Made the Jump

Change can be terrifying.

Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.

Taking a risk, making that first jump not knowing whether you will land flat on your face or somewhere in the mountains of success….it can be scary enough to not even jump.


My fitness career officially started back in 2007. I worked at a local spa as a group fitness instructor.  This was only after I met a man who would not only become my best friend but also a great family friend.  I was always interested in sports and fitness but never knew that someone could really make a living off of it.  After working for a summer teaching group fitness classes, I went for my Personal Training certification.

I spent the following summer after I graduated college doing only personal training.  It was my full time job but I felt like I wasn’t doing the right thing. I just busted my ass in college to get a degree in Biochemistry…. I couldn’t shake the thought that I had to use my degree.

After a few months of only personal training the opportunity to work in the pharmaceutical industry presented itself and I thought it was the “right thing to do.”  Sure I had always said I would never work in a room with no windows.  Or I would never have a job where I felt like a monkey.  Heck, I even specifically said “I would be so unhappy working in a lab.”

Fast forward 5 years and here I am…. still working in that windowless, “makes me feel like a monkey” lab.

ENTER CROSSFIT.  I drank the kool-aid and couldn’t get enough.  I loved it.  The intensity, the constant variation…it was for me.  I loved it enough to become a certified coach.  Hell…. I even signed up for 2 more specialty courses just so I could learn more.

I started coaching.  It was fun. It was my second job but I loved it.  I connected with people.  I helped them.  I felt full and happy.

Coaching led to personal training.  I forgot how much I loved that.  I forgot how accomplishing it felt to help someone, to push someone to where they didn’t think it was possible to get to.

When I think of my dream job it would 100% be working in a gym.  A gym, a CrossFit facility, a fitness spa…..something of the sorts.  dream job 100%.


Over the past few weeks I was presented the opportunity to chase my dream.  A lot…a whoooole lot is unknown right now.  To say that I am starting from scratch and hoping for the best is an understatement.   I am not sure what I am doing, how I am doing it but I know what I want the end result to be.


I have an amazing support system.  Family and friends, old and new.  I have faith that the vision I have in my head will come to life.  I am prepared for the tears, the feelings of defeat and triumph, the anxiety and sleepless nights because my mind won’t stop racing.  I am ready to fight for what I want, to learn a shitload as I go and to give it my all.  I am prepared to work more than I have ever before and also get to a point where I might have to beg for some more work.  I am prepared to do what it takes to succeed.

I have risk taker and entrepreneur in my blood.  What I am about to embark on is a huge risk.   I left a secure, steady income and what has been my everyday life for the past 5 years. A secure steady income that I didn’t really love, not even a little.  I left that with the hopes of making a few dollars, with hopes of loving every second of “work”  I have to do and the hopes that I can help make at least 1 persons life better.

To the next few months of the unknown….

To learning as I go…

To reaching what might feel is my breaking point but moving past it anyway…

To making not only my family and friends that believe in me proud…but also proving to myself that this will work.


Here goes nothin’….



10 thoughts on “Made the Jump

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  2. Congratulations on getting out of there and pursuing your dream! I hope to someday have the means and the courage to do the same thing. You want it badly enough, and I truly believe you will succeed.

  3. Congratulations on getting out of there and pursuing your dream! I hope to someday have the means and the courage to do the same thing.

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