Not Your Average Monday

Today was the first of many “Not your average Monday” for me. Not all went according to plan.  I am learning a lot about business and LLC, DBA ABCDEFGHSOIJSODJGD…

That’s what it seems like anyway.

I woke up at a weird-for-a-monday 6am and drank coffee out of a mug-Huge plus.

Once coffee was done I headed to work out.  I had a ton of phone calls and paperwork to take care of but that wasn’t until business hours so I fit a workout in first. Working out led to one too many pull ups and ripping my hand.  This time there was bloodshed. It doesn’t look bad but trust me…OUCH


After my workout I came home and spent a solid 3 hours on the phone instead of a solid 3 hours in a sterile hood.

Placed on hold, calling people back over and over, deposits on this, deposits on that. Who knew it was possible to spend so much money on what seems like nothing in such a short amount of time? Who knew you needed a security deposit on everything from cable to gas.  Like I said, this is a huge learning experience for me.  Give the girl a little slack.

Once phone calls were made I had to run errands. Running errands on a budget is not fun.  While I am working on getting to where I want to be…every penny counts!

After I spent the bare minimum, I came home to hang with the dogs and cook dinner.  Not my normal Manic Monday of going from job #1 to job #2 to home by 8:30 and straight to bed.


Despite V’s face, he is loving the extra time with me 😛

I have a jam-packed day full of meetings, appointments and painting tomorrow.

What’s something that was not so normal about your Monday?



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