I’d Rather Be…

+Right now I would rather be in bed, cozied under my blankets, snuggling with the dogs and J, getting ready to wake up.

+I would rather be spending the morning prepping for a cold, longish run.

+I would rather be drinking home-brewed coffee from a mug.  There is just something about a mug of coffee rather than a to-go coffee… The mug makes it taste way better

+I would rather be hiking all morning.  Crunchy leaves, rosy cheeks, cold nose.  I would have 2 happy pups, 1 happy boyfriend and a partridge in a pear tree.

+I would rather be baking homemade bread or muffins or cookies or a pie.  The house would smell of fresh apples or pumpkin or chocolate or something else delicious.

+I would rather be drinking a chai from a Starbucks Christmas cup.
+I would rather be decorating for Christmas.  listening to Christmas music.  I can’t help it.  This time of the year makes me so giddy.

+I would rather be cooking dinner.  I don’t even like to cook that much but I would rather be doing that.

+I would rather be taking a nap with my little family that I love so much.

+I would rather be plotting and scheming and over analyzing and number crunching my next run.


+I would rather be shopping with my favorite shopping buddies, buying a lot of things for other people for Christmas plus a few things for me 😉

What’s your “I’d rather be…”?



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