Paleo Struggles

Lately my feelings on Tuesday have been pretty craptastic.  I was in the mindset that Tuesday sucked more than Monday and I typically found myself more tired and it harder to wake up on Tuesdays  Not today.  My first alarm went off super early and I popped right out of bed.  I even had time to take care of some house chores nice and early!

I recently posted that I wanted to try and eat more paleo-like.  That doesn’t mean I am going to be super strict yet but I am playing around with the idea.  I am food shopping with a paleo mindset, I decide on weekly dinners with the same mindset as well.

One thing that I was really struggling with at first was not eating my beloved peanut butter.  Sure I can have almond butter but…have you ever tasted almond butter?  Not exactly the same sweet treat as peanut butter is! I am happy to say that something finally clicked and I am now an almond butter fan.  I still purchase peanut butter for J but when reaching for a quick snack, lately almond butter has been my nut butter of choice.


One thing I gave up all together is yogurt.  Chobani, fage, yoplait.  You name it, I stopped eating it. This was the hardest for me.  Last week was the first full week I didn’t eat any yogurt and I found myself so incredibly starving. All the time.  I was hungry.  I would eat and no less than 2 hours later my stomach was growling again.  I was making sure my meals had the proper breakdown of fat, carbs and proteins but I was still starving.  I was trying to blame my lack of calcium that I was getting from yogurt but I think, in all reality, I just needed to eat more each meal.  So far my theory is working and I am not a hangry beast 95% of the day.

Another challenge I found myself having is dinner.  I need foods that I can eat on the fly…and really I mean I have approximately 10 minutes to eat dinner lately. And those 10 minutes are spent in a gym in front of at least 15 other people so it needs to be something quick, not stored in a fridge, not heated but also satisfying.  Am I asking for the impossible here? Any suggestions?

I am hoping that if I keep incorporating more paleo meals and snacks into my life the transition to eating 99% paleo will just occur naturally.  While I am excited to see how this way of eating will make me feel and effect or maybe affect, im still dumb and dont know the right choice my workouts….I am not about to give up ice cream or coffee creamer just yet…

And just because I love this….I leave you with Vice and Lola 🙂


thanks for the photo J 😉



7 thoughts on “Paleo Struggles

  1. For the dinner dilemma, have you thought about intermittent fasting? I don’t even know if that’s the right word for this case, but a lot of paleo/primal articles seem to talk about being “fat-adapted” and able to go for hours between meals without feeling overly hungry. You could always have dinner late at night or skip it altogether in favor of eating more earlier in the day.

  2. Awesome dog pic! The “paleo style” can be tough, I’ve adopted many of the concepts surrounding it over the past 6 months & have seen a huge difference in how I feel, less bloated, less sugar crashes, etc. For dinner a lot of times I throw a ton of $hit in a bowl as I like to describe it. Could you do a ton of prep ahead of time like roasted veggies & pop open some tuna or other non-perishable protein & add a fat source for a quick on-the-go dinner? Salads are a big solution for dinners as well. Good luck!

  3. Love your Puppies!!!

    I went in-depth on your answer on my Blog… Check it out my love!!!

    PS I heard your trying to get Leah to try Crossfit!!! Do it.. I know she thinks its nuts but she should try everything once… have her go on a day you do a lot of running and I’m sure you get her hooked!!!

  4. Are you allowed to have cashew butter with paleo? Because I just tried that, and that junk is amazing! Yum! Better than peanut butter.

    For a quick lunch, I have a giant container of already cooked quinoa in the fridge, along with already chopped veggies (takes a little time in the beginning to chop everything). So I just throw whatever sounds good that day in a pan and heat it up and throw an avocado on top. It’s seriously good and fast.

    Good luck!

    • no joke, i have never had avocado. not even in guacamole form. something about green mush just isnt appealing. guess i need to man up and try it!
      thanks for the ideas!

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