Humbled and Paleo

Oh hi there!  You are still here?  Thanks for that 🙂

For this being a running blog, there isn’t too much running going on here!  I have put in a couple of good runs including two 8 milers but nothing more than that!  It’s nice being on a relaxed schedule but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to run more.  On my most recent 8 mile run I split it into a 5 miler and a 3 miler. Well, on the final 3 miles I think I went a little too fast because my already sore (from CrossFit) quad was super super sore and my hip flexor started to actually hurt.  So….I am trying to be smart and staying away from running for a few more days.

However…the CrossFit scene has been a little different!  I have really been loving getting back into it!  I have been participating in a few WODs a week and even started writing up some for the gym I work at.

writing wods

Writing WODs isn’t super tough but stringing together a few weeks at a time and making sure to do it rightthat’s no joke. The other night I worked for over an hour and didn’t even complete 2 weeks. I am hoping with some more experience it gets easier!

I am also teetering on the Paleo fence.  That is “the” diet for CrossFit and after tonight’s WOD I decided I need to get more serious about it.  What was tonight’s WOD you ask?  Just one of the most humbling workouts I have ever completed.

Filthy Fifty


This was humbling because it wasn’t easy, I did not do it with all the right weights and I freaking struggled with a finish of 34:40.  That time isn’t horrible but I know I can do better. My goal is to do it RXed (all the right weights) and finish under 30 minutes.   Some workouts leaving you refreshed and feeling on top of the world…this one was not that type of workout.

Which leads me to considering Paleo.  I do eat pretty well but I don’t eat as clean as I can.  So many articles I read on people who compete in the games swear by the Paleo diet and say that it definitely helped their performance in WODs.  It’s worth a shot, right?  That just means my struggle with going back to being a vegetarian is out the door.  Ha.

Tell me, what have you been up to?  Any new workouts or runs you have been loving?

Paleo people- should I or shouldn’t I?



6 thoughts on “Humbled and Paleo

  1. I’ve been a lurker here, and have enjoyed reading about your preparation for Steamtown, but this post caught my eye, so I decided to comment.

    I’ll answer your question about whether you should or shouldn’t try the Paleo diet with a resounding YES! My fiancé and I switched to Paleo almost a year ago and it has made a huge difference in how we both feel. I had my best year of running and stayed injury free, something that eluded me the past two years.

    My recommendation to get started would be to do the Whole 30 program (, and also read their book, It Starts With Food. Since you’re a runner, I would also recommend the book, Paleo Diet for Athletes.

    • Since I got the Whole 30 program book for christmas I am taking it as a sign! I am going to look into buying the other book too! I am hoping this way of eating will help my performance in the gym! Thanks!

  2. YES YES YES… Aside from the fact that I write my own Paleo Blog you should at least try it. I know SO MANY books that are good at explaining it and are jam packed with great foods. Its amazing how much better you will feel and how much you will realize how certain foods can affect you. Feel free to ask away any questions you have about Paleo and if you need any recommendations on Paleo Cookbooks I know a bunch…

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