The Tree

Other than spending time with my family, the only good thing that happened during Thanksgiving is I got to eat a TON of crap.  Specifically Russian Pound cake.  Not sure why it’s Russian…. It’s my grandmothers recipe and it is my favorite favorite dessert.  I only make it on Thanksgiving and Christmas though, so I make sure to really take advantage.

Trust me, it is as delicious as it looks.

I have been dealing with a bunch of family stuff.  Not the fun kind of stuff.  The kind of stuff I don’t want to talk about.  So instead I will tell you about how I am basically one of Santa’s elves and I have been getting in Christmas mood.

Copious amount of hot chocolate…

in my favorite winter mug…extra marshmallows please

I should preface this by saying I am all for cutting down my own tree.

every single year

but this year was different and I wanted to surprise J
sooooooo, this happened

I will now add “Lumberjack” to my resume because I had to not only trim the tree but also cut a piece off to save for an ornament

I am a Lumberjack, Tree stand expert
You call it crooked, I call it character

Then came the balls

and lights
and candycanes
and more lights

Add a Spice candle…. You have yourself a nice little evening if you ask me

Don’t worry.  I have WODs
and Runs
and that fun stuff to share

just not yet……



3 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. Love the tree in the shopping cart and your hair is getting so long! Good luck Sunday I have faith in you and will be cheering for you here on the east coast. Have a blast and relax Cali style!!

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