Get your WOD on

Yesterday morning I was talking to my boss at the gym I am teaching at and we were trying to set up a schedule for more than once a week.  We decided on 3 days a week that way I wouldn’t get too overwhelmed.  Well, she also asked me if I could come in later that night to teach a WOD.   Woah there.  I had planned on taking full advantage of a rest day and the warm weather.  Since I didn’t have to teach till 5:30 I begrudgingly said yes and quickly threw together a WOD (WOD is the Workout Of the Day, in case you weren’t sure)

Before I headed in to kick everyone’s butt, I downed a few cups of coffee.  For some reason I was dragging big time yesterday.

I got to the gym nice and early because I am anal and was nervous to make sure I had everything set up and was ready to go on time.  When I got there I was told that I had to teach a skill also.

About 10 people showed up.  Previous to this class, I had only be coaching the staff of the gym trying to get them more familiar with the concept behind CrossFit.  Last  night was my first class that was offered to gym members, so having 10 people show up was a pretty good turnout!

I went through a warm up, stretches and taught everyone how to kip and different modifications they could choose from for the pull up portion of the workout.

Overall the class went well! I got positive feedback after class and despite being MEGA nervous in the beginning, I quickly got comfortable and was able to be myself.

It’s crazy how much I love doing this!  Even though I was nervous at first, I feel so comfortable and happy teaching and talking about anything fitness related!  What a nerd!

As I was leaving the gym I snapped a picture for proof that I was actually teaching last night 😛

We definitely got our WOD on and I can’t wait to go back and teach again!

What’s something that you do that when you start you are terrified but then 4 minutes into it you are comfortable and happy as can be?

   – Mine is obviously teaching classes at the gym!



2 thoughts on “Get your WOD on

  1. I felt that way when I taught classes at the gym too — super nervous, but always happy and refreshed afterwards. I also feel that way when I play soccer, like I’ll have forgotten how to do it. So far, I still remember!:)

    • I am hoping the super nervous feeling doesn’t last for everryyyy time I teach! I get incredibly red and blotchy from nerves and that can be really embarrassing! Glad I am not the only one that gets weird 😉

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