What worked and What’s next

I arrived in Sacramento 2 days before the marathon.  The day before the race was spent at the hotel, shopping at the expo, studying the course elevation chart and properly fueling with pizza, coffee, nuun and tons of water.


I was really worried about flying and becoming dehydrated during the race.  Luckily making sure I alternated between Nuun and water worked out perfectly and there were no issues!

You already know how I did in the race.  But the more I think about it the more I can’t get over how much of a good run with was.  Sure I was in a race situation with crappy weather but I am talking about the run itself.  The 26.2 miles went by so fast.  Thinking back I definitely would have done EVERYTHING the same except for breaking off when I did.  Next time I would push it harder a little earlier.

The top things I did right this time?

+Proper nutrition and hydration
+Following the pacer and listening to his advice
+Focus on form – especially leaning from my ankles
+Staying in the mile and not thinking about the next 1, 2, 10…whatever it was
+Confidence- TRUST my training and the work I put in to get there

I am still on cloud 9.  I have not run, exerted myself or even sweat an ounce since the run.  I am giving myself the rest that I need but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to get the itch to run.

After the race I was SUPER sore.  Like….ice my ankles, knees, everything hurts kind of sore.  But I didn’t care. I was too busy staring at my medal and watch 🙂


The rest of my time in California was spent hanging with my family and doing all the touristy things possible.



photo 5 (22)

Fair warning that there will be many more pictures and collages to come.  My dad had his camera glued to his face the entire vacation so as soon as I get a hold of his memory card, they are all mine!

What’s next?

Definitely some well deserved time off.  I am looking forward to a more laid back schedule…or no schedule really…for the rest of the year.
I am excited to start throwing some weights around in CrossFit and really seeing what I can do there.

As for the running scene?  I am already drooling over a faster half marathon time and perhaps…. a 50k?!



Photobombing Ballerina

Happy Hump Day!

There is nothing better than lunch at home.  I mean, there ARE better things than lunch at home but today, lunch at home was perfect!

I had a fairly busy day at work today and we got some snow/slush in the area so of course i was nervous to drive home and die so I skipped lunch at work to finish a few things up and get home early.  I got home and was Hangry!

Peanut butter and cut up apple on toast?  yes please!

I also had a cup of new coffee I bought the other day.  Folgers gourmet Vanilla Biscotti.  I would for sure buy it again! I generally like flavored coffee and this is super flavorful!

I just got an email from Brightroom photography. They were the photographers at the Disney Princess Half marathon this past weekend.  In fact, I think it’s safe to say they were the photographers at most large races I ever competed in!

Anyways, I got an email saying my race pictures were ready.  The one I was really looking forward to was one of my mom, Sam and myself in front of the castle.  I can’t find it though!  WTFrenchToast!?  I will keep searching.    I did, however, find these gems…


Clearly I was a photobombing ballerina in that race.  Mam between me and my mom, you are welcome for that first picture 😉

This morning I woke up late.  Instead of 5 miles I got 4 in.  I am headed to body pump now.  Since the class is so busy and I have to get there days an hour in advance, I am hoping to bang out at least 2 more miles on the treadmill.

Hope you have a good rest your hump day 😛