Crazy Singing Runner

Yesterday I taught another CrossFit class.  I am starting to think that the dudes that take my class don’t take me seriously.  Two of them just stopped in the middle of the workout yesterday.  I decided that if they try that crap next time I teach this is what I will say to them….”HELLO, WELCOME TO CROSSFIT, THIS SHIT IS NO JOKE AND ITS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD. NO BITCHING OUT ON MY WATCH. ”  Ok, maybe not so harsh but they are wimps.  Wimps

The workout….

EMOM- Every minute on the minutes.  Aka Stop what you’re doing, drop the weight and get to the burpee/push up!

I am still dumb when it comes to making images on the computer.  That’s why you get a screen shot from my phone.  I know, I’m not happy about it either….neither is my niece, obviously.

That’s her painfully cute mad face

Today I found my new favorite song.

I kid you not, I have listened to it 14,000 times. I counted.  I had a dance party with just the dogs, I had a dance party with J, I listened to it on repeat on my run, hell…I even SANG while I was running..OUTSIDE.  I swear.  That happened.   If you hear of a crazy girl from my area that is running and really out of breath but saying/singing while she runs….it’s just me.

The song is awesome and when I heard it I instantly wanted to run.  Seriously.  It’s amazing.

I had to break out some winter gear for today’s run.  It is getting chilly!

Crooked hat and crazy eyes optional

Do me a favor… Download that song and tell me you can resist the urge to dance or rage run.  I will have to call your bluff.  Liars.

Now you tell me, what song makes you need to dance/sing out loud/ rage run?



5 thoughts on “Crazy Singing Runner

  1. You should definitely tell them what’s up. They are there to work and if they forget, remind them.

    Also- that is also my favorite song to run to! I heard it at my spin instructor cert class and am obsessed, when I finally teach a class, it’ll be on the playlist!

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