today I also started a new challenge with my SIL.


I have heard amaaaazing things about Advocare products and even have taken Spark in the past.  The 24 day challenge is something I had been interested in doing so once I had a buddy to do it with me, I figured it was the perfect time! I will let you know how it goes 😉

Other than starting the 24 day challenge and wondering what the hell dates are, I also did a super simple (simple, NOT easy) WOD this afternoon.


Note to self: Practice Hans Stand Push Ups

What is your “what the hell is that” question? Mine is clearly dates.


Don’t Get Sick

While I am still working on getting all the particulars figured out, I can’t say much about my current adventure.   I can say that my mornings are awesome with some coffee out of a mug, chihuahua lap time and working from home.


Even though I am not working a 9-5 right now, I feel busier and more exhausted than if I was!  Starting up your own business is stressful!  I usually start paperwork or researching something around 630 am and continue to do so throughout the day.  I am also running a TON of errands, getting supplies, making phone calls and learning a ton.

This is a preeeettty stressful time for me so I am making sure to do everything possible to not get sick.  The added stress can take a toll on your immune system so making sure you are living an overall healthy lifestyle is important!

To avoid getting sick I make sure to do the following:

+ wash my hands. all.the.time
+ drink enough water.
+ exercise.  making sure I am still getting enough exercise is really important for me mentally and physically
+ sleep!  This one is huge for me.  I know personally if I don’t get enough sleep I am guaranteed to get sick!
+ eat a balanced diet.  When I am stressed I could live on donuts and french fries.  for real.  making sure to get the right nutrients is really important

By the end of my days lately I am still sitting in front of the computer typing something up or researching “just one more thing.”  Because I am following my personal rules on how to avoid getting sick I also allow myself a brew or two as I work 😉


Any other secret ways to avoid getting sick or feeling run down?  Tell me!


Not Your Average Monday

Today was the first of many “Not your average Monday” for me. Not all went according to plan.  I am learning a lot about business and LLC, DBA ABCDEFGHSOIJSODJGD…

That’s what it seems like anyway.

I woke up at a weird-for-a-monday 6am and drank coffee out of a mug-Huge plus.

Once coffee was done I headed to work out.  I had a ton of phone calls and paperwork to take care of but that wasn’t until business hours so I fit a workout in first. Working out led to one too many pull ups and ripping my hand.  This time there was bloodshed. It doesn’t look bad but trust me…OUCH


After my workout I came home and spent a solid 3 hours on the phone instead of a solid 3 hours in a sterile hood.

Placed on hold, calling people back over and over, deposits on this, deposits on that. Who knew it was possible to spend so much money on what seems like nothing in such a short amount of time? Who knew you needed a security deposit on everything from cable to gas.  Like I said, this is a huge learning experience for me.  Give the girl a little slack.

Once phone calls were made I had to run errands. Running errands on a budget is not fun.  While I am working on getting to where I want to be…every penny counts!

After I spent the bare minimum, I came home to hang with the dogs and cook dinner.  Not my normal Manic Monday of going from job #1 to job #2 to home by 8:30 and straight to bed.


Despite V’s face, he is loving the extra time with me 😛

I have a jam-packed day full of meetings, appointments and painting tomorrow.

What’s something that was not so normal about your Monday?


Weightloss- doggy style

How do you put a dog on a diet that can’t walk in the cold but also eats every.single.thing she sees?


Seriously?  Lola is overweight and I need help and suggestions on how to help a sister out!

Besides a fat dog, I have been sipping some java with my main man J


Mastering wall balls and wall climbs….


*** I started with kettle bell swings

And rockin some new gear that I am obsessing over.


My running is still there.  Nothing worth writing about but it’s there.

And remember when I was having a hard time with my dead lift?


Well, let’s just say I have made that 245 pounds my bitch and I dead lifted 255 pounds like a beast.  I mean, not really, it was hard as balls but I still did it!

A 255 pound pull has been my biggest accomplishment in the gym for me lately! What about you? What’s your biggest gym/run accomplishment lately?


ps— I am really proud of this post.  I know there is still a lot that I didn’t talk about but when I am able to, I will fill you in 😉

Made the Jump

Change can be terrifying.

Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.

Taking a risk, making that first jump not knowing whether you will land flat on your face or somewhere in the mountains of success….it can be scary enough to not even jump.


My fitness career officially started back in 2007. I worked at a local spa as a group fitness instructor.  This was only after I met a man who would not only become my best friend but also a great family friend.  I was always interested in sports and fitness but never knew that someone could really make a living off of it.  After working for a summer teaching group fitness classes, I went for my Personal Training certification.

I spent the following summer after I graduated college doing only personal training.  It was my full time job but I felt like I wasn’t doing the right thing. I just busted my ass in college to get a degree in Biochemistry…. I couldn’t shake the thought that I had to use my degree.

After a few months of only personal training the opportunity to work in the pharmaceutical industry presented itself and I thought it was the “right thing to do.”  Sure I had always said I would never work in a room with no windows.  Or I would never have a job where I felt like a monkey.  Heck, I even specifically said “I would be so unhappy working in a lab.”

Fast forward 5 years and here I am…. still working in that windowless, “makes me feel like a monkey” lab.

ENTER CROSSFIT.  I drank the kool-aid and couldn’t get enough.  I loved it.  The intensity, the constant variation…it was for me.  I loved it enough to become a certified coach.  Hell…. I even signed up for 2 more specialty courses just so I could learn more.

I started coaching.  It was fun. It was my second job but I loved it.  I connected with people.  I helped them.  I felt full and happy.

Coaching led to personal training.  I forgot how much I loved that.  I forgot how accomplishing it felt to help someone, to push someone to where they didn’t think it was possible to get to.

When I think of my dream job it would 100% be working in a gym.  A gym, a CrossFit facility, a fitness spa…..something of the sorts.  dream job 100%.


Over the past few weeks I was presented the opportunity to chase my dream.  A lot…a whoooole lot is unknown right now.  To say that I am starting from scratch and hoping for the best is an understatement.   I am not sure what I am doing, how I am doing it but I know what I want the end result to be.


I have an amazing support system.  Family and friends, old and new.  I have faith that the vision I have in my head will come to life.  I am prepared for the tears, the feelings of defeat and triumph, the anxiety and sleepless nights because my mind won’t stop racing.  I am ready to fight for what I want, to learn a shitload as I go and to give it my all.  I am prepared to work more than I have ever before and also get to a point where I might have to beg for some more work.  I am prepared to do what it takes to succeed.

I have risk taker and entrepreneur in my blood.  What I am about to embark on is a huge risk.   I left a secure, steady income and what has been my everyday life for the past 5 years. A secure steady income that I didn’t really love, not even a little.  I left that with the hopes of making a few dollars, with hopes of loving every second of “work”  I have to do and the hopes that I can help make at least 1 persons life better.

To the next few months of the unknown….

To learning as I go…

To reaching what might feel is my breaking point but moving past it anyway…

To making not only my family and friends that believe in me proud…but also proving to myself that this will work.


Here goes nothin’….


Picture Post

Hey guys!  Sorry for the lack of posting.  Big things happening for this chick. Details to come but in the meantime….

I have been enjoying time with my doofy pups



I have been WODing and downing coffee like a champ


And I have been training one awesome chick at the gym.  She pushes herself really hard, knows what her goals are and is going after them.  All while doing that she still thought of her hardass trainer and got me a treat.  Seriously, she rocks


I will be back with big big news…keep an eye out 😉

tell me…..whats new?!