Festive workouts and dogs, not in that order

When I woke up to the cold rain this morning, for some strange reason I was feeling festive and getting excited for Christmas! I know I can’t technically start to celebrate until after Thanksgiving but I am still excited for it!  Others, however, were not feeling at all festive when the rain briefly changed to snow.

christmas colors, christmas coffee, christmas snow

This afternoon, before I went home and got my sweat on I hung out with my favorite girl for a little while.

Seriously, my bff/SIL makes the cutest babies.  Oh, and my brother too 😛

Today when I got home I visited a workout I did a few weeks ago to see how I compare.  I am really worried about starting up CrossFit again. I am so out of shape for that type of workout so I am trying to incorporate more of it into my regimen.

A few weeks ago


I am definitely happy about that! I was a sweaty mess by the end but happy I completed it!

I get to teach another WOD at the gym tomorrow and it is going to be a good one!  Can’t wait to share it with you guys!  Something else that I want to share with you, but this is just because it’s awesome?  A picture of my pups.  It was taken last year but I just remembered it existed and it’s too good to not share.



9 thoughts on “Festive workouts and dogs, not in that order

  1. Hey Girl… How are the dogs (jake) getting used to the new puppy? How are things going with that? Ace face is getting much more acclimated with Ripley and I think Ace and Jake would the best of Puppy friends since they are both moody and the most loveable dogs ever!!!

    • That’s a whole post in itself. Lets just say king jake is being a princess ;). He tried to eat Lola a few times when I got her but now they are bff’s so I have faith!

      • OOO… Id be interested in that post my lady… Ace has been much better lately but he still is not a fan of dogs coming to his house…and hes iffy about dogs coming near us at the dog park… I am looking to enroll him in a dog class to get him around other dogs…

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