Friday’s adventures on Saturday

I wrote this last night and never hit publish.  Duh.  So just pretend you are reading it yesterday or else it won’t make sense 😉


I am working on putting a post together about how King Jake is getting along with our newest family member…

Vice is just so stinkin’ cute….but for some reason Jake wants to eat him whenever they are near each other.  Like I said…that’s another post for another day!

Last night I treated myself to a fat, fatty dinner.  It was so delicious!

Cheese fries and a chicken parm hero.  MMmmmmm… So good!  I figured I worked my butt of during my morning run that a few extra calories won’t kill me 😉

Tomorrow I have a longgggg run planned so I tried to keep today’s eats nice and simple.  Cereal, yogurt and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Why is it that no matter what kind of sandwich it is, it always tastes better when it’s cut on a slant?
I am prepping for a long run tomorrow.  I am aiming for about 3 hours on my feet, or 20ish miles.  I am having a hard time picking a route knowing that I am going to be out there by myself for so long.  I guess I could just go out for 90 minutes and turn around…which I am still leaving as an option.  How do you decide where to run? Any suggestions?

Right now I am headed out to the gym to hopefully coach a WOD.  This class was spur of the moment so I am hoping to have at least a few people show up!

Tonight’s looks like fun…. i can say that because im not doing it 😉

Off to teach!



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