2012 vs 2013

Man have I been what feels like the busiest person ever.  The past few days I have been leaving my house at my normal 4:15am but then only stopping home to change for a long 15 minutes before heading back out to not return home again until sometime after 7:00pm.  In my book, that’s a long day!  I have been downing more coffee than ever before.


I have been spending a lot of time at the gym I work at.  Coaching CrossFit classes, practicing some Olympic lifts I need desperate help (hello horrible snatch) with and I even picked up a personal training client!

I have been in charge of the programming at the gym for a couple of weeks and I am realllly looking forward to the next 3 days.  They are going to tough but fun for sure!  Yesterday was a programmed rest day in order for everyone to recuperate for the next 3 days of F-U-N!

On Tuesday we did a workout that I personally really enjoyed.  It was a tough one but it kept you moving and incorporated so many lifts that I never got bored.


It took me 19:34.  I struggled more than I think I should have but still a decent time!

I haven’t been neglecting my running though!  This weekend I went out for a cold but crisp 6 mile run.  I brought my garmin with me just because I was curious what my “easier” pace would be.  8:30 average after not dedicating a ton of time to my running… I’ll take it!   Yesterday, even though it was  rest day, I wanted to sweat so I did an easy 5 mile treadmill run.

Even though I have been busy I have been really loving everything I am doing. I love the gym atmosphere. I love coaching.  And now that I have my first personal training client for the first time since 2008, I remember how much I love working one on one with people.

Lately I have been struggling with my goals for 2013.   A few people have asked me what my goal race this year is, what runs I am signed up for and what my running plans are.

I don’t have anything set in stone and that freaks me the F out.  And not because I want something on my race schedule but because I am perfectly content not having signed up for any races yet.  Sure, I am eyeing this 50K this year but that’s still a little while away.  Right now I have been enjoying exercise.  Really enjoying it.  I rest when I am tired, run when I feel like it and lift a lot of weights.  No pressure and no stress.

2012 was the year of the marathon, it was the year of running fast for me.  I started upping my running last January in order to build speed and have a good base for marathon training. I knew Steamtown was my A race and I wanted to do everything I could to make sure I qualified for Boston so I was really strict with my schedule.  It was awesome and I would do it all over again, but that doesn’t make it any less exhausting.  All of 2012 I spent running hard and number crunching and working out because I had to in order to reach my goal.  Right now…I am loving working out and look forward to it every.single.day. Just because.

2013 will have its races.  I will run a few 1/2’s.  I will probably finish a 50K.  But I don’t want any time goals.  I want to do CrossFit as I please. I want to run a 1/2 marathon or 4 and have fun with every.single. one of them.  I don’t want to put pressure on myself or have expectations that are too tough.  Sure, I will try to PR in my deadlift but that’s much different from trying to run a sub 1:40 half…at least for me.

I am having a hard time accepting these feelings.  I am having a hard time accepting the fact that it’s ok to not always have something I am training for.  I am having a hard time feeling like it’s ok to post on a running blog when I have no races planned and more importantly I am having a hard time accepting that I don’t want to have any upcoming races.

With this post I hope to take some pressure off myself.  And I hope that 2013 continues to be as kick ass and amazing as it has been the last 10 days!



3 thoughts on “2012 vs 2013

  1. I think it can be easy to feel like that after accomplishing a big goal and don’t forget you just ran two PR marathons in a very short period. Enjoy your time just doing things for fun. The fire will come back.

  2. Not every post has to be about running or exercise. I find posts about your general life just as interesting, if not more so, and I think it’s good to let your readers get to know you! Keep the posts coming!

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